QuickBooks gives the benefit of templates which you can use for invoices, estimates, sales order, purchase order, statements, credit memos, sales receipts, and packing. It also gives the facility to customize templates as per your business requirement. For any details related to the usage and customization of QuickBooks, you can contact to QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468. Here in this article we will learn about the customization of templates and steps to import and export template in Windows and Mac.

How To Use And Customize Form Templates In QuickBooksForm Templates Overview

A template is defined as the base of the forms that you use to capture various details like your company’s purchase, sales, receipts, etc. The template states the visual of the form i.e. how your form will look when you print it. The templates define the structure of the form which is made of fields and columns.

The Template Lists

The template list contains all the templates for your forms. Initially, there are predefined and standard templates that you can use at the start or customize it as per your requirement. It also gives the facility to create duplicate or earlier saved templates.

You can select the templates from the templates lists and use it for your form or customize an existing template from scratch. To use the templates you need to go to QuickBooks Lists > Templates.

Customize Form Templates

The basic customization window will help your to customize your templates. You can do it by two methods:

  • Open Template Lists and Double-click on the template that you want to customize.
  • Open Transaction form> Formatting > Manage Templates

The following options are available in the window:

Manage Templates

By clicking this button, you can view the list of a specific form. You can Copy, Delete or Download Templates. You can also rename your templates with the help of this tab.

Add Your Logo

You can upload your company logo by using Use Logo box that will appear on your invoice and other forms.  You can also change any pre-existing logo in the templates by clicking on Use Logo. For better result, you can feed your logo in square format that will resize and fit in a square space.

Change fonts and colors

You can change the fonts and colors of certain details in the form

Company & Transaction Information

You can add the contact information of your company on the invoice or forms. If you want to change the details then you are required to choose Update Information.  If you want to move the details to any part of the form then you can click on Layout Designer.

Additional Customization

  • You can click Additional Customization to remove or add information on the header, columns, and footer of the form as they appear on your screen and the printed copy.
  • You can click on the screen checkbox to view the field on your system while filling the form in QuickBooks.
  • You can select the Print checkbox if you want the field to appear on the printed form

Layout Designer

If you want to add or remove header or columns from the template then you can select Layout Designer. You can move and resize the items from your templates.

Print Preview

By clicking this Print Preview button you can view how your form will look once when it is printed. You can find this section on the right side of the screen.

 Duplicate or Make A Copy Of The Template

This section allows the design and format of a customize template (e.g invoice) to another template type (Packing Slip). You can do this by the below methods:

  • Open QuickBooks
  • Select the Lists menu and then choose Templates.
  • Choose the template you want to copy in the Templates list.
  • Select Duplicate from the Templates drop-down.
  • Now choose the type of form you want this template copy to be used for.
  • Click OK.

Now you can use the copy of the template with your required type of form. You have to change the name of the template and the title.

Export or Import Template

In QuickBooks, you can customize templates from one company to another. You save a lot of time in personalizing templates if you have several company files or have to start a new company file. You save damaged templates while sending portable files or converting your company files by exporting and then importing the templates. There are few things that you need to keep in your mind:

  • Customize templates in newer version cannot be imported in the Older versions of QuickBooks.
  • Templates created in one regional version cannot be imported into another regional version.
  • You cannot export templates created for QuickBooks Mac to another company file. By the same way you cannot copy or import templates in QuickBooks for Windows into QuickBooks for Mac

How to Export Templates in QuickBooks for Windows?

  • Open Lists menu > Templates.
  • Select the template that you have to export.
  • From the Templates dropdown, click Export.
  • Check the file name and select the location of the file on the computer.
  • Click Save.

How to Import Templates in QuickBooks for Windows?

  • Open the company file where you want to import the template into.
  • Open Lists menu > Templates.
  • From the Templates drop-down, click Import
  • Choose the template you want to import then click Open.
  • Give a name the imported template.
  • Click OK. You should now see the imported template on the template list.

How to Export/Import Templates in QuickBooks for Mac?

  • Open the Customers menu and then select Create Invoices.
  • Choose the Invoice template selection button at the top of the invoice and click Edit Template. It will open the Layout Designer
  • Click on the File at the top of the Layout Designer.
  • Now you can export or import the template as required.

Follow The Steps Carefully or Contact Our ProAdvisorsGet In Touch For Technical Support

Templates make the work easy and make the work appear in a detailed manner. If you need any help in customization of the templates or import/export then you can reach us on toll-free QuickBooks Support Number +1800-366-1468 when our certified technicians will resolve the issue in quick time. You can also reach us on QuickBooks Live Chat Support.

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