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How To Properly Resolve The QB Error Code 102 In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a popular and highly recommended accounting software that has been made use by millions of satisfied users across the world. QuickBooks can easily perform the managing functions for your business accounts and all its finance related processes. QuickBooks effectively takes care and manages all the records of your business, it also helps you with keeping a track of all the minor to major transactions that have been made. But despite the amazing benefits that QuickBooks provides, the software itself can sometimes face certain issues and glitches. One such problem or error is QuickBooks Error Code 102. This error code can trouble you when the official website of the bank is going through some issues. It can be some technical problem or the website is going through regular maintenance. These problems can further create more trouble in between the bank’s website and the QuickBooks.  

If you are facing these issues and urgently looking for required solutions then you can get in touch with the QB Support Team executives for extra assistance or you can simply follow the provided methods in the given order.

Quick Fixing Steps For QuickBooks Error Code 102

Go through the website and check if there is any maintenance process going on on your respective credit card or the official website of the bank. If that is not the case then you can manually update the QB online account. Go to the icon for an update where you will find more options for details.  It is advised to run the 3 manual updates when it’s not the peak hours.

Automatic Updating 

In the upcoming 5 hours, QB will try to get the update for another 5 more times when it is not able to receive the details from any particular banned account.  Every data and details that you will get highly depend on the specific things which the bank will provide and share with you. You do not have the permission for enabling or disabling the auto updates/ downloaded items but you can easily view the timing of the update by performing the below provided steps:

  • Tap on the banking then go to the left menu
  • Now tap on the update button which you will be able to see at the extreme right corner
  • Then go to the last updated column where you can view the date/time of the previous update.

Manually Updating

Few accounts need a manual update and if there is any update available then you will get a notification related to the update and you will require to perform manual update in case you are not getting the needed information once the automatic update has been done. For manually updating you will have to perform the following steps.

  • First go to banking option
  • Now click on the clear unwanted accounts option. Then you will get rid of the accounts which do not need the update.
  • Now tap on the update now option
  • Then type the multi factor authentication at any time when it is asked and then tap on the continue for updating.

Login Details

Please ensure that you have signed in using your credentials for online banking. If you are not able to do the same because of the QB Error 102, then troubleshoot the problem and then download the transaction under the QB online.

  • Tap on the banking option 
  • Now locate the name of the bank in case you have not linked the bank account.
  • In case you have linked the bank account already then tap on the add account and then find the name of the bank. 
  • Now select the bank’s name
  • Now provide the credentials of the bank website and then tap on the continue
  • Now perform the steps for security verification (if needed) and then choose the connect securely option.
  • Now in the drop down list, select the bank symbol and the type of the account. You need to select between the bank and the account for the credit card.
  • The the transaction for the 90days will be automatically downloaded by the QuickBooks
  • Select the connect option
  • Now visit the banking page again after the download gets completed.

Account Details and the Notifications

You will have to verify if you have been able to view your account summary, details of your transaction history in case you are noticing any warning message from your bank’s side after login successfully. 

In Case Of A Server Issue:

Under such situations you will have to wait for sometime for fixing the issue before you try anything. 

For A New Account:

In case the new account is not working online, then under such a situation you will have to contact the bank/financial institution or to the company of your credit card.  

Technical Support Team Of QuickBooks:

We hope that after performing all the solution methods given in this article you will be able to resolve this issue easily. Although if you are still not able to get rid of it then you can contact the technical support team of the experts and get your issue solved immediately. You can visit the or contact at the toll-free no. 1877-361-7446 and our technical experts will be happy to assist you with the simplest yet effective methods.

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What Is The Correct Way Of Resolving QuickBooks Error 1712

QuickBooks is a very popular and well-structured accounting software loaded with multiple features and tools. These features and tools are regularly added on and improved with each update that QuickBooks does frequently. However, even after updating regularly, this superb accounting software can go through some glitches because of the errors that it faces. One of the most basic and common errors which the users face when they are working on QuickBooks is QB Error code 1712. If you have been coming across the QB Error 1712 then you will get your solutions under this article. We have discussed the most useful and effective ways for tackling this QB error code 1712. You will also get an error message when you will come across this error. The error message will appear when there is an issue with the operating system.

