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How To Fix QuickBooks Error C=1327?

QuickBooks desktop accounting software is currently one of the top-rated accounting and inventory management software. But that does not imply that QB users do not run into errors or issues. Unfortunately, many QB users run into the QuickBooks Error C 1327 while installing this renowned accounting software.

In this blog post, we are going to talk about the QuickBooks Error C=1327 and its solutions. This error is categorized as an Installation error. You will run into the error code C=1327 of QB when you try to install QB from an installation CD. This error message will appear on your screen:

“The drive [drive letter] is invalid. OR Invalid drive [drive letter]”

You will also face this error if you were trying to install QB from an external USB device, but it somehow got disconnected while the installation process was running. You can attempt to reconnect the USB device and check if it restarts or resumes the installation process.

However, if you keep encountering the QB Error 1327 even after reconnecting the USB device read this blog post to the very end or contact the QuickBooks Experts of supportforerror. Call on the authentic USA QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1-866-656-1012 to get in touch with the QB Experts and get technical assistance.

What Causes QuickBooks Error C=1327?

  • The device that the user was using for installing QuickBooks got disconnected, or it is damaged.
  • The user is trying to install QuickBooks on a computer on which the Microsoft .Net Framework is damaged or corrupted.
  • Windows registry files are missing or damaged.
  • Internal issues within the computer.
  • Anti-virus or Anti-malware application installed on the computer is halting the installation process.

Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Error C=1327

The renowned and experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisors of supportforerror recommend the following steps for resolving the Error Code 1327 of QuickBooks:

Step 1: Reinstall and Repair the Microsoft .NET Framework

  • Open Start Menu and go to Control Panel.
  • Now, tap on Turn Windows features on or off.
  • Provide user credentials like password and username.
  • Search for MS .NET Framework 3.5.1 and uncheck the box in front of it.
  • Click on the OK button.
  • Reboot your computer to roll out the newly made changes.

Step 2: Run The Registry Editor

  • Open Run command by pressing Windows+R simultaneously.
  • Click on text field and type CMD.
  • Press Enter.
  • Command Prompt will open on your screen. Click below the blinking cursor and type regedit. Press Enter.
  • Now, you have to follow this path: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders.
  • Carefully examine the keys and look for the keys which are associated with the QuickBooks Error Code C 1327 in the registry editor.
  • If any drive has incorrect names, change them to C:\.
  • You must save the backup key on your computer.
  • Now, Install the key on your computer.
  • Reboot your computer to roll out the changes.

How To Contact Certified QuickBooks Experts In The USA?

If even after performing both the steps in your computer, you still encounter the QuickBooks Error C=1327, then contact the certified QuickBooks Experts of supportforerror.

Dial the toll-free USA QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-656-1012 to contact the QuickBooks Experts. We are one of the top-rated third-party QuickBooks Tech Support providers based in New Jersey, USA.

You can also chat with the QuickBooks Experts by clicking on the QuickBooks Live Chat Support button on the bottom right corner of this screen. Get in touch with us to get immediate QB Technical assistance and support.

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QuickBooks Retained Earnings

Are you trying to understand what are retained earnings in QuickBooks? We have received thousands of requests from small and midi-size businesses who wants us to explain what is retained earnings in QuickBooks.

In this blog post, we will cover everything there is to know about retained earnings in QuickBooks and also explain to you how does QuickBooks calculate retained earnings.

If your QuickBooks retained earnings account is missing or you are facing any problem with your retained earnings in QB, don’t hesitate and just give the Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors of supportforerror a call. You can dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Number +1866-656-1012 to get in touch with the QuickBooks Experts.

Now, let us continue.

In QuickBooks Online, the online portal will display the profits that a company earned in a fiscal year and then reinvested the amount into the company as Retained Earnings.

QuickBooks Online is programmed to automatically transfer or move money into the Retained earnings account at the end of each year. Also, QBO will not generate any report unless and until you make other entries in the QuickBooks Retained Earnings account.

Now, if you wish to view what makes up the Retained earnings for your company or business, you can choose to run a Profit and Loss report. In this report, you can click on the view details button to see the Net Income (loss) amount.

In the QuickBooks Retained Earnings account, you can also view the total income and expenses of your company for any year. QBO will add the net income from the last financial year in the balance sheet at the beginning of a new financial year.

We hope that you understand what are retained earnings in quickbooks. However, if you are still confused then do not think twice before giving the QuickBooks Experts a call. You can also click on the QuickBooks Chat icon at the bottom of this page. Click on the Message field and type What are retained earnings in QuickBooks. Click on the submit button. You will get an answer for your question in the chat itself.

How To Find Retained Earnings In QuickBooks?

If you want to find retained earnings in QuickBooks for your company then simply keep reading. As we said earlier, the Retained Earnings account will contain all the information about your company’s or business’s income and expenses from all earlier years. But you cannot merely click on the Retained earnings in your Balance sheet for viewing the details.

Retained Earnings account is a massive collection of information for all the earlier financial year’s net profit or loss. So if you want to find retained earnings in QuickBooks then you must firstly run the last year’s Profit and loss statement.

