The accountant’s copy in QuickBooks is a feature by which the accountants and the clients can work on a company file at the same time.  The accountant’s copy manages and transfers the data between the accountants and clients without any interruption.  In this article we will learn about Accountant’s Copy. If you need any assistance then you can contact QuickBooks Support Number +1866-656-1012.

accountants copy in quickbooksWhat Is The Workflow Of Accountant’s Copy?

Instead of saving the data on the computer, the accountant’s copy uses intuit serve to transfer the files between the accountants and clients. The workflow of the accountant’s copy is mentioned below:

  • The client makes the accountant’s copy and sends it to the accountants for review and editing. Meanwhile the client can continue his work on the file.
  • QuickBooks saves the accountant’s copy as an export file to the Intuit Server.
  • This makes the system to send an email with a download link to the accountant for the export file(.QBX).
  • The accountant now opens the link and create a working file(.QBA) to edit and make changes.
  • The accountant saves their changes creating an import file(.QBY) which is saved on the Intuit server.
  • Now the client can open the import file sent by the accountant to save the changes to the company file.

What Are The Limitations Of Accountant’s Copy?

If you need any assistance related to the functions of the accountant’s copy then you can contact QuickBooks Customer Service. Below are the few limitation of the accountant’s copy where we will discuss the things the accountants copy cannot do:

Scenario 1

For Clients: When your accountant is reviewing the accountant’s copy that you had sent then you can work in.QBW working file but cannot do the below things:

  • Edit or delete existing accounts
  • Send Assisted Payroll Data or Direct Deposits to Intuit

Scenario 2

For Accountants: When you receive an accountant’s copy from your client then :

  • QuickBooks prohibits you from doing any type of changes that may conflict with the client’s work.

Limitation Of Lists

You can modify the following things in the Accountant’s Copy when you are working with Lists:

  • Add an item to the Class List, Customer List, Employee List, Fixed Asset Item, Item List, Other Names List, Vendor List, and Sales Tax Code List (Exception: You cannot change or make items on the Sales Tax Code List inactive)
  • Edit items on the Vendor List and the Item List (Exception: You cannot modify an item to another type on the Item List)

There are a few limitations as well:

  • You cannot type vehicle mileage
  • You cannot modify the type of an item
  • You are unable to add, edit, void, or delete build assemblies
  • The existing accounts cannot be deleted and merged

Limitation Of Transactions

When working on transactions, you can make the following changes in an Accountant’s Copy:

  • You can add, edit, and delete most types of transactions dated on or before the dividing date
  • You can add new transactions dated after the dividing date
  • It allows you to edit account and tax information for existing items ( but tax line mapping cannot be sent back to the client)
  • The preferences can be changed temporarily
  • You can make adjusting entries

You cannot make the following changes:

  • You cannot add, delete, and edit (but not void) payments received
  • You are not able to add, edit, void, or delete sales tax payments
  • You cannot add or use credit card processing
  • You cannot create non-posting transactions such as estimates and sales orders
  • It prohibits you to edit or void bill payments by credit card
  • You cannot transfer funds between accounts

Limitation Of Payroll

You can’t make the following payroll-related changes in an Accountant’s Copy:

  • You cannot add, edit, or delete payroll items
  • You cannot create, edit, delete, or void paychecks
  • It prohibits you to enter, edit, or delete timesheet data
  • You cannot create, edit, delete or void Direct Deposit checks for 1099 vendors
  • You cannot send Assisted Payroll Data or Direct Deposits to Intuit

Besides, you cannot do the below things in an accountant’s copy as well:

  • You cannot import data from Excel, Web Connect, and QuickBooks timer files
  • You cannot manage service keys (buy additional licenses)
  • You cannot use planning and budgeting tools
  • You cannot use online banking services

How To Reset the Accountant’s Copy Password?

Follow the below steps to reset the accountant’s copy password:

  • Type *.* in the File Name field
  • Choose the Accountant’s Copy (.QBA) file
  • Type and confirm your New Password
  • Click Reset Password to complete the procedure.

Follow The Steps Carefully or Contact Our ProAdvisorsHow To Get Technical Support?

By now you must have understood the Accountant’s copy and its features. If you need any technical help related to Accountant’s copy then you can contact QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1866-656-1012.  Our technicians are very experienced and skilled to resolve any type of QuickBooks issues in quick time.

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