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What is QuickBooks Error Code 15242 And How To Fix It

QB comprises various tools and features geared to simplify the accounting tasks. It is a one-stop software that provides all the accounting solutions to its users which helps them to manage their data easily. When a user connects their QB account with the bank, the user can check and view all the transactions that have been made and also put them in categories automatically. It is loaded with many useful features like custom reminders, you can view reports, you can track any transaction and direct deposit as well. However, the users despite enjoying working on this amazing software have also faced certain errors that are unavoidable for QuickBooks. These errors can annoy the user as it disturbs the work fluency drastically. QB error code 15242 is one of such errors that usually occurs when you are trying for updating the QB accounting software or the payroll application of QB. You will also notice an error message that says ‘you can not download the payroll updates on your computer. 

To make the software more efficient, Intuit keeps releasing frequent updates for every product that is highly advised to be downloaded on your system. It is recommended to get all the updates downloaded which are available to you so that you have more advanced and enhanced features and tools. In case you are not able to update your software and you have been receiving the QB error 15242 then this article is for you to get all the solution steps for resolving this error.

If you are facing this error then you will receive the following error message stating:

“Error 15242: The payroll update did not complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS is not responding or is damaged.”


“Error 15242: The update did not complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS is not responding or is damaged.”

How To Resolve The QB Error 15242?

  • Method 1- Verifying Your Payroll subscription
    • Run the QuickBooks
    • Then tap on employees, then go to my payroll service, then tap on the Account or billing info
    • Now A window of QB Payroll Account maintenance will appear on your screen
    • You will have to shut the windows and then the subscription of the payroll will get automatically revalidated by QB.
    • After the validation process gets completed, you need to again update the QB
  • Method 2- You need to download the recent payroll updates
  • Method 3- you need to see if the error is appearing on a single computer or if it is appearing in every system. You can try to update it on other systems in case it is appearing on only one computer.
  • Method 4- Uninstall the QB and then re-install it on the selective startup

There can be situations where any third-party application on your system like the security software can prevent the QB from getting updated. The firewall settings on your computer can also prevent your QB from getting updated.

  • Start the run command> press Windows+R keys on your keyboard
  • Then enter MSConfig and then tap on OK
  • Then go to the general tab and tap on Selecting Startup and then on Load System Service
  • Now tap on the service window and then tap on the Hide all Microsoft Service
  • Tap on disable all option
  • Now remove the mark from the Hide all Microsoft Services
  • You need to put a checkmark on the list of services and then make sure that to mark the windows installer box as well. 
  • Now tap on the restart option in the system configuration
  • Then uninstall and then reinstall the QB software

How To Restore Your System To The Normal Configuration?

  • Start the run command> press windows+R keys on the keyboard
  • Then enter the msconfig and then tap on the OK option
  • Now navigate to the general window and tap on normal startup
  • Now tap on OK 
  • Now tap on restart available in the system configuration 

Tech Support Experts Of Quickbooks

The solution steps provided in this article should resolve your QB error code 15242. The steps mentioned above in this article are advised by Intuit for fixing your QuickBooks error 15242 easily. Although if the error does not get resolved and it is still there then you can connect with the QuickBooks tech support team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 to get additional advice or assistance.

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What is The Way Of Adding EIN To The Present QB Desktop Payroll Subscription For Basic/Standard/Enhanced

If you have been wanting to know about the process for adding the EIN to the current or existing QB payroll subscription then this is the article for you. This article is going to guide you regarding the steps and process for adding EIN in the subscription of Payroll Basic/standard/Enhanced. 

Limitiations And Requirements For Adding EIN

Following are the Requirements as well as Limitations for Adding The EIN In The QB 2017 or previous versions:

  • You need to provide the same copy that has been registered in QB Desktop as well as the same computer for processing and running payroll for all the organisations on the single payroll subscription.
  • The QuickBooks Payroll allows single/one company data file to get supported for each EIN. if you try to use more than one company files under same EIN as well as Payroll Subscription then you may come across certain issues and errors. 
  • Plesae ensure that the contact details are same for all company which you have been adding on a single subscription. 
  • In case your employees are through the direct deposit then you are allowed for having more than one company along with the DD on exact DIY subscription of payroll.
  • Every Payroll service has a limit for the no. of the companies which you can add on the single subscription. These limits are dependent on the company files instaed of the number of the employees.
  • In case you are having the payroll subscription which is enhanced for the owners of the accountant’s license then it is recomended that you do not share the service keys with your clients. 
Service Maximum Number of EINs
Basic QB Desktop Payroll  3
Standard QB Desktop Payroll  3
Enhanced QB Desktop Payroll  3
Enhanced QB Desktop Payroll 



QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted Every EIN is separately charged. Discounts are applicable for the multiple companies

QB Desktop 2017 And Previous Versions: Adding The Ein To Your Current Subscription

Process For Adding The EIN to The Subscription (QB 2017 and previous):

  • Start The QB
  • Then tap on the employees, go to payroll, tap on the Use My Existing Payroll Service
  • Then in the Identity Subscription tab, tap on the Use Subscription Number XXXXXXX (version of payroll subscription).

Note- if you are not able to view your subscription on the list then you need to choose ‘Other: I have an existing subscription and a Zip Code’ and then provide your information.