QB Error code 1712: Fault

Following are some of the issues that you will come across when you will face an error 1712 while installing the QB:

  • Whenever this error will occur your screen will turn blue
  • You will face problems when you will shut down the computer
  • The errors related to input and output can come across.
  • There can also be HTTP errors that can appear.

Main Causes Behind The QB Error 1712:

  • The error will create a barrier between the program as well as the computer. The Anti-virus will restrict the program and the computer which is the basic reason and the most common cause behind this particular error.
  • You will also notice this error while you are installing or uninstalling a particular program and your system needs to be rebooted. 
  • You can face this error while trying to install the QB in a folder that has been corrupted and will affect your computer’s performance.

Reasons Behind The QB Error 1712: 

  • You can face this error while installing a new version of QuickBooks while the old version is already installed on the system.
  • The registry has got corrupted
  • There may have been a malicious attack or program on the system that can be a cause behind this error.

Troubleshooting And Fixing The Error

The QB Error 1712 prevents you to have access to QuickBooks accounting software and affects your working pattern. You will have to fix this issue immediately for working smoothly and without any issue. You can get in touch with the Intuit Proadvisors for help and guidance or you can perform the steps mentioned further in this article:

Method 1- Ending The Error Using The Task Manager

  • Launch the Task Manager by pressing the CTLR+ALT+DEL keys on your keyboard.
  • Now right tap on QB then tap on the go-to the process
  • Then tap on the end process. By doing this you will be able to close the 
  • Now tap on the end process. This will entirely shut the QB.
  • Now restart your system 

Method 2- Installing The QB Accounting Software after Downloading It

  • First, go to the official website of Intuit then download QB from there.
  • Then after selecting the “Change” option, choose the product edition.
  • Now tap on the download link
  • Then tap on the start menu and enter ‘Regedit.exe’ and press the enter key
  • Now follow the path that is given below in the ‘Regedit’:
    • HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerUser Shell Folders
  • Then double-tap on the App data
  • By now the original values must have got replaced with the profile path of your own
  • Now restart your system and check for the errors

Method 3- You can Get The QB Error 1712 fixed by using the QB Diagnostic Tool

  • First download the QB install Diagnostic tool available at the official website of QuickBooks.
  • Now install the diagnostic tool on your system
  • Please ensure that your all the applications on the system and running in the background are entirely closed before you start running the QB Diagnostic Tool.
  • After you have installed it then open it and then search “I am having a problem a problem while installing the QuickBooks” field. Now choose it and then press OK
  • Then restart your computer.

QuickBooks Customer Care Department

The steps mentioned above in this article are highly effective and you should perform them in sequence wise. By following these steps you should be able to resolve the QB Error code 1712 easily. However, if this is not the situation and you have failed to do so then don’t worry you can contact the Tech support department of QuickBooks for getting rid of this issue instantly. You can go to the or dial the toll-free no. or tech department 1877-361-7446 to talk to the experts and get your issues resolved instantly.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Resolve The QuickBooks Error 2107

QuickBooks sometimes comes across an error called QB error 2107 which is associated with the salary and the compensation for the direct deposit methods of all the employees. This error prevents the smooth transfer of the salary of the employees straightaway to their respective accounts.

QuickBooks payroll is a powerful application that integrates directly to the QB Desktop. QB Payroll helps you with obtaining all the details that are necessary for your company. Although there can be chances where the payroll applications stop working properly because of some technical problems. The QB Error 2107 is referred to as one error that hinders the transferring salary process of the employees. The error message of the error code 2107 in QB payroll are mentioned below:

“Information regarding Direct Deposit is not wholly complete. Try to connect with your customer service agent at +1877-324-6955 for instant aid. (Message Code 2107)”

Sign Of Payroll Error Code 2107 Of QuickBooks

  • The error code 2107 appears on your computer screen
  • The window running currently crashes abruptly
  • The computer is abruptly crashing/shutting and freezing for some time
  • QB is getting freeze frequently
  • The system is not responding properly to the commands
  • The QB is not responding properly

Reasons behind the QB Error 2107

Following are the main causes behind the QB error code 2107 in QB Payroll:

  • The installation of the QB software or the installation of the payroll application is not proper or is incomplete.
  • The QB accounting software has got corrupted
  • The windows registry is damaged or corrupted
  • The company file of QB is damaged or corrupted
  • Your QuickBooks database has been attacked by malware or any virus
  • Some essential QB files have been accidentally deleted by some third party. 