Steps To Find Retained Earnings In QuickBooks

Step 1: View the Profit and Loss Detail report

  • Open Reports and choose Profit and Loss report. Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type Profit and Loss if your unable to view the report.
  • Choose All Dates in the Report period drop down menu.
  • Click on Run report button.
  • Choose Net Income amount if you want to view the Profit and Loss Detail report for All Dates.

Now, you will be able to view all the transactions that account for the net profit or loss. QBO automatically move this money into your Retained Earning account.

Step 2: View the Profit and Loss report by year

The QuickBooks Experts recommend that you run Profit and Loss report by year if you want to accurately track Retained Earnings for all the years.

  • Open Reports and choose Profit and Loss report. Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type Profit and Loss if your unable to view the report.
  • Click on Customize option in the open Profit and Loss report.
  • Choose Rows/Columns in the customize report panel.
  • Click on Year in the Columns drop-down menu.
  • Choose Run report.

The report will display the year-by-year Profit and Loss amount transferred in the Retained Earnings. However, if you see mismatch between the Retained Earnings account for the current year and the Profit loss report, you should take a look at the account QuickBooks Report.

Step 3: Review the Retained Earnings account Quick Report

Follow these steps if you want to review the retained earnings account QuickBooks report:

  • Click on Settings and then choose Chart of Accounts.
  • Look for the Retained Earnings account.
  • Click on the Action drop-down menu and choose Run Report option.
  • Choose Dates in the Report period drop-down menu.
  • Click on Run Report.

Now, a report will appear on your screen which will contain detailed information of user-created transactions affecting the Retained Earnings account figure.

How Does QuickBooks Calculate Retained Earnings?

To put it simply – retained earnings is a sum of a company’s undistributed profit over the years.

QBO will automatically transfer the annual profits in the retained earnings account at the end of the financial year. The company will pay the shareholders in terms of dividends and they will be subtracted from the profits. Now, the company will be left with retained earnings for the year.

We hope that we answered your question: How does QuickBooks Calculate Retained Earnings?

What Type Of Account Is Retained Earnings In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks will automatically create an equity account for your company. This account is called Retained Earnings. Also, QB will automatically transfer the balance from your company’s other accounts to Retained earnings at the end of the fiscal year. You can also decide the closing date for your business.

If you want to get in touch with us, call on the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012.

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Steps To Transfer Customer Credit From One Job To Another

It is possible to transfer credit from one job to another in QuickBooks. However, you must have either QuickBooks 2019 or QuickBooks 2020. These two versions support the feature of credit transfer.

QBIf you are looking for the steps to transfer credit from one customer to another, you are on the right page. We will help you with all the required steps to get your job done. For additional support, you can contact QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number on +1866-656-1012.

Note: Access to Charts of Accounts is mandatory for this process. Make sure you have the access.

  • Open the invoice where you want to transfer the credit.
  • Tap on Apply Credits. This will display all the available credits from different customer jobs.
  • Select the required credit and hit the Done button.
  • It will ask for confirmation of the transfer. Click on Yes, and it will finish the process.

The process of credit transfer is irreversible. Once you transfer the credit, you cannot get it back. It is important to think before you make alterations to the credit.

QB creates two general journal entries during this process. The information of these newly created general journal entries will show “Transfer of Credits for …” This is for your future reference. If you are doing the credit transfer for the first time in QuickBooks, an entry named “other current assets” is created by QB to transfer the credits. This entry is used only for credit transfers.

Steps To Transfer Customer Credit Manually

For the QuickBooks Versions 2018 and the earlier ones, a manual transfer and application of credit are necessary. To complete this process, you can follow the below-given steps:

Step 1: Set Up a Clearing Account

Please refer to set up a clearing account page where you will be guided with all the required steps to set up a clearing account.

Step 2: Make A General Journal Entry To Transfer Credit From One Customer To Wash Or Clearing Account.

  • Click on the Company on the QB homepage. Then select Make General Journal Entries.
  • Select the Account Receivable to transfer the credit to the required job.
  • In the name section, select the customer job that you wish to transfer the credit from.
  • Transfer the credit to the Clearing Account in the second line.QB
  • Hit Save & Close.

Step 3: Connect The Credit With General Journal Entry

  • Navigate to the customer menu and tap on Customer Center.
  • Choose the required customer that is supposed to get the credit. Once you select that, tap on Transactions.

In case you are linking the payment:

QBGo to the transaction list and double-tap on the payment.

  • Check the Journal Entry box.
  • Hit Save & Close.

In case you are linking a credit:

QBGo to the transaction list and double tap on the credit memo.

  • Tap on Use credit to apply to the invoice.
  • Check the Journal Entry box and hit the done button.
  • Save and close in the end to proceed.

Step 4: Create Another General Journal Entry To Transfer Credit From Clearing Account To Another Customer

  • Select Company from the QB homepage and then click on Make General Journal Entries.
  • Select the Account Receivable to credit the amount and complete the transfer.
  • In the name section, select the required customer or job that you are moving the credit from.
  • Use the clearing account in the second line to debit.QB
  • Hit Save & Close.