  • Tap on the next option
  • Then go to the window Add Company Information, tap on Next for adding the EIN of the 


  • Tap on the print/ Return to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then verify your payroll service keys. For doing this perform the steps given below:
    • Tap on employees, then go to my payroll service, then tap on manage service keys
    • Now tap on the view option for viewing the new service keys along with Active status. 

Are You Looking For Adding The Company File?

In case you have directly purchased the subscription from the Intuit prior to creating the company file of QB, then you will have to perform the steps given below:

  • You need to get the service key for the EIN which you have been adding:
    • Make use of the Intuit key tool called Automated Service Key/Disk Delivery
    • You will get a unique service key when you will provide the EIN 
  • Tap on the employees, go to payroll, then click on the enter payroll service keys
  • Now tap on add and then provide the service key in form of one no and avoiding any special characters
  • In case the service key has been provided already in QB company file then you will have to tap on edit and not on add, after this provide the service key.
  • Now tap on the next and then tap on finish
  • By doing this you will get the downloaded tax table and the feature of payroll gets activated in the QB Desktop company file.

QuickBooks Tech Support Service

We hope that the given steps in this article have been helpful to you in adding the EIN to your existing payroll subscription. Although if if you still face any kind of issue or problem then you can connect with the QuickBooks tech support team for additional assistance. You can contact the experts at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get your issues fixed quickly .

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What Is The Process For Resolving The QuickBooks Error Code 7149

QuickBooks has been considered the most powerful and efficient accounting software developed and designed by Intuit. It has been the all-time favorite and trusted software when it comes to handling the accounting tasks of any small to medium-sized business. QuickBooks is known for its highly efficient functionality and time-saving processes.  Although, many a time this software can face few errors that can annoy you as it will interrupt your workflow. QuickBooks also has a wide category of errors and one such error that belongs to the category of run time is QB error code 7149. This error usually appears or pops up when the program files have got corrupted or in case of registry errors. When you face this error on your computer it abruptly shuts the present window and then displays you the error message given below:

“Error 7149: QuickBooks has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience”

Common Signs Of QuickBooks Error 7149

  • The QB error code 7149 occurs along with a description on your computer screen.
  • The currently running window gets crashed
  • The error code frequently pops up on your computer screen
  • QB stops working and freezes for some time
  • QuickBooks is not opening
  • The computer system is getting freezed 

Main Causes Behind The QB Error Code 7149

  • The installation process of the QB software was corrupted or not proper which is resulting in the improper functioning of the software
  • The windows registry that is associated with the QB is corrupted
  • Your database has got attacked by some malware or virus.
  • There are some technical problem with your computer

Fixing Methods For The QuickBooks Error Code 7149

Before you start performing the solution steps, you will have to sign in as an administrator. The below steps are for resolving the QB Error code 7149:

  • Your QuickBooks needs to be reinstalled or repaired
  • Tap on the control panel, then go to Add/Remove Programs option
  • Now navigate the QB from the given menu and right tap on the same
  • Then from the drop-down menu, tap on the uninstall option
  • Go to the installation window and tap on the repair option
  • After the process is completed then restart your computer

If you are not able to fix the error after repairing the software, then you will have to reinstall the QB software.

  • Perform the repairing of the window registry keys associated with the QB
  • Start a full scanning for your computer by making use of the security software available on your system
  • Then try to deactivate the antivirus on your system for some time. After that try and open the QB software.

QuickBooks Support For Error Experts

The steps that are provided above in this article will help you to resolve your QuickBooks error code 7149 easily. Although if you are still getting troubled by the same error then it is advised to get connected with the QuickBooks tech support experts for additional help. You can contact the QuickBooks support team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 for instant help and solutions.

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What is QB Error Code 15227 And What is The Correct Way Of Resolving It

QuickBooks is a highly powerful and useful accounting software that has been developed by Intuit. It has been used and recommended by millions of small to medium size organization owners. QB has made life easy for the people who are running businesses by handling all the financial tasks easily.  Although, this efficient accounting software can sometimes come across some type of errors and issues which are necessary to fix for the smooth functioning of it. These errors can occur because of some technical as well as non-technical reasons.  One such situation where the customer can face such type of issues is when you are trying to get your QuickBooks payroll application updated to the latest version. There are various categories of errors that QuickBooks consists of and this particular error belongs to the QB update errors which can result in corrupting your whole database.

The QuickBooks error code 15227 is an error that you can get during the process of installing the latest update as your computer is crashing and interrupting the update process. Before you start the troubleshooting process for this issue it is necessary for you to know and understand the factors and reasons because of which is error is occurring. You will notice that your QB software is shutting abruptly when the QB error code 15227 appears on your computer.

You will encounter the QB error code 15227 mostly while installing the latest updates for the QB software or the QB payroll application. This error usually appears when your computer gets crashed or starts to get hang during the ongoing process of update and any other Intuit associated software is running.

The QB Error 15227 requires to be sorted and fixed immediately as it will hinder the updating process of your QuickBooks and related components. You will have to update your QB to the recent most version released to fix it. You can perform this process automatically by simply enabling the option of automatic update. If you do not wish to turn on the auto-update then you will have to manually download every available update. 