How To Fix The Quickbooks Error Code 2107?

Following are the steps for fixing the QB error code 2107:

Method 1- Start Running The File Tester Of Windows System (sfc/scannow)

The tool windows system file tester is given by Microsoft and the main purpose of this tool is to scan and then reinstall the files that are corrupted or damaged in the system.

  • Tap on the start
  • Enter command in the search field
  • Then press the CTRL+SHIFT key together
  • Tap on enter option in the dialogue box asking for permission
  • Then you will get a black window on your computer
  • Then enter the sfc/scannow hit the enter button
  • Then a scanning will get started by the system file checker
  • Then perform the prompted steps which will appear on the screen.

Method 2- Repairing Window Registry Manually

  • Tap on start
  • Then enter command in search box
  • Then on your keyboard press CTRL+SHIFT keys 
  • Tap on the enter on the permission box that will appear
  • Then a black window will occur on your computer screen
  • Now enter Regedit and then hit the enter key
  • Now choose the key which is related to error code 2017
  • Then tap on the file menu and then tap on export
  • Choose the folder of your choice for saving the QB backup key. You will have to give or enter the name for the backup key then press on save

Method 3- Verify The Window Update

  • Tap on start
  • Enter update in the search field and then hit the enter key
  • This will open a dialogue box of windows update
  • If you notice any update then you can tap on the option install updates

Method 4- Utilizing The Windows System Restore for Undo the Recent system change

  • Tap on start
  • Then go to the search box and enter system restore
  • Then hit the enter key
  • Then type and provide the admin credentials if needed
  • Now perform the steps for selecting a restore point (this has to be done using the wizard)
  • Start the restoring of the computer and make sure the QB software is working properly

QuickBooks Support Team

With the help of the four methods provided in this article, you will be able to resolve the error code 2107 in QB payroll. Although if you are not able to resolve the issue and you are still facing the same error code then it is advised to get in touch with the support team of experts in QuickBooks. The QuickBooks Tech support team is known for resolving any kind of QB issue instantly. You can either visit or dial the toll-free no. 1877-361-7446 to get solutions for your QB related problems.

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How To Resolve QB Error 6144,304

QuickBooks is one of the most talked-about accounting software in current times. QuickBooks developed and started by Intuit is very popular because of the features, services, and tools that it provides to its users.  It is the most recommended software because it tracks the inventories, keeps a record of sales and expenses, and manages it at the same time. One more advantage of using QB software is that one does not need to have technical knowledge for handling and using this software as it is very easy to use with minimal tech skills. It can also be integrated with third-party applications which is a benefit for the accountants. Although with so many benefits and advantages this powerful and highly efficient software can face some errors at some point of time. These errors can prevent you from working smoothly and will interrupt your work every now and then. Hence it is better to resolve such errors the moment you notice them. You can easily follow the steps given further in this article or you can simply take help from the QuickBooks tech support team to make your error fixing process easy by clearing any kind of doubt.

Defining The QB error code 6144,304 

This company file error known as QB error 6144,304 can appear whenever the company gets corrupted or is damaged or if it is missing. However, there are multiple factors that can be a reason behind the Error code 6144,304 in QuickBooks. Other main causes have been given below:

  •  There can be abrupt power failure of computer which has resulted in crashing or damaging of the company files.
  • The data file of the company is damaged or is corrupted
  • There is some malware or virus attack on your system
  • There is some antivirus or firewall program that is preventing your QB company file
  • The company data file has been removed or deleted accidentally. 

What Is The Process Of Resolving/Fixing The Quickbooks Error 6144,304?