Step 5: Transfer The Credit To The Unpaid Invoice

  • Navigate to the Customers option and tap on Receive Payments from the dropdown.
  • Choose the customer or job where you are transferring the credit.
  • Check the required invoice from the list and then tap on Discounts and Credits.
  • Select the required credit from the credits tab and then tap on Done.QB
  • Then Tap on Save & Close.

Contact QuickBooks Tech Support

This article provides all the necessary information that you can use to transfer credit from one customer or another. Even if you are not a professional QuickBooks user, the steps are easy and simple to implement. However, it is important to be sure about doing this as credit transfers are irreversible. In case you have transferred credit by mistake, and you wish to fix it, you can connect with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012. We will ensure to get the right solution for you.

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A Complete Guide To Configure Internet Explorer To Work With QuickBooks Payments And Related Applications

It is vital to configure several settings in Internet Explorer so that it can work properly with QB payments and all other related apps. You can refer to QuickBooks Payments to know more about this. The incorrect Internet Explorer settings can lead to the following issues:

  • A blank page may be popped, or the web page may get canceled.
  • Web-based connections can face errors.
  • QB Desktop connection problems.
  • Some of the data may get missing, or the pages may load wrongly.
  • Other internet connection problems.

If you are looking to know all the steps to Configure Internet Explorer To Work With QuickBooks Payments And Related Applications, this guide is the best solution. You can also get in touch with our toll-free QB Enterprise Support Phone Number +1-866-656-1012 for additional support.

When you are using any kinds of web-based features, ensure to restart your system. When you restart the system, the connection gets refreshed. Thus, doing this can help to reset the connection settings and fix the problems related to the internet connection.


When you face connectivity issues in QB Desktop and the rest of the web-based apps are working fine, it might be due to the firewall or antivirus settings. Sometimes, these settings restrict connection with QB payments. In this case, you have to manage the setting in the firewall or the antivirus.

No matter what browser you have set as a default browser, QB always uses the IE for internet connections.

Steps To Access IE In Compatibility View

  • Run Internet Explorer on the system and tap on the settings (a gear icon). Go to Compatibility View settings. You can also do the same steps in the Tools option.
  • Check the Display all websites in compatibility view box in the Compatibility view setting and close.

Steps To Edit The IE Options

  • Run IE on the system and tap on the settings (a gear icon). Go to Compatibility View settings. This icon is located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Internet Options to make the following changes to settings.

You Can Add Intuit To The List Of Trusted Websites

  • Go to Security and tap on Trusted Sites.
  • Tap on Sites in the Add this website to the zone section. Type the official Intuit website and then hit the Add button.
  • Perform the same step for QuickBooks official website.
  • Hit the Close button.
  • Tap on Custom Level and move to Miscellaneous.
  • Tap on the Enable option from Allow Cross domains requests field and then click on the Ok button.
  • Tap on Apply and then Ok. This will close the internet settings window.
  • Shut the Internet Explorer and then rerun.

You Can Change Popup Settings

  • Go to the Privacy tab and then tap on Advanced. This will take you to the Advanced Cookie Options.
  • Check the Override Automatic Cookie Handling box.
  • Ensure to accept the cookies for only first and third-party cookies. If there is any difference, you can change it manually.
  • Check the Always Allow Session Cookies box and hit the Ok button. The window will be automatically closed.
  • Ensure to untick the popup blocker section. The major aim of such security popups is to inform you about the transactions. In QB, it is important to allow these popups to allow the uninterrupted process.
  • Tap the Ok button in the end to save the changes you have made.

Note: When you complete the payment account access, and it’s added to the popup settings in the Internet Explorer, you can change it to the previous settings anytime you like.

You Can Change The Security Settings

  • Navigate to the Security tab and then click on the Internet option.
  • To start the internet zone dialogue box, tap in Custom Level.
  • Navigate to ActiveX Controls and Plugins and ensure to activate or enable the below-given options:
  1. Binary and script behaviors
  2. Download signed ActiveX controls.
  3. Run ActiveX Controls and Plugins
  4. Script ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting
  • Tap on the Ok button to save these changes and close the security tab.

You Can Change The Advanced Settings

  • In the Settings window, tap on Advanced and then open the Security option.
  • Remove the checkmark for Do not save encrypted pages to disk.
  • Hit the Ok button to close this window.

To allow the TLS 1.2, go to the advanced tab, and find the TLS 1.2 option. Make sure you tick the box.

When You Use MS Edge As a Default Browser

Windows has changed the default browser to MS edge in Windows 10 version. However, it also supports IE, and thus you can use it. This IE is not from Microsoft, though. In such cases, QB still access internet Explorer as a default browser. To clear the cookies and cache in this case, you can open the IE with the help of the below-given options:

From The Run Command:

  • Press Windows + R on the keyboard to start the run command. You can also type in Run to the windows search bar and hit Enter.
  • Insert Exe in the search field.
  • This will open the IE. You can then delete the cookies and cache in IE.

From The Search Bar:

  • Press the Windows key.
  • Type in Internet Explorer in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • Choose the IE from the shown results.
  • You can clear cookies and caches in IE.