If you have been searching for the resolving steps to get this issue fixed as soon as possible then this is the correct page for you. This article contains all the necessary and accurate solution steps that are needed to perform for resolving this issue. Although, if you need any expert advice or you wish to get this issue resolved instantly then you can connect with the QuickBooks tech support team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468.

Sign of QB Error Code 15227

  • The computer and QuickBooks are crashing frequently
  • The error code 15227 appears on your computer screen
  • The security software is not available
  • QB is constantly freezing
  • The performance of the system is slow

Main Causes Behind The QB Error Code 15227

  • The installation process of QB software is corrupt or incomplete
  • Few of some essential QB files are not available or missing
  • The virus or the malware has attacked your database
  • The update process is getting restricted by some third party application

What Is The Process For Fixing The Qb Error Code 15227?

Following are the steps for fixing the QuickBooks error code 15227:

Manually Updating The Quickbooks

  • Downloading From The Internet
    • First, start the internet browser and then visit the official website of QB 
    • Visit the page for QB updates and download
    • Then from the drop-down menu of select products, you have to choose your QB product.
    • Choose the QB version which you are using presently
    • Tap on the search option
    • Now choose the option for ‘Get latest updates’ after that download the update and tap on the save or save file option
    • After the download gets completed you need to install the update and then you have to restart your computer.
  • Updating the QB from the QB desktop
    • Open QB then tap on the file and click on close company or log off
    • Then once again go to the File menu and click on it
    • Then as the administrator, you have to sign in to your computer
    • Now open the QB software
    • Then in the main menu, click on help and go to the update QuickBooks option and click on update
    • Now tap on the options and put a checkmark on the boxes 
    • Now tap on the save option
    • Then visit the update now window and then tap on the reset update box
    • Tap on the get updates option, in case the software is facing any error then you need to get in touch with QB Experts.
    • Shut the QB software after you receive a successful message for the update
    • Now open the QB software once again and then tap on the install update notification, tap on yes.
    • Restart your computer after the process is completed 
  • Critical files (Ultra-light-Patch)
    • QB desktop consists of a feature known as ULIP (Ultra-Light-Patch) which can resolve any changes including the minute ones for the real release patch. The process of patch release will continue to work. 
    • Now once again perform the update process manually and ensure that you have chosen the critical fixes before you start downloading the updates.

Updating Automatically

  • Downloading And Installing The Automatic Updates
    • Start the QB Software
    • Then go to the main menu, tap on help and then on update QB and click on the Update option
    • Then from the Update QB tab click on the Update Now option
    • Now put a checkmark on the box Reset Update for deleting the updates which you have downloaded earlier. ( this is not compulsory to do as it may take more time for updating)
    • Tap on the get updates option
    • Shut and then reopen the QB and then tap on the Yes option when prompted.
    • After the process is completed then restart your computer
  • Downloading automatically in the upcoming time
    • Start QuickBooks
    • Tap on help, then go to update QuickBooks, and then click on update
    • Now in the update tab, click on the Options 
    • Then move the radio button on the Yes option for turning on the automatic updates tab
    • Tap on the yes option for sharing download (this is an optional step)
    • Tao on close option
    • QB will automatically download your every update in future

Tech Support Department Of QuickBooks

The QuickBooks error code 15227 should be fixed by performing the steps given in the article. All the steps that have been mentioned in this article have been certified by the Intuit Proadvisors. If you still have been facing the problem even after following the steps in the given order then it is advised to connect with the QuickBooks tech support department handled by experts. You can contact the team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get your issues and errors resolved in no time.

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How To Fix The QB Error Code OL 203

QuickBooks has a range of powerful features and tools that are extremely fast and useful for achieving financial tasks. Millions of small to medium size business organizations are dependent on this one accounting software called QuickBooks. It was first initiated by the well-known software company called Intuit with keeping one goal in mind i.e, to simplify any accounting/financial process by performing minimal and accurate steps. With the help of this efficient software, you can easily track all your invoices and bills instantly.   QuickBooks is a great accounting option but sometimes this great software can fall to some errors and issues which can hamper your functionality.  This error in QuickBooks called QB Error code OL 203 usually occurs because of an unstable or weak internet connection.

Reasons For The QB Error Code OL 203 And QuickBooks Error OL 204

  • The internet connection is weak or unstable 
  • This error is being caused because of some malfunction in hardware 
  • The firewall settings on the computer are preventing the QB from working smoothly
  • Your account has been locked by the bank

Troubleshooting The QB Error OL 203

following are the steps to fix the QuickBooks Error code OL 203 as well as Error code OL 204:

Method 1- Turning On The TLS 1.2 Security

  • Start Internet Explorer and start installing the recent version
  • Then tap on the gear icon available at the upper extreme right corner
  • Tap on the internet options then tap on the advanced tab
  • Now go to the security field
  • Then remove the mark from the Use TLS 1.0 box and put a mark on Use TLS 1.2.
  • tap on the apply option then tap on ok
  • now shut all the tabs that are not needed and once the process is completed then restart your system.

Method 2- Creating The New Company File (Test file)

  • Open the file list then tap on the new company option
  • Tap on the express start
  • Now start adding the bank account and then set it up for the bank feeds.
  • After the process gets completed go to the option – download bank feed transaction
  • If you are facing any error then there can be chances that there is an issue with your bank account transaction.