QuickBooks can face various issues and errors while carrying out your financial tasks and to deal with it or to tackle it Intuit has provided various tools. The QuickBooks File Doctor Tool is a highly powerful tool that has been specially designed for scanning or discovering any issue in QB files and fixing it at the same time. Another best part is that you don’t have to pay any extra amount for using this immensely helpful tool. This tool does a complete scanning and detects the concerned issue and then provide and resolve the problem accordingly. The whole process can take a little bit of time which also depends on the size of your company file and the error that you are facing.

For using this QB File Doctor tool you need to perform the steps provided below:

  • Sign in to your computer as an administrator.
  • Start the internet browser then visit the QuickBooks official website, then download the QB file doctor tool from there.
  • Now install the tool carefully and properly on your computer
  • After the installation is completed then run the tool as an administrator then wait till the QB starts running
  • Now tap on the browse and then choose the company file that has a certain issue
  • Check if the company file is being hosted on the workstation or it is on the server
  • Now tap on the suitable option for “Are you on a server/workstation” question
  • Then the tool will start with scanning the network errors then will proceed with scanning the company file errors.
  • After the process gets completed then shut the QB file doctor tool along with the QB software
  • Now restart your system then open QB software to check if your concerned error is fixed or not.

QuickBooks Tech Support Team

By performing the steps provided in this article sequence wise you will be able to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 6144,304. Performing these steps and fixing the concerned issue is not a very complex task and you can do it easily by properly following the case you are still confused about any particular step or you feel you need some additional help or guidance then you can contact the Intuit Proadvisors without any hesitation. The technical support team at QB is very helpful and highly experienced with resolving any kind of QB errors and issues. You can go to the or dial the toll-free no. 1877-361-7446 for immediate solutions.

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How To Resolve QB Error Code 6190, -816

QuickBooks accounting software initiated by Intuit has created its own space in the accounting software market. It has been the most reliable and trustworthy software for handling all finance-related goals of the businesses. With the help of using QuickBooks, you can efficiently manage your accounts, keep a track of transaction reports, and manage your employees. QuickBooks has built its own niche by providing the most easy-to-use yet powerful tools and features that keep getting updated on regular basis. But there are certain circumstances where this software like any other software in the market can get affected by some unavoidable errors. One some inevitable error is QuickBooks error code 6190,816 which appear and noticed by user quite often. This error code belongs to the category of 6000 error series which affects the company file and prevents you from accessing your QB company file. If you have been facing the same error then you will also get an error message along with it which has been stated below:

“QuickBooks was unable to open the company file on the hosted computer.”

Main Causes Behind QB Error 6190,816

Following are some of the main reasons behind QB error 6190,816

  • The TLF file also called the Transaction log file has not been affiliated with your company file. The TLG file saves all auto-saved transactions related to business. The format of this particular file is XXXX.qbw.tlg where the XXXX means the name of the company file. QB gives you permission only for converting the tlg file in .qbw file. Under such a situation, the QB error code 6019,816 can appear as the company file (.qbw) is not matching up with the transaction log file (.qbw.tlg file).
  • There can be chances that some update was issued by Intuit which has not been installed appropriately and creating trouble. The error can also appear because the company file was updated but not the tlg file.
  • You may also come across this issue if the QB has been used by a particular user and another user is using it under the single-user mode. This prevents the user from accessing the QB company file
  • The data file or company is corrupted.

Procedure For Resolving Quickbooks Error 6190,816

The QB error code 6190,816 is a basic error that QuickBooks has to face and it can be fixed easily by performing few easy solution steps. But before starting it is necessary that you go through the version of your QB and check if it has been updated to the latest version available. You can resolve this issue by simply using the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool. perform the given steps to know the proper way of doing so.

  • Go to the official website of Intuit from there download and then install the tool.
  • Then run the tool once it is installed properly, please ensure that you have signed in to your computer with administrators rights.
  • You will get the following two options:
    • Network Connectivity Only
    •  File Damage and Network Connectivity both.
  • For fixing the error choose option 1.
  • Then provide the credentials (username and password) when asked.
  • The QuickBooks will inquire about if the company file is being hosted on the workstation or on the server. Tap on yes if it is on the server if not then tap on the workstation.