From Microsoft Edge:

  • Run MS Edge and tap on the three dots at the right top corner.
  • Select the option Open With Internet Explorer.
  • You can then clear cache and cookies in this.

Contact QuickBooks Technical Support Team

This blogpost covers all the needful information to configure Internet Explorer to work with QuickBooks Payments and related web-based applications. Even though these steps are very easy to implement, there are some cases when you may find difficulties in changing settings. In such cases, it is recommended to get in touch with us on our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-656-1012. Intuit certified QuickBooks Experts of supportforerror will help you with all the solutions to overcome QB-related issues.

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A Complete Guide To Fix A/R Or A/P On The CBBS With Journal Entries

The financial reports for cash sourced deals should not display the account receivable AR and account payable AP balances. But as we all know that QB is an accounting program, and cash-based financial reports show the AP and AP balances in QB.

We will discuss all the important methods to when AP and AR balances are displayed on your cash basis balance sheet (CBBS) report. We also explain how to erase them from the list. The following things will be covered in this article:

  • Steps to create a general journal entry to erase AR and AP balance from a cash-based balance sheet on the ending day of the reporting period.
  • Steps to restore the general journal entry on the starting day of the next reporting period.

Steps To Delete Accounts Receivable

Create a general journal entry to delete the account receivable from the CBBS on the last day of the reporting period.

  • Select the option Company from the QB main menu. Then, click on Make General Journal Entries.
  • Enter the date and the entry number for the newly created general journal entry.
  • To select the offset account, select the Account option from the 1st line. Ensure the offset account is either the income account or an asset account. It should not be the account receivable account. You can discuss this with your accountant if you are stuck on the step to select the offset account.
  • Type in the amount in the Debit field.
  • Choose the Select Account Receivable from the 2nd line.
  • Type in the amount in the Credit field.
  • Give a name to Account Receivable in the Name field.
  • Hit the Save button. Important: when you are creating AR or AP accounts, saving the process at these steps is very important.

Create a reversing entry on the first day of the next reporting period.

  • Click on the Company from the QB main menu. Then, click on Make General Journal Entries.
  • Find the Journal Entry you created.
  • Change the date for the 1st day of the next quarter. Hit No option if you get a prompt that asks to Save.
  • Tap on the Reverse option on the top of the Journal Entry.
  • Hit Save & Close.

Steps To Delete Accounts Payable

Create a general journal entry to delete the account payable from the CBBS on the last day of the reporting period.

  • Select the option Company from the QB main menu. Then, click on Make General Journal Entries.
  • Enter the date and the entry number.
  • To select the offset account, select the Account option from the 1st line. Ensure the offset account is either the income account or an asset account. It should not be the account receivable account. You can discuss this with your accountant if you are stuck on the step to select the offset account.
  • Type in the amount in the Credit field.
  • Choose the Select Account Payable from the 2nd line.
  • Type in the amount in the Debit field.
  • Give a name to Account Payable in the Name field.
  • Hit the Save button. Important: For AR or AP account operations, this step is needed.

Create a reversing entry on the first day of the next reporting period.

  • From the QB main menu, follow Company> Make General Journal Entry.
  • Find the Journal Entry you created.
  • Edit the date for the 1st day of the next quarter. If it asks to save, tap No.
  • Tap on the Reverse option on the top of the Journal Entry.
  • Hit Save & Close.

When the A/P or A/R accounts are used in the journal entries or any transactions, you have to add a name to that. This helps to create A/R and A/P accounts without a flaw. This ensures that the total of these transactions tally with main Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Contact QuickBooks Tech Services

This given information is necessary to understand all the A/R and A/P related operations to be performed in CBBS along with General Journal Entries. CCP does not cover these solutions. If there is not any active support plan, then ensure to provide correct guidelines before you begin with the given solution. To get QuickBooks Technical support, you can connect with the certified QuickBooks Experts of supportforerror on their toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 for additional assistance.

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Guidelines To Update Email Address In QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, you receive timely notifications and communications to keep the workflow in place. This is why updating an email address is very important. When you forget the password, or you want to reset it, an email address is necessary.

Note: the email address to get notifications and the email address you use to reset passwords do not need to be the same.

If you are trying to update an email address on your QB desktop, you are on the right page. We will cover all the necessary steps required to update an email in QuickBooks. You can also get in touch with QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1866-656-1012 if you are facing difficulties to update an email address or login into QuickBooks.

About Email Address To Get Notifications

This email address is linked with your name in the authorized users in the QB company file. You also get notified on this email address in case you are a billing contact in QB.

The Types Of Notification You Receive On This Email

You can get multiple types of email notification on this email address. Below-given are some examples of the notifications Intuit generally sends you. Let us take a look at them:

  • Quarterly payroll newsletters.
  • In case a new Tax Table update is available, you receive the email notification for QB Payroll Tax Table Update notice.
  • Annual subscribers receive automatic renewal notifications. (Intuit send this at least 45 days after the renewal date)
  • When you renew the service, you will be notified of this email address for your order and charge.
  • If there are any changes in state or federal rules and regulations, you will be notified of this email address.