Method 3- Asking Your Bank Account

  • Connect your bank feeds to the log files before you connect with the bank executives. The cannlog file will fix the problem because of which there is a connection failure.
  • Now connect with your bank for fixing the issue and after it gets resolved, ask the executive to transfer call to the bank representative who is handling the QB Desktop bank feeds and also the account activation.
  • Connect with an executive for the validation of your account information/details and put it as active for every needed service of the QB software. 

Method 4- Deactivating of the Accounts Via Online service

  • Go to the chart of accounts and from there choose the included inactive box.
  • Then disable your bank feeds in case the account is not active.
  • Now shut the file and open it once again.
  • Now do the setting up procedure of each account for the bank feeds.

Technical Support Service Of Quickbooks 

We hope that by performing the methods given in this article you will be able to fix the banking error code OL 203 without any difficulty. You should now be able to get rid of the QuickBooks Error Code OL 203 completely. Although if you are still facing the same issue and the above steps have not helped you much then you can get in touch with the QuickBooks tech support team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get your issue resolved instantly.

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What is QuickBooks Error Code 16638 85757 And How To Resolve It

QuickBooks accounting software is well-known software because of its efficient and highly accurate functioning. It is powerful accounting software that millions of businesses, as well as individuals, swears by.  With the help of QB, you can bid adieu to the old spreadsheet methods and say hello to this advanced and accurate way of bookkeeping. Another best part about this software is that it gets integrated with third-party applications which can be profitable for your organization. Although many a time this software can come across a few errors and issues because of various unavoidable reasons. One such known error is QuickBooks Error code 16638 85757 which usually occurs when you are trying to open the company file that has been damaged or get corrupted. This error can also appear when you are using the online financial institution or banking services under the QB Desktop. However, this error generally occurs in the old versions of the QB and it signifies that you will have to get your QuickBooks updated to the latest and recent version released. 

In this article, you will find all the relevant and much-needed solution steps that are going to help you out with troubleshooting this particular problem. If you get stuck at some point you can get in touch with the QuickBooks tech support team for any help. 

Main Causes Behind The QB Error Code 16638 85757

  • The company file of QuickBooks has got damaged or corrupted.
  • You are trying to open and have access to the company file while on a network instead of a local drive on your computer.
  • QB software detects certain issues when you are accessing the file while using the online banking service.
  • There is some internal computer error

Resolving The QB Error 16638 85757

The QB error code 16638 85757 only appears in the old versions of the QuickBooks accounting software. This is because this error was completely removed and deleted from the new and latest versions of the QB. if you have been getting this error and updating your QuickBooks to the latest version can help you get rid of this error. In case you do not wish to update your QB at this point in time then you can perform the steps given below for fixing the QuickBooks Error code 16638 85757:

  • Try and open the company file of QuickBooks that is showing you the error.
  • Now, review the company file path and you will have to verify the file path is locating the QB company file that is the same as the location of the company file at the product detail screen/window.
  • For this, you will have to start the QB and then press the key F2 for opening the product detail screen.

If your company file is located on the network then you will have to perform the steps given below for resolving the QB Error code 16638 85757:

  • Open the folder that stores the company file on the network drive.
  • Then copy the same company file and then paste it on the local drive
  • Now start repairing the function of online banking that is showing the error
  • If the error is still there then it indicates that the company file has got damaged or corrupted

What Is The Process Of Verifying The Company File?

QB provides you the utility element that allows you to check the damage within your QB company file. It is advised that you frequently follow the verification of your QB company file. For verifying the QB company file you will have to perform the steps given below:

  • Start QuickBooks
  • Tap on file, then go to utilities, and then to verify data
  • This will start the verification process and in case there is an issue in your QB company file then it gets detected and shown on your computer screen.
  • If there are no errors detected then the process of verification gets completed and it won’t display any errors.
  • Now tap on the ok option if no error is detected
  • In case of errors detected you will get an error message or warning and you will get the solution steps for resolving the error on your computer screen.

You will have to make use of the rebuild data element for fixing the company file error/issue and then further you can use the QuickBooks accounting software without any interruption.

QuickBooks Tech Support

The above-mentioned steps should be able to resolve the QB error code 16638 85757 of QuickBooks. Although if you still facing the error or any kind of related issues then you can get in touch with the QuickBooks tech support team for any additional help. you can connect with the experts at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 for instant solutions and help.

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What Is QuickBooks Payroll 401k And The Process For Setting Up Of The 401k In QB Payroll?

With the help of using the QuickBooks Payroll 401k, you can easily submit your workers’ sums when the payroll is running. It is not important for you to sign in to the QB payroll 401k support gateway and then do the re-submitting or uploading the payroll and reports of census manually. When you run the payroll then every representative of the 401(k) contribution, census details, and payroll data gets automated with one click. You can contact the QuickBooks technical support team for any help or guidance.

This recently added feature or element can be used by the QB standard/basic/enhanced and users of the assisted payroll. Your company or business needs to have the Intuit 401(k) plan. 

Read this article till the end to understand the step by step procedure for entering the payroll in the system via using a third-party payroll service in the QB.