Quickbooks Customer Care Department

The steps given above should be able to provide you the solution for resolving the QB Error 6190,816. However, if you still getting troubled by the same error then it is better to get in touch with the technical support team of QuickBooks which are 24*7 present for you and to resolve your problems related to QuickBooks. You can contact the technical experts at or toll-free no. 1877-361-7446 to get instant support.

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How To Track The Payments Made By Me In A Month Using QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks is the first option for users across the world when it comes to trusting an accounting software that will not only finish and complete your targets on time but will also ensure to keep a track record of it. QuickBooks by Intuit has helped many businesses to grow and flourish financially by not only paying the employees on time but also allowing the user or owner to have an eye on the financial record of their business. For doing this the user does not need to be present at a certain place or time and can easily keep a check on the transactions by just simply logging into their company file or QuickBooks account from anywhere and at any time. QuickBooks comes up with mainly three products QuickBooks pro/premier and enterprise. With each having their own benefits the user gets to choose from this variety of choices. It also keeps updating its versions quite often so that the user also gets to use the latest tools and features. One such feature is QuickBooks payroll that helps you to keep a track of your finances and transactions in real-time. Although, If you are finding it hard to track the payments which have been made by you then don’t take any stress. This article will guide you through how you can create a list of the employees to whom you have paid in a particular financial year via the transactions in the payroll and by using the reports of the payee. 

By creating and having this list, you can easily check and verify the limits that have been exceeded in your payroll service strategy/plan level. To do this task you are required to perform the steps that are mentioned below:

  • Go to the main menu first, then click on the reports, and then choose the employees and the payroll.
  • Select the payroll transactions by the payee
  • From the options of the dates drop-down, you need to choose ‘This month’ or you can select the next or last month as well according to the choice of the month you wish to view.

During the process of calculating the no. of employees you have made the payment to in a particular month:

  • You need the pay cheque date for establishing the calendar month.
  • Every employee has been counted for which you have been trying to pay in the present payroll.
  • All the extra employees to whom you have been paying via paycheques dated in the same/exact month are also counted.
  • Every employee is counted for once irrespective of the no. of the employees that have been paid in the month.
  • All the employees that have been terminated need to be subtracted that are released in the QB at or prior to the date of a paycheque.

QuickBooks Technical support team

We really hope and wish that the steps given above have really helped you out in solving your issue. You should now be able to check and verify the list of the employees that you have paid via QuickBooks Payroll. Although if you are still facing some issues or you are not able to make the identification then don’t worry the QuickBooks technical support experts are there to help you out. The Intuit certified team of tech experts are known for solving any customers query instantly by providing the best possible solutions you just simply need to dial QuickBooks supportforerror +1877-361-7446 number and then let the team member assist you with best-suited solutions and methods.

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Customization Of Receipt In The QB POS

QuickBooks is a well organised accounting software that has made its own mark in the market. QuickBooks designed by the Intuit has proved to be a boon for the individuals as well as for the businesses. QuickBooks can handle all the finance related tasks easily and effectively. With using the QuickBooks the customer can keep a track of their finance related tasks easily irrespective of the time and the place. This was not possible with the old spreadsheet methods which people used make use of earlier. The major advantage of using QuickBooks has been the on time payment to the employees and on time tracking of the tasks (financial/transaction). This has also saved a lot of energy as well as the precious time of the individuals and small to medium size businesses because with using QuickBooks the provided task can get completed quickly and effortlessly. One more benefit of the QuickBooks has been the improved and efficient features and the powerful tools of QB that it keeps adding to its list with frequent upgardation. A user does not have to be tech savvy to make use of these services as they are easy to use. Although if at all one needs help with any issue related to the QuickBooks then one can always contact the tech support team of the QuickBooks which are known for their quick and instant response and effective solutions. 

QuickBooks point of sale application developed by Intuit is the premium choice for retailing accounting software that presently there in the market. The POS feature is integrated with the QuickBooks software that allows you to track the inventory of the product, manage your employees, provides accurate reports of sales and so on. It also helps you with the real-time sales and purchase tracking and can be easily used even with the latest and advanced tools which can be used by anyone with minimal technological knowledge. 