Steps To Update Email Address In QuickBooks.

  • User the appropriate user id and password to sign in to My Accounts.
  • Click on Manage Your QuickBooks to select the product or service.
  • Verify the company file name on the right top corner of the company file. In this way, you can make sure if you have logged into the correct company file. In case the file you logged in does not belong to you, select the right one from the dropdown.
  • Go to the Authorized Users option and tap on Edit.
  • Type in the Email Address you want to update and hit the Save button.
  • Tap on the X button. This will take you back to the QB home page.
  • This update will be notified of your email address.

Steps To Update The Email Address To Reset The User ID And Password

This is the email address you use to login to the company file of QB or to get the recovery user id and password.

Steps To Update Email You Use To Login

  • Sign in to My Account.
  • Click on Manage Your QuickBooks to select the product or service.
  • Tap on the dropdown located at the left top corner of the company file.
  • Tap on the Edit login option and go to the Profile.
  • Go to the Email Address option and tap on Edit.
  • Type in the new email address in the email address and confirm the email address field.
  • Type in your password.
  • Hit Save. QB will send a verification email to your new email address.
  • Go to your inbox and open the verification email.
  • Tap on Verify My Email.
  • You will be notified of the confirmation on email verification. Once you get that, tap on continue to proceed.

When you do not have any access to My Account and your current Email id:

If you cannot access My Account and the email id you use to receive the reset password assistance, you have to contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 to reset your Intuit email address. You can raise a request at the QuickBooks Support Department.

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Steps To Import Accountant’s Changes In QuickBooks

The necessity to import the accountant’s changes that are created or transferred to your accountant rises whenever the accountant records any corrections in it. When you import the revisions made by the accountant, you can modify your company file with the same corrections. To do this, there are two ways:

  • From the Web.
  • From your local workstation.

If you want to know the complete process to import accountant’s changes in QB, you are on the right page. We will discuss the procedure in detail. If you want to know more about how the accountant’s copy works and other relevant info, you read it at How To Use The Accountant’s Copy In QuickBooks.

If you find any difficulties when you try to import an accountant’s copy in QB, you can either take help from this article or directly call our toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number on +1866-656-1012.

Note: Only the users that assign accountants to regulate their financial data import the accountant’s copy in QB.

Steps To Import Accountant’s Copy In QuickBooks

  • You have to first create a backup for your QB company file.
  • Navigate to the File menu and tap on Send Company File.
  • Click on the Accountant’s Copy to select it and then tap on Client Activities.
  • When the file is saved in the local workstation, tap on the Import Accountant’s Changes From File option. In case you use the ACFT (Accountant’s Copy File Transfer), please tap on Import Accountant’s Changes From Web.
  • Verify the accountant’s copy. Make sure that the file does not prohibit the alterations you made after the file was sent to the accountant.
  • In case you want to keep a copy of the changes made by the accountant, you have the option to save the file in PDF format, and you can also print the file. (This is optional).
  • Tap on Incorporate Accountant Changes after you check the file thoroughly. This will make the required changes to your company file. In case you are not satisfied with the changes, and do not want to apply those to your company file, tap on the Close option.
  • Tap on Ok to shut all the active windows and then tap on another ok button to generate the company file backup.
  • Qb automatically saves a document of changes made in the accountant’s file at the location where your company files are stored. Hit the Ok button and then the Close button.
  • If you wish to edit the closing date and security password, tap on the Yes option.

Contact QuickBooks Technical Support Team

Importing the accountant’s changes in QB can be quickly done if you follow the above-given steps. There can be some issues that can interrupt the importing process. If you are facing any of them, you can get in touch with the QB support department on the QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 to overcome all sorts of problems.

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Steps To Resolve QuickBooks Online Login Problems (QBO Intuit Login & Sign-In Errors)

QuickBooks comes with a wide range of high-class features that makes the best accounting software for millions of businesses. However, like every accounting software, some errors can interrupt your workflow. QuickBooks Online Login issues are something we are talking about. When you face such problems, it is crucial to get rid of them as early as possible. Generally, the unstable internet connection or incorrect browser settings can lead to QBO Intuit login & sign-in errors. There are some other causes as well. When you know that there’s nothing wrong with your internet connection or browser setting, try the below-given solution to resolve such issues. In case you do not remember the password for your QBO account, we have given the guidelines below.

Causes Of QuickBooks Online Login Issues

  • The previous QuickBooks online session wasn’t signed out duly. A User might have faced issues while doing that.
  • The firewall and antivirus settings are restricting QBO access.
  • A different user has already logged into QBO from another system.
  • QuickBooks Error 404 has popped up on the screen.
  • QBO is not available at the moment, and you may have to wait in this case.

Troubleshooting Steps To Fix QBO Login Issues

There are several necessary troubleshooting steps you can try to fix such issues before you seek help from QuickBooks Experts over a phone call. The error is always displayed on the QBO dashboard when the website maintenance time is set. However, most of the users ignore such errors and continue working.