What Is The Process For Recording The 401k Employer Contribution In The QB

Following are some of the possible situations for entering the payroll in the QB:

  • Some users choose to resubmit the whole payroll in the employee center. Whereas other users require to save time by submitting it as a journal category and don’t know about submitting it properly.
  • The issue which you will face is that the total deducted amount from your financial records for the payroll will not arrange it for your whole paid amount.
  • In case you are dealing with your expenses of payroll then the total amount which you will pay to your payroll provider will be less in comparison to your compensation cost of workers deductions.
  • The amount paid will be higher or more in case your service deals with the payroll taxes of yours.
  • It is better to understand the difference between the gross and the net payroll before entering the payroll. The sum amount that you are paying to your specialist prior to deduction is called the NET payroll.
  • These are the combination of the payroll charges and the liabilities which need to be paid early or late on components like government or the expenses of the state payroll/ responsibilities of 401(k), medical insurance, etc.
  • These elements can not be considered as payroll cost as it is being paid by your representative and not you.
  • You will have to book a worker paid piece to the related payroll commitment or the obligation account every time you are paying your payroll liabilities.
  • For example- when you are paying the FICA expenses, you will book half of the total amount to the payroll risk account of the FICA and the remaining half to the payroll tax charges

The Deduction Settings Of The QB 401k 

In order to set up the QB Payroll 401(k) deduction codes under the QB, you will have to perform the given steps:

  • Sign in to your QB account
  • Navigate to the employees’ field
  • Tap on the employee or worker that has been registered in QB payroll 401 (k)
  • Tap on the edit
  • Then locate the lines such as “Does <worker/employee> has any deductions?”, then tap on the add new deduction field.
  • Go down to the category menu and tap on the “retirement plans” option
  • Then tap on the “401(k) catch-up” or on the 401(k)”, any of them “after-tax Roth 401(k)” in the type menu.
  • In the given field, type: 
    • “401k” if the Type is such as “401(k)”
    • “401k CU” if the Type such as “401(k) Catchup”
    • “Roth” if the Type is such as “After-tax Roth 401(k)”
  • Tap on OK
  • Now the deduction will be available for every representative on the record.

Get Help From QuickBooks Tech Support Department

We hope that by following the given steps you have been able to resolve your concern issue related to QuickBooks payroll 401(k). However, if you are facing any kind of difficulty or confusion while performing the steps then you can connect with the QuickBooks tech support team for any additional help. You can contact the team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and save your energy and time by consulting the experts directly.

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Full Guide On Quickbooks Form 1099 E-file (Set Up Of Quickbooks Desktop/ Troubleshooting Issues And Related FAQs

QuickBooks helps you with e-filing the 1099-MISC forms by performing some simple steps.

QuickBooks desktop automatically connects with the Tax 1099 services after following the steps and it also starts importing your data after you visit the QB Desktop 1099 wizard. With the help of this article, you will be able to process the e-file 1099 on the QB desktop. Your search related to the setting up of the 1099 form, the process for troubleshooting minor issues, and all the frequently asked questions end here. In this article, you can find all the answers to your questions related to e-file 1099 forms. If you feel that you need any additional help then you can connect with the Intuit Proadvisors for better guidance. 

Important- Please note that the process of e-filing of the 1099 form cannot be done in the QB for MAC but you can easily print the 1099s and 1096s forms.

About The Pricing

To get more details on the pricing of e-filing or the printing of the forms, you can go through the:

  • E-filing 1099 forms with Tax1099- Pricing starts at $2.90 for each form.
  • Printing 1099 forms: QB Desktop 1099 forms and envelopes

About Setting Up

You need to finish tasks for starting the usage of the service Tax 1099 E-file. You will have to follow the below steps in case you are using it for the first time. 

Method 1 of the 4- finish the wizard QB Desktop 1099

To get the steps in detail, go through the QB 1099 Wizard

For setting up or adding the contractors or the vendors in QB desktop, visit the forms of setting up of 1099 independent contractors or the vendor and printing the 1099 or 1096 forms.

Method 2 of 4- creating the Tax 1099 Account

  • To begin with Tax1099, first, log in from the landing page of Tax1099
  •  Then enter the correct user name as well as passwords
  • Then choose the captcha box and tap on the verify option once you have selected all correct images.
  • Then tap on the register or let’s go! Option for visiting the Tax1099 dashboard.

Method 3 Of 4- Transfer Your QB 1099 Data

Note- you can choose from multiple options for transferring or importing your data in the Tax 1099. You have to visit import, then go to QB Desktop, and then follow all the on-screen prompts to check which of the given methods is needed for uploading the data.

Step 1-  Importing the data in the Tax 1099 By Making Use Of The QB Desktop Web Connector

After you have followed the QB Desktop 1099 wizard properly and you have created a account, you will notice a wizard in the Tax 1099 that will allow you to import your data from the QB Desktop. 