With the help of the QuickBooks POS you can also easily take care of your flow of cash and manage the credit and debit card payments. It also contains very effective features that can also help you with handling your business more effectively. One of many such feature is the customization of the receipt. Once the customer has completed all the formalities of payment of the item or service that you have offered then you can easily make use of the sales receipt. If you are confused about this process or don’t know how is it done then you can go through this whole article which consists of all the needful information regarding the process of customization of the receipts with in the QuickBooks Point of Sale tool.

How To Use And Do The Customization Of The Form Templates

When you click on the window for customization, you will be allowed to do the basic customization under the receipt like formats or templates. You can do this by performing the following two different methods:

  1. Go to the list menu of QB then click on templates and then double tap on the template you want to customize.
  2. Go to the transaction form then to the formatting tab and tap on the manage template option.

Managing Template-  once you choose this option you will be taken to the window that contains the formats and templates menu of a particular form. You can choose to duplicate/delete/download any of the template. You can also give another name to your formats if you want.

Including the logo- go to the use logo box if you wish that your company’s logo should be visible on the receipt or any other type of document/form or invoices. You easily change the already added logo if you want to, to do this you just have to click on the select logo option. To get desired result you are required to attach your logo in the ration of 1:1. Although please ensure to make use of the .jpeg extension for the company file.

Changing the colors and fonts: this field helps you with making changes in the fonts, colors in given fields like the name of the company,  its data or labels and so on.

With the help of the information about the company and the transaction you can choose and use the contact details which you will be displaying in the receipt. However you also have the choice to make changes in the contact details as well. To do it you need to choose the update information option and then go to the layout designer.

Extra Customizationa option- with the help of this option you can directly go to the window with header/columns/footers and make modifications like adding or removing prior to printing. Also ensure that you add the most catchy and attractive title for every header/footer and column.after you do this, you can now select to print this form by just simply taping on the print option.

Template designing- you should visit the layout and template designer in case you have chosen for adding, removing columns or header from the layout that already exists. With using the format designer, you can shift or change the size of the details given on the template.

Print Preview- at the right panel of the window, you can see the preview of the form. You just have click on the print preview option for viewing how would your form look like once it gets printed.

  • You can either copy or you can create a duplicate of the template of the form.
  • With this feature you can also use the exact format and the design on other types of layout also.
  • Go to the lists menu and then choose templates.
  • Choose the template you wish to customize and then go to the duplicate option in the drop down.
  • Now choose a type of the form for this particular layout and then hit on OK.
  • You can also make use of the duplicate copy of this template with using the form created by you.
  • You will have to provide a different name and also the title to this duplicate form.

QuickBooks Technical Support Department 

We hope that with the help of the solutions given in this article you have got a clear picture about the customization of the receipts in the QuickBooks POS and how it is done. We are also hopeful that the solutions provided above have proved to be helpful for you to some extent. With using the same steps given in this article you can also create the duplicate of your forms as well as your receipts. Although if you still feel that you are not able to perform any step or you face any confusion then you can get in touch with the highly advanced and experienced technical support team of the QuickBooks. The tech support team of QuickBooks are known to resolve issues in less time with effective solutions. You can contact the Intuit certified Proadvisors at supportforerror +1877-361-7446 to get quick response. You can dial this toll free number at any given time as the tech support team is 24*7 available for you to help you out with any of your issues. 

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How To Resolve The Abrupt Crashing Or Closing Of QuickBooks Showing or Not Showing Error

QuickBooks is a well-organized accounting software that has helped millions of people worldwide with managing their business. QuickBooks has always been known for its efficient and highly user-friendly features and tools that can complete the most complex financial tasks easily. QuickBooks a brainchild of Intuit since its inception has supported many small to medium size businesses and customers with achieving their financial goal and handling business from anywhere/anytime. This has been a massive advantage of this software over others which has been appreciated by its users across countries. Moreover, QuickBooks makes it sure to update its versions frequently to add more features and tools for its customers.

If you have been using the QuickBooks Desktop for quite some time now then you will know all the pros and cons or advantages and disadvantages of using this well-structured software. QuickBooks solves all your transaction-related issues and tasks quickly without wasting any time. This was not possible with the spreadsheet methods which used to be there earlier. With the coming of this powerful software into the market, the consumers can rely on this software and can pay attention to all their business-related activities other than a transaction. Hence it not just has provided some extra time to the users but also saved their energy.