Solution 1: QuickBooks Online Password Reset

When users cannot recall the QuickBooks Online password, the login issue occurs for obvious reasons. It becomes essential to reset the password in order to log in. Here, we have given the key steps to reset the QBO password:

  • Go to the QuickBooks homepage for resetting the password.
  • You can see a Forgot Password tab just below the id and password.
  • Click on the Forgot Password option.
  • Type in your phone number or email id that is associated with QuickBooks and tap on Continue.
  • QuickBooks will send an email that includes the password.
  • Use that password to login to QBO.

In case know the password and facing issues with QuickBooks online, try the below-given steps:

These are the necessary steps you should try before going for advanced troubleshooting methods.

  • Try using a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox, Web Human, or Google Chrome to login. We advise using Chrome as it is highly secured, and it has some great additional features.
  • Use incognito mode to login with Google Chrome.
  • Clear cookies and cache data from Chrome and try to login again.
  • Use different user credentials to log in to Chrome.
  • Shut down your system and turn off the modem or router you are using. Wait for half a minute and turn that on. Wait till all the lights on your modem start blinking and then turn on your system.
  • When you try to log back into QBO, and you see something message stating “Loading”, there is a possibility that it can take much longer than usual to load. In such cases, it’s better to try the advanced troubleshooting steps to resolve the QBO login issues.

When the basic troubleshooting methods fail to get rid of QBO login issues, the below-given advanced steps are useful:

The First Step To Fix QBO Login Issue:

  • Verify the net individual and SSL settings in Mozilla Firefox for the net explorer.
  • Open the Run Command (Press Windows + R key on the keyboard) and tap on Inetcpl.cp1. Once done, hit the OK button.
  • Go to the Advanced tab and locate the Security Choices.
  • Checkmark all the SSL a pair of SSL.0 and SSL three.0 and hit the OK button.
  • Rerun the Mozilla Firefox browser and open the QuickBooks home page. Select the Sign In Mozilla Firefox option. Go to Mozilla Firefox ad and open the Tools menu. Here, you have to select each pair below the advanced icon three. If you see any deactivated SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0, make sure you activate them.
  • Close the Mozilla Firefox and run that again. Open Intuit QuickBooks Online official website (site name) and check if the issue is resolved. If not, you can try the next method.

Method 2: Verify The Additional Privacy Setting And Change Them

  • Set the privacy settings to either medium or low because it allows access to several websites and links.
  • Change the access settings to Enable for QuickBooks online official website manually.
  • Change cookie settings.
  • Close the browsers and check if this works.

Alter Internet Explorer Settings

  • Start the Run command on the desktop and type inetcpl.cpl in the search field and hit the Enter key.
  • Go to the Advanced options and locate Security choices.
  • If you find a free encrypted page, save and select it.

The above-given guide describes all the major causes behind the QBO login issues, and these steps will help you fix them without any challenge. However, if you are still unable to resolve the QBO login issues, we have one more way to deal with this. You can contact on QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-656-1012 to reach QuickBooks ProAdvisors of supportforerror.

Our QuickBooks Experts have years of experience and they undergo regular training sessions to keep up with all the errors and issues that users are encountering. You can get rid of any QB error or issue by simply contacting us via our toll-free number or by clicking on the QuickBooks Live Chat icon on the bottom-right corner of your screen. Contact us today!

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A Complete Guide To QuickBooks Self Employed Login

QuickBooks is an excellent accounting software if you are an independent accountant contractor or a self-employed freelancer. The main reason is the fantastic features QuickBooks is equipped with. QuickBooks is available with three useful plans that are self-employed, independent tax bundle, and self-employed live tax bundle with mileage tracking. It also helps to connect accounts, sort transactions and build customized rules with on go expense tracking. QB self-employed app also helps the process of complete taxation that includes tax receipt management, self-employed tax management, estimated tax and tax form creation, tax calculators and store receipts with screenshots.

For all the individual contractors and freelancers, it is essential to choose the most suitable plan available with QuickBooks self-employed app. When you have to log in to the QB self-employed program, make use of supportforerror or the sign-in page of QB self-employed.

This article guides you on the Sign-in procedure and the reasons why you should use the QB self-employed if you are an independent contractor or a freelancer.

Complete Guide For QuickBooks Self-Employed Login Process

If you have not yet created an account with Intuit, you have to create one. When you have the existing Intuit account, register it again. The below-given are essential to know how to login to the QuickBooks self-employed.

  • Go to the QB self-employed login page.
  • Type in the Intuit user id in the required field.
  • If you want to use your registered email id to login, you can do that as well.
  • Make sure you type the correct user id and the password.
  • You can check the Remember Me box if you want to be logged in for future access.
  • Hit the Sign in button in the green box.
  • It will take you to the home page of QuickBooks self-employed version.

Features Of QuickBooks Self-Employed

It is very user-friendly

QuickBooks self-employed app is straightforward to use. Even if you are a beginner, you will not face any hassle to use this. Intuit has smartly designed this software to help users access it with the least amount of effort. This app has a dashboard that enables you to find whatever you need. Users can access transactions, miles, tax info, merely reports from the home page.