Important- you can directly log in to your account if you have already performed the wizard and created your account. If you are being asked for using the QB Web connector then you will have to follow the steps given below: 

  • Choose the option of web connector download for getting the.QWC file needed for the setup. Save this file on your system’s desktop and provide it a name the same as yours.
  • Open the QB and then from the main menu, visit file then go to update web services then tap on the option of ‘add an application’.
  • Find the.QWC on your desktop then tap on it.
  • Tap on ok for the Authorize New Web Service
  • Tap on yes on the application certificate. Then give permission for access then tap on continue.
  • Choose the Tax1099 from the QB web connector. Type your password then tap on the update selected option.
  • The Tax1099 will start getting sync.

Step 2- Extract your data with the help of using the Tax1099 plugin.

  • Choose the Download QuickBooks services and instructions
  • Then start downloading the zip file and after the download is completed, then install and start the plugin by using the below steps:
  • After the download is finished then start installing and running the plugin by following these steps:
    • Unzip the file to the new folder
    • Then start running the exe file in the same folder
  • Go through the needs and the requirements for installing the Tax1099 plugin.
    • It has to be windows 7 or new
    • Windows XP is not being supported
    • Tax1099 best functions on firefox and on the google chrome
  • Turn off the antivirus and the firewall application prior to starting the installation process.
  • Start the Tax1099 plugin install process
    • Shut the QB desktop and its associated processes.
    • Start the windows explorer and then visit the QBPlugin folder
    • Right-tap on the exe file and choose the run as administrator from the drop-down menu
    • Follow the prompts that appeared on the screen for finishing the installation
  • Provide the access to the Tax1099 plugin
    • Now as an administrator shut and open the QB
    • Log in to the QB company file as an administrator. You will receive an application certification
    • Put a checkmark on the box – Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information and tap on continue.
    • Choose done on the access confirmation
    • Restart the QB, then you will be able to make use of the plugin even if you are not logged in to the QB using the administrators’ rights.
  • Now turn on the anti-virus or the firewall application once again
  • upload/transfer your 1099 data from the QB desktop to

Important- the data given in the 16 and 17 boxes will not be uploaded to You need to manually provide the data once again in

  • Go to the vendors’ list, then tap on the com e-file, and then tap on the option upload 1099 data.
  • Enter your com sign in detail. Select the year of payment which you will be transferring and then tap on the login.
  • You will receive a dialog box that will display the status of progress. After the upload gets completed, the dialogue box gets closed on its own. If it does not get closed then tap on the X sign.

E-filing The 1099 Forms and billing

Method 1 Of 3- Reviewing And Updating The Vendor Details Under The Tax 1099.Com Dashboard

Once you are done with the uploading, you will be taken to the TAX1099 dashboard, you will have to perform the below essential points:

  • A red flag means that there are some rectifications that need to be done. Choose the vendor name option or the edit option for changing the information.
  • You can connect with the QuickBooks Technical support team for determining the name which will be used in the Tax1099 and which will appear on the 1099-MISC form.

The changes made in the Tax1099 doesn’t apply to the QB.

  • Enter the details that are needed
  • After you are done with updating the details you will be taken to the dashboard of Tax 1099. Select the vendors which you wish to transfer or upload to the  e-file by tapping on the checkbox 
  • After you get certain about the selection then tap on it.
  • Tax1099 will check and detect in case there are any errors on the forms before you go ahead with the uploading process:
    • When there is an error- you will receive a pop-up notification with the appropriate details and information that will further assist you with fixing it. After the error gets fixed, tap on it. 
    • If no errors are detected then you will receive an uploaded successfully notification via the pop-up. Tap on it.

The Option For Prepay Now:

  • This option of Prepay is mostly used by the accountants.
  • When you select Prepay Now, you have an option to add funds to the Prepay Account.
    • This option helps you to debit from your prepay account. If you choose not to select this then you are required to provide the billing option when you choose to file your forms.

Note- few more steps are given by the employers who wish to file with the states before proceeding with the next step. Suppose the employers who are doing business in Wisconsin or in New Jersey or the paid contractors who are living in WI or NJ.  

Method 2 of 3- selecting the steps to distribute the copies to vendors

Put a mark on the box that can be seen next to the date option for choosing vendors

Choose a way through which you wish to send the copies to the recipients or to the vendors by tapping on the USPS Mail or the Email Recipient box. 

You are required to tap on the download multiple PDF for providing the copies to the vendors. 

Important- A required fee is applicable in case the USPS mail is chosen.

Method 3 of 3- calculation of the fee and confirmation of the Payment

  • Tap on the next to move further or tap on the calculate fee to view the whole filing fee.
  • After you tap on the Next, you can receive a few various pop-up notifications:
    • If you have chosen TIN matching for a vendor and it is pending then you might receive an error message. You are then provided with the options to cancel and then wait or you can tap on the OK for continuing with the billing and e-filing.
    • In case you have not chosen the USPS Mail or Email option for sending recipient copies, you may face an error. Choose the cancel option and select a step for sending the copies to respective recipients or tap on ok for continuing and provide notification to the recipients automatically. 
    • In case you have made any changes to the scheduled date of filing to the IRS by choosing Schedule Date for all Vendor Files to IRS then you will receive a pop-up that will send you a notification regarding the managing of the recipient copies. Tap on ok to go on the next step.  
  • After you have completed and gone through all the options on the page select forms then you will be taken to the payments there you will get 5 boxes which will show you the total fee, E-filing fee summary (breakdown), and sections for providing credit card and billing details. After you have provided all the details then tap on the pay and submit to the e-file option.
  • After you have paid and submitted the e-files you will receive a payment confirmation. You will be required for submitting the additional records from the current page and also by choosing the option Click here to submit more records

About The Filing History

See Your Filing History

  • Go to the main menu and from there tap on history
  • Choose the filing history for checking all entry that has been submitted and the present status
  • Go to the page for filing history and then tap on the click here option on any of the form which you have filed earlier. 
  • You will be taken to the page for manage forms which showcase the status of every form that has been submitted.