But with all these facilities and advancements there have been few minor drawbacks to this software. The biggest con of this software has to be the error and issues that occur unexpectedly at various stages. This error and issues make the software close down or crash abruptly that too sometimes showing the error message and sometimes not showing it while performing the tasks mentioned below:

  • Error while sending email for a large report
  • Making the transactions including invoices and also the sales orders
  • Running multiple reports simultaneously
  • Working with various centers
  • Working on report center

Following are the error that you may notice:

  • QuickBooks freeze while working
  • No error (QuickBooks shuts down while working)
  • Random codes (Unrecoverable Error) 

These issues and error can appear if there is some problem with your system internally or if QuickBooks is not able to send or receive the commands from the system properly. However, this can be resolved easily by performing a few steps but before performing the steps make sure that you have updated the QuickBooks to its latest version released. With this updating of QB, you will be able to fix other errors and issues related to QuickBooks as well. For example, if you are using the QuickBooks 2017 version then you have to go to the Update QuickBooks 2017 To 2020 to update to the new versions available successfully.

The following are the basic steps that you have to perform for updating QuickBooks to the newest version available.

  • With the help of the task manager close all the QuickBooks and the processes related to it.
  • Go to the start menu and go to QuickBooks Desktop and then right tap on it.
  • Select to run as administrator
  • Go to the no company and open screen, choose the help tab then > update the QuickBooks Desktop
  • In the options section, select to mark all in the box and then click on save.
  • Locate to the update now section and put a checkmark on reset update.
  • Go to the get updates option. Wait till the process is completed and then click on the restart of QB.
  • From the install updates prompt, choose to install now.

In Case you have already been using the QuickBooks Desktop’s latest version and still coming across these errors and issues then you have to log in/sign up to receive a notification when such an article is updated in regards to these issues.

Current status:

Because of several issues being occurred caused by various factors, the regular notification/updates are stopped. QuickBooks is working on these errors and issues and will notify you once the appropriate solutions are available.  

Important- if you are still facing any error then it needs urgent attention for which you can contact the technical support team of QB.

QuickBooks Technical Support Service:

With the above-provided steps, we hope that you have been able to fix the ‘QuickBooks is not working or getting crashed’ issues to some extent. Although if you still have not been able to fix the current error and you are still noticing it then it is advised to get in touch with the QuickBooks technical support team as soon as possible. The technical support team of QuickBooks is Intuit certified experts who are 24*7 present for its users and customers and who have immense experience of years in resolving any kind of QB related issues. You can contact the tech experts at their toll-free number supportforerror +1877-361-7446 and get their advice in no time.

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Change User ID Or Email Address For QuickBooks Force

QuickBooks is a great platform for small and mid-sized businesses for managing their day to day accounting tasks. But to use QuickBooks Workforce, you will need to provide your user id/email address of Intuit account for signing in. Most users create Intuit Account from an email address and then forget the email address or they lose access to it. In such a case, you need to change the email address manually or get in touch with the QB Experts of Supportforerror.

Call on the 24*7 available QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1-877-361-7446 to contact the Intuit certified QuickBooks Experts.

How To Update Email Address From Inside QuickBooks Workforce?

  • Go to QuickBooks Workforce.
  • Use your user credentials to sign in into your account.
  • Go to the top-right corner and click on the gear icon.
  • Select Account Settings.
  • Click on the Edit option which is close to Email Address.
  • Provide the new email address.
  • Confirm your current password and choose Save to store changes.
  • QB Workforce will send a confirmation email to your new email address.
  • Open your new email address and follow the instructions given in the confirmation email.

How To Update Email Address From

  • Open any internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet browser on your screen (preferable Google Chrome).
  • Now, click on the address bar at the very top of your browser window.
  • Visit
  • Use your current used ID and password for signing in.
  • Choose Edit option which is close to Email Address.
  • Provide your new email address.
  • Confirm your current password.
  • Choose Save for storing changes.
  • QB workforce will send a confirmation email to your new email address.

