QuickBooks is a well organised accounting software that has made its own mark in the market. QuickBooks designed by the Intuit has proved to be a boon for the individuals as well as for the businesses. QuickBooks can handle all the finance related tasks easily and effectively. With using the QuickBooks the customer can keep a track of their finance related tasks easily irrespective of the time and the place. This was not possible with the old spreadsheet methods which people used make use of earlier. The major advantage of using QuickBooks has been the on time payment to the employees and on time tracking of the tasks (financial/transaction). This has also saved a lot of energy as well as the precious time of the individuals and small to medium size businesses because with using QuickBooks the provided task can get completed quickly and effortlessly. One more benefit of the QuickBooks has been the improved and efficient features and the powerful tools of QB that it keeps adding to its list with frequent upgardation. A user does not have to be tech savvy to make use of these services as they are easy to use. Although if at all one needs help with any issue related to the QuickBooks then one can always contact the tech support team of the QuickBooks which are known for their quick and instant response and effective solutions. 

QuickBooks point of sale application developed by Intuit is the premium choice for retailing accounting software that presently there in the market. The POS feature is integrated with the QuickBooks software that allows you to track the inventory of the product, manage your employees, provides accurate reports of sales and so on. It also helps you with the real-time sales and purchase tracking and can be easily used even with the latest and advanced tools which can be used by anyone with minimal technological knowledge. 

With the help of the QuickBooks POS you can also easily take care of your flow of cash and manage the credit and debit card payments. It also contains very effective features that can also help you with handling your business more effectively. One of many such feature is the customization of the receipt. Once the customer has completed all the formalities of payment of the item or service that you have offered then you can easily make use of the sales receipt. If you are confused about this process or don’t know how is it done then you can go through this whole article which consists of all the needful information regarding the process of customization of the receipts with in the QuickBooks Point of Sale tool.

How To Use And Do The Customization Of The Form Templates

When you click on the window for customization, you will be allowed to do the basic customization under the receipt like formats or templates. You can do this by performing the following two different methods:

  1. Go to the list menu of QB then click on templates and then double tap on the template you want to customize.
  2. Go to the transaction form then to the formatting tab and tap on the manage template option.

Managing Template-  once you choose this option you will be taken to the window that contains the formats and templates menu of a particular form. You can choose to duplicate/delete/download any of the template. You can also give another name to your formats if you want.

Including the logo- go to the use logo box if you wish that your company’s logo should be visible on the receipt or any other type of document/form or invoices. You easily change the already added logo if you want to, to do this you just have to click on the select logo option. To get desired result you are required to attach your logo in the ration of 1:1. Although please ensure to make use of the .jpeg extension for the company file.

Changing the colors and fonts: this field helps you with making changes in the fonts, colors in given fields like the name of the company,  its data or labels and so on.

With the help of the information about the company and the transaction you can choose and use the contact details which you will be displaying in the receipt. However you also have the choice to make changes in the contact details as well. To do it you need to choose the update information option and then go to the layout designer.

Extra Customizationa option- with the help of this option you can directly go to the window with header/columns/footers and make modifications like adding or removing prior to printing. Also ensure that you add the most catchy and attractive title for every header/footer and column.after you do this, you can now select to print this form by just simply taping on the print option.

Template designing- you should visit the layout and template designer in case you have chosen for adding, removing columns or header from the layout that already exists. With using the format designer, you can shift or change the size of the details given on the template.

Print Preview- at the right panel of the window, you can see the preview of the form. You just have click on the print preview option for viewing how would your form look like once it gets printed.

  • You can either copy or you can create a duplicate of the template of the form.
  • With this feature you can also use the exact format and the design on other types of layout also.
  • Go to the lists menu and then choose templates.
  • Choose the template you wish to customize and then go to the duplicate option in the drop down.
  • Now choose a type of the form for this particular layout and then hit on OK.
  • You can also make use of the duplicate copy of this template with using the form created by you.
  • You will have to provide a different name and also the title to this duplicate form.

QuickBooks Technical Support Department 

We hope that with the help of the solutions given in this article you have got a clear picture about the customization of the receipts in the QuickBooks POS and how it is done. We are also hopeful that the solutions provided above have proved to be helpful for you to some extent. With using the same steps given in this article you can also create the duplicate of your forms as well as your receipts. Although if you still feel that you are not able to perform any step or you face any confusion then you can get in touch with the highly advanced and experienced technical support team of the QuickBooks. The tech support team of QuickBooks are known to resolve issues in less time with effective solutions. You can contact the Intuit certified Proadvisors at supportforerror +1800-366-1468 to get quick response. You can dial this toll free number at any given time as the tech support team is 24*7 available for you to help you out with any of your issues.