Setting-Up Your Accounts with This Is Easy

It won’t take much of your time set-up your accounts with this app. You can either do this online or through the application itself. This application comes with some of the remarkable features such as miles tracking management and receipt monitoring.

You Can Access It From A Remote System

This is a cloud-based program which allows remote access. As long as you have a stable internet connection, users can access QuickBooks Self-Employed software from any system or device. This feature is beneficial when you have to grant permissions to other people to access your account, such as allowing access to the tax accountant.

It Can Be Easily Accessed On Client Portals

It provides the facility to create, send and track invoices under one roof. You can also accept the payments made by the clients through the client portals. Users can keep track of the cash and invoices easily with this app and can receive the money as well.

It Provides Auto-Tracking Feature For Expenses

QuickBooks self-employed app helps you differentiate the personal and office expenses. This app smartly categorizes the costs when you make any kind of payments. Users can access their bank accounts or third-party merchants such as PayPal and more.

It Supports Auto Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking is effortless with QuickBooks self-employed app. It tracks business mileage automatically and saves you from extra efforts for that. The mileage tracker keeps an eye on every trip from start to end. You can do that for both personal and office work. It supports the facility to export mileage logs whenever necessary. This also helps to fulfil all the IRS requirements.

  • This practical feature tracks the business mileage with the help of mobile GPS.
  • It automatically categorizes personal and business trips.
  • It helps you locate the deductions with an average of 45%.

It Helps In Quarterly Tax Payments

QuickBooks self-employed app cleverly manages tax-related matters. You do not have to calculate the taxes you have to pay to the IRS. It also saves you from the extra penalties you have to make for delayed payments. You can easily manage the quarterly tax payments using QB self-employed.

  • This app evaluates quarterly taxes efficiently.
  • It calculates the due taxes a month before the due date.
  • It reminds you of the tax payments and saves the penalties.
  • Instant tax filing is smartly managed for income and outgoing.

Plans For QuickBooks Self-Employed

The below-given table explains the plans for QuickBooks self-employed online (QBSE online) provided by QuickBooks.



  Self-employed Self-employed tax bundle Self-employed live tax bundle
Track Invoices Available Available Available
Send Invoice Available Available Available
Business Expense Separation Feature Available Available Available
Personal Expense Separation Feature Available Available Available
Schedule C Deduction Feature Available Available Available
Quarterly Automatic Tax Calculation or Estimation Feature Available Available Available
Automatic Mileage tracking Feature Available Available Available
Quarterly Online Automatic Estimated Tax Payment Feature Not Available Available Available
Feature To Transfer Info To Turbotax Not Available Available Available
State and federal tax filling feature Not Available Available Available
CPA Help Not Available Not Available Available
Unlimited Help & Advise Not Available Not Available Available
Final Review Of Return By CPA Not Available Not Available Available


Difference Between QB Online Login And QB Self-employed Login


QB Online Login QB Self-employed online login
Used fo small businesses Used for freelancers and contractors
Tracking and paying to 1099 contractors Does not support this feature
Can’t estimate the quarterly income tax Can estimate the quarterly income tax
Can be used to pay employees Contains expenses and tax in auto mode
Accepts credit and debit cards to make payments Can accept only 5 checks
Can’t export files to turbo tax bundle Comes with turbo tax bundle or turbo tax live
Payroll is supported Does not support payroll
Transaction data needs to be inserted manually Auto-import transactions and mileage


We have just discussed all the essential information you should have about QuickBooks Self-employed online app. We also explained how it is different from the QuickBooks online version. It helps you keep track of your business transactions automatically. In case you want to know more or have any questions on QB self-employed Program, you can always get in touch with us on the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 and get assisted by one of the QuickBooks ProAdvisors of supportforerror.

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A Guide To Use QuickBooks Online Accountant Login And Sign-Up

QuickBooks Online Accountant is a free platform software that caters to the professionals like you. This software is equipped with some high-end features that are specially designed for bookkeepers and accountants. It proves to be very helpful in your business journey. Intuit has developed this software to help accountants and bookkeepers to navigate smoothly for invoice creation and workflow management. The multiple-user mode is efficiently supported by some other QB versions such as QB Pro and QB online accountant. Professionals that need multi-user tasks prefer these versions of QuickBooks. QB Online accountant saves your valuable time with the help of below-given features.

  • It smartly manages your books.
  • It keeps your data up-to-date.
  • Keeps the user progress in place.
  • You can use this program everywhere.
  • Supports customization of reports as per the client’s needs.
  • Provides smart and user-friendly ways to manage your account.
  • Helps you exchange the live data
  • It supports remote access.

Specialties Of QuickBooks Accountant Online

The communication with the client using the QB Accountant Online is straightforward and safe. The features of QB Accountant Online help you manage the workflow with ease and complete your business needs. From organizing the client contract details to taking note on the go, this software is the key for the smooth workflow management.

Safe And Effective Data Sharing And Messaging

A client’s request can be easily generated on the home page dashboard of QB accountant online. It helps you share the data and communicate with the client. The navigate panel helps to secure the data.