Note: Provide user ID which matches your new email address. Also, provide your First name and Last name which you can utilize in future to make any changes.

How To Process An Email Change Request?

  • Head to
  • Go through the information which is needed to ensure that you will be able to complete the update.
  • Implement the instructions which appear on your screen and select the Submit
  • Check the confirmation email which QuickBooks Workforce sent to your and check if your email address has been updated.
  • Now, you can sign in to QB Workforce.

What To Do If You Are Asked To Confirm Your Account Information With A Code?

You will be asked to verify your account credentials with a confirmation code when you try to sing in to QB Workforce utilizing your Intuit Account Login. Choose how you wish to receive the code, and select the Continue button.

You will receive the code within minutes. In case you do not have the user credentials for the email listed, choose the Confirm my account a different way button for changing your email.

quickbooks workforceYou must provide your confirmation code before exiting the window. You can choose to open another window if you want.

quickbooks workforce supportOpen your email account for retrieving the confirmation code. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the code to arrive in your inbox. Be patient and also check your bulk/junk/spam mail folder to see if the code was sent there.

Click on the Continue button after entering the confirmation code. In case you didn’t get the confirmation code click on the Didn’t Receive A Code. You will be able to sign in into your QuickBooks Workforce account once you get verified.

Get Tech Support For QuickBooks Workforce

If you are encountering any issues while changing the user id or email address for QuickBooks Workforce then do not hesitate to give us a call. We assist hundreds of QB Workforce users everyday with their day to day tasks.

You can connect with the renowned QuickBooks ProAdvisors by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-877-361-7446 or using the QuickBooks Chat Support service. Get instant QB Tech Support Service for QuickBooks Workforce.

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Disconnect Bank Feeds For An Account In QuickBooks Desktop

Most of the small and medium-size business organizations use QuickBooks for managing their accountants and finance. QuickBooks effectively manages its expense, sales, inventories, and many more things. You can use your banking services within QuickBooks. You can use Bank Feeds to get transactions from your bank and import them to QuickBooks. Sometimes you may require disconnecting your account from bank feeds due to the below reasons:

  • You do not want to import transactions anymore.
  • You want to cancel your accounts with your financial institution
  • Your bank does not support Bank Feeds any more.

Disconnect Bank Feeds For An Account In QuickBooks DesktopHere in this article, we are going to lean the way to Disconnect Bank Feeds For An Account In QuickBooks Desktop. For any type of assistance you need to contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-877-361-7446 to talk to experts.

How To Disconnect Bank Feeds For An Account In QuickBooks Desktop?

You need to follow the below steps to disconnect bank feeds for an account in QuickBooks Desktop:

Step 1: Finish Your Online Banking

You need to match or delete all the transactions that you have downloaded for your account. Once you deactivate the banking feeds, QuickBooks will not allow making any type of pending changes.

Step 2: Deactivate Bank Feeds

You can deactivate bank feeds from your bank account one by one. Follow the below steps for Windows and Mac:

QuickBooks Desktop For Windows

  • Open QuickBooks and navigate to List and then choose Chart Of Accounts.
  • Next right click on the account that you want to deactivate and choose Edit Account.
  • Go to the Bank Setting
  • Click Deactivate All Online Services and then click on
  • Press Save & Close

QuickBooks For Mac

  • Open QuickBooks and go to List and then click Chart Of Accounts
  • Next right click on the account that you want to deactivate and click on Pencil icon to edit.
  • Choose Online Setting
  • From the Download Transaction drop-down click Not Enabled.
  • Choose OK to Confirm.

Follow The Steps Carefully or Contact Our ProAdvisorsGet Technical Support

Once you have disconnected bank feed from your bank account, QuickBooks will not download any more transaction.  If you find any error while performing the above steps or cannot disconnect the bank feeds from your account then you can dial toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1-877-361-7446 to talk to our experts. We have a team of technical experts who can fix any type of QuickBooks issues instantly. They are very skilled and have many years of experience in resolving all types of QuickBooks issues on a daily basis. Our QuickBooks Error Support number is available 24×7 throughout the year for your assistance so that you don’t have to wait for assistance related to QuickBooks.  

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