View or print the submitted form

  • Open the manage forms page and locate to action tab then choose view/print
  • Tap on submit
  • You have a choice for viewing, printing, or saving copies of the form.

State filing

Requirements and needs of the state 1099 filing

Please note that few states like New Jersey and Wisconsin consist of their own specific needs and requirements for boxes 16 and 17

  • Box 16- withholds the amount for state taxes
  • Box 17- this has state and payer’s respective state ID

If you select for e-filing your 1099s with your state:

You can fill up these specific boxes under the boxes in the Tax 1099 prior to e-filing. With the help of tax1099, you can manually provide the details of boxes 16 and 17.

  • Identify and find out the needs of your contractor which has to be filled in the select forms
  • Tap on the edit from the Action
  • Enter the details in boxes 16 and 17. By choosing the state ID field under box 17 you will be asked for providing the format that you wish to follow when you are typing the ID.
  • Choose the save and continue option and then follow the exact process for other Wisconsin contractors of yours.
  • Go ahead with the method 3 of 4 under the e-file form and billing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where will I be able to view my forms that have been submitted?

After you have created and submitted your forms, you will need to check/print/email them also. You will have to go through the Tax1099 procedure appropriately or contact the QB tech support department at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468.

Q2. How can I edit the details of the vendor in

When you visit you will see the vendor known as Recipient. The Recipient means a person or the company who is getting the payment from the payer. You have the choice for editing, deleting the recipients from the field ‘manage recipient’. When you are using QuickBooks, the recipients get automatically created and the details also get imported to for the purpose of e-filing the 1099 form. 

Q3. What is the procedure for uploading data from the multiple QB company files to Tax1099?

For guidance and instructions about uploading or transferring data to a different company file, you will have to follow the steps provided in the field. In case you are using the same version of the QB then the Tax1099 plugin will not be needed to re-install. You will have allow access to the Tax1099 Plugin:

  • Once you access the other company file, you will get the Application Certificate tap occurring on your computer screen.
  • You will have to choose the third option i.e, ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open’.
  • Put a checkmark on the “Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information” and choose to continue.
  • If you are not able to find the Application certificate tab/window then you will have to go to the Edit preferences option then tap on integrated Applications.

In case there are various versions of QB that have been installed on your computer when you are required to install the plugin for every version of QB. after you finish activating the plugins, you will have to allow the permissions to the Tax1099 plugin by following certain steps for every QB company file:

  • After you open the QB company file, The Application certificate screen will appear on your computer
  • Select the third choice that states: ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open’.
  • Then put a checkmark on the “Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information and click Continue.”

Troubleshooting Basic Issues and Errors

Issue- “Vendor is Missing from the 1099 summary report”

The application window will not be shown when you will launch the QB desktop once the installation of the Tax1099 plugin is done.

You can face this issue because of the below situations and reasons:

Situation 1- the preference settings of QB desktop is not allowing any other application to have the access to the company file.

Process for resolving it:

  • Go to the main menu of QB then tap on edit and then on preferences
  • Now select Integrated Applications and then tap on Company preferences
  • Now remove the checkmark from the Don’t allow any applications to access this company file and tap on OK.
  • Now shut and re-open the QB.

If you are still not able to have the application certificate tab then you will have to follow the next solution method/step.

Situation 2- you might have left the antivirus or the firewall settings turned on while the installation process was going on:

  • Shut the QB Desktop
  • Turn off the anti-virus and the firewall settings on your system temporarily.
  • Then run the QB and wait till the Application certificate tab appears on the window. 

In case the above method is not working then you can go ahead with the steps provided in situation 3.

Situation 3- The installation of the Tax1099 plugin was not done successfully because the steps were missed or not followed properly: 

For resolving this, you will have to reinstall the Tax 1099 plugin:

  • Shut the QB then start the Task manager:
    • Press the keys CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on your keyboard for opening the task manager
    • Then locate the processes
    • Locate the exe process from the program menu then tap on the end process.
    • Shut the task manager
    • Now uninstall the Tax1099 plugin
    • Then restart your system
    • Now reinstall the Tax1099 plugin

You are still not able to see the Tax1099 option in the Vendors even after properly installing the plugin

Situation 1- this can be the result of choosing the wrong option while the application certificate screen opens the first time you have opened the QB desktop after the installation of the plugin.