Live Status Updates

You might know how frustrating waiting can be, especially when you are waiting for a client’s response. QuickBooks Accountant Online helps you to keep an eye on the live status of your document requests and messages. You can see this on the dashboard’s work tab. This feature plays a crucial role in finishing the tasks before the deadlines.

Central Document Access

QuickBooks Accountant Online helps you access the documents in one place. It saves your time and efforts. QuickBooks Accountant client list is where you can find all the essential documents. To locate the materials, you just have to click on the required client and select the shared document tab.

Any-screen Compatibility

You can file your requests from anywhere using QuickBooks Accountant Online. No matter where you are at, this program helps you track and modify the requests. You don’t really need to be in the office to do this. You can do that even if you are at the coffee shop.

Easy Note Capturing And Tracking Management

This feature helps you to be updated and well-informed about all the moves you make to fulfil your client’s needs.

  • Whenever you capture a note in QB Accountant online, it is saved with the time and author information.
  • All the team members(who have the client access) can view or modify the notes.
  • You can save notes based on the priority. Just pin the notes with an essential or permanent tag, and you can retrieve it fast. You can also capture the URLs and web links in the notes.
  • Each note allows you to use up to 4000 characters. It gives a lot of space to put the essential details about the client.

About QuickBooks Online Advisor Program

When you are a registered member of QuickBooks Accountant Online, you can be a part of QuickBooks online Advisor Program. This program helps you earn points with your every step in QB Accountant online. The more points you get, the more rewards you receive.

This program helps you in many ways, such as advance marketing skills, learn more skills by undergoing certification programs, get discounts and free products and many more. This software helps you grow faster with detailed information. Here is the points level you need to understand if you want to get rewards through this program.

Silver (0-199 Points)

Gold (200-799 Points)

Platinum (800-1599 Points)

Elite (16000+)

When you register for QuickBooks Accountant Online, you are in the silver category. You have to keep earning the points to reach higher levels.

Steps To Login To QuickBooks Accountants Online

If you are a beginner to this, you have to login first to its official website. When you successfully login to QB Accountant Online, the below-features are helpful for you.

  • You can keep a record of everything and manage the workflow easily.
  • You can handle all the projects efficiently.
  • You also exercise to level up your skills by assigning more tasks for yourself and your team.
  • You can check the notifications on the go and track your projects.
  • Live project tracking helps you stay updated.
  • Stay in touch with clients.
  • Access the client info through your phone as well.
  • You can send and receive requests from clients anytime.
  • You can also notify clients by posting requests on the client’s QB account.

About Quickbooks Accountant Online Access

To manage your client, client’s account and your projects, QuickBooks Accountant Online is the best software.

It helps you in many ways with the help of below-given features:

  • It helps you manage all the projects, clients and client accountants.
  • It helps you manage all the QB and non QB clients with just one login.
  • You can send and receive the documents quickly with it.
  • To enhance team productivity, you have the options to use a number of tools.
  • It is filled with a wide range of standard templates that you can use for your projects.
  • You can assign the tasks to your team.
  • You can keep an eye on the deadlines.
  • It auto-updates the bank details.
  • It helps you with live cash flow status.
  • You can get an instalment by ACH Electronic and credit card.
  • You can upskill practice along with the team.
  • You can access business reports and funds.
  • You can easily manage the customer list and interact with the customers.
  • You can manage the confirmations, limits and programs.
  • It helps you carry out the accounting with ease.
  • It supports the QB ProAdvisor Program.
  • It has features such as creating bills, customizing invoices and accounts charts.

About QB Accountant Online Pricing

QuickBooks is the most efficient accounting tool to manage the workflow and bookkeeping. If something like this helps you manage all of your accounting needs with ease, you should not worry about the pricing as it provides the value for your money all the time. If we talk about its price in India, it costs 180**per month for each license. In the US, it costs around nearly $539, $1499 to $1600 per user.

Accountants Course On Advanced QuickBooks Online

Advanced QuickBooks online certification is provided by Intuit. To get this certification, you must be aware of the ins and out of this process. We have developed a course that gives an insight on QB online. This course explains how QB online is a database. It also teaches you how lists, items, products, and other relevant things are different from each other. If you take this course, you will be well informed about the QB online structure. It also teaches you all the techniques to understand how QB online works. This course will definitely make you a Pro QB online user.

About QuickBooks Accountant Online Invite

QB Accountant Online helps you manage your advisors, clients, and other team members. You have to be registered with the QB accountant online for that.

Accountants carry out all the accounting tasks for you, and you allow them to access your QB account.

Steps To Invite On QB Account

  • Go to Settings and select the Manage Users option.
  • Tap on Accounting firms.
  • Then click on Invite Accountant.
  • Type in the Email and Name information in the fields.
  • Hit the Finish button once you are done.

QuickBooks Online Accountant is a handy program if you are a bookkeeper or an accountant. You can get a variety of discounted products and advantages that deliver fruitful results. If you have any questions on QBOA or if you need to know more about its features, pricing or anything else, you can contact us on QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1866-656-1012 to have a word with QuickBooks ProAdvisors of supportforerror.

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