  • Go to the main menu then tap on edit and then go to preferences
  • Now select the integrated applications and then click on company preferences
  • Now remove the checkmark from the “don’t allow any applications to have the access to company file” box
  •  and then tap on OK.
  • Navigate the Tax1099 from the menu of application names then tap on it
  • By doing this you will able to open the QB application certificate tab on your system
  • You need to choose the 3rd option: ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company is open.
  • Put a checkmark on the “Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information” option and tap on continue.
  • Choose done on the access confirmation screen
  • Now the tax1099 should be visible in the vendors’ list

Situation 2- The Tax1099 has not been marked in the  integrated applications

  • Go to the main menu then tap on edit then go to preferences
  • Select the integrated applications and then ap on company preferences
  • Now put a checkmark on the allow access option for the Tax1099 and then tap on OK
  • Then see if the Tax1099 option is there in the vendor list or not

Not able to Import The Vendors To Tax1099

Except for the plugin issues you might be having issues with data damage that can restrict you from importing the vendors to the Tax1099.

Follow the steps given below to resolve it:

  • Go to the main menu then tap on reports then go to vendors and payables and then choose 1099 summary.
  • Find the vendor with minimum transactions on the summary report of 1099.
  •  Start the transaction which fulfills every requirement and also verify the account that has been used for it. 
  • Now create a new account for the expense and then make use of it in place of the account that was used first for the transaction.
  • Start the 1099 wizard and then navigate the new account
  • Transfer the data to and after the import is finished you will have to get back to QuickBooks.
  • Now merge both the expense account (old and new). Please keep in mind that you need to unmap every account in 1099 for renaming and merging purposes.
  • Then run the 1099 wizard and then map the account merged.
  • Now transfer or upload the data to the
  • Now follow the same procedure for every expense account which you have used for the 1099 vendors.

The QB and Tax1099 are showing various and different no. of the vendors and the amount of transaction

The Tax1099 shows the vendors and then adds up the amount as per the EIN. Many times the total no. of vendors is less and the amount of transaction can differ after the data is uploaded to the Tax1099.

For working around this:

  • Transfer the summary report of the Tax1099 and the QB 1099 to the Excel file.
  • Make a comparison between both the reports by the vendor name and the amount.
  • If the Tax1099 is identifying both vendors as one then you will have the choice to merge them till you get the same number of vendors and the threshold amount for both the reports.

In case a few of your vendors are importing and maybe no form has been reported or the vendors can be missing then you may be missing some Tax ID.

In case the TIN is not there for the vendors then in such a situation, you need to withhold the backup with withholding.

QuickBooks Tech support Experts

We hope that with all the information and steps provided in this article you will be able to set up the e-file on the QB desktop successfully. This article has covered majorly all the questions of the customers regarding the 1099 e-file and provided the solution steps for the basic and common issues and errors. Although if you still face any problem while performing the steps or you need to get an answer to any of your other related queries then you can contact the QuickBooks tech support team. The QuickBooks tech support experts are always available to resolve any kind of issue you can connect with them at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get any additional help.

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What Is QuickBooks 1099 And Its Preparations, Filling In The Quickbooks

You have to file an IRS form 1099 for all who express the amount that has been paid for the services rendered in between the tax year (in case you are making use of independent contractors/self-employed entities for your organization). The QuickBooks software can automatically track the total amount paid to the independent or self-employed entity and it further generates a form 1099 that can be printed and it contains essential financial data. 

QuickBooks Online shortcut can easily e-file the 1099-MISC forms from the QuickBooks online with the help of using e-file service. In case you have one or two forms only for filing then it may result in a bit high cost but it will save you a lot of time too. 

What options are available? You can e-file by making use of a distinct web-based system of e-filling in which you need to import your data and get the print or mail of the form. Both of these options are a little lengthy and time-consuming. 

Before You Start Preparing The 1099s In The QuickBooks

  • You need to carefully see the techniques which you are making use of before you start preparing your 1099s. A suitable report can be started in QB online for a synopsis of the total payment of the merchants in 2017.
  •  Check the run down to find out which merchant has been paid $600 or more than that.
  • The merchants who need 1099 should make sure about the points mentioned below:
    • The merchant’s seller record in the QB needs to have the correct address as well as tax ID.
    • The dialogue box has to be marked to show that they are liable to the reporting of 1099.
  • In the QB online you will have to perform the provided step: tap on the reports option, then go to all reports, then to review expenses and purchases, now tap on the expenses by vendor summary.
  • Go to the drop-down container for the reporting period then select last year.
  • Now tap on the radio option for the cash 
  • Tap on run report
  • Ake sure to check the fixed asset accounts for the vendor payments 1099 in case you have transferred or capitalized payments to contractual employees for tasks like leasehold upgrades or building expansion.

Process of 1099-MISC in QuickBooks Software

  • Sign in to QuickBooks Online
  • Tap on the expenses which you can view on the left side of the menu
  • Tap on vendors
  • In the upper right corner, you can notice the prepare 1099s form option. Tap on the same.
  • Your 1099s will be continued by the green catch at the given screen tab
  • Then you will have to notify the QB about the accounts that have contractual workers’ payments and the type of 1099-MISC dialogue box for revealing them.
  • Box 7 of the 1099 MISC form is associated with the workers that are temporary or are on contractual payment.
  • Tap on the marked box next to box 7: non-employee compensation and then scroll down to view the rundown of accounts.
  • Then mark the account of your choice which contains payments of the contractor for the legal/outsourced/physician services.
  • Relevance account for verifying an incorporate account that is called a professional fee, outside service repairs as well as maintenance. 

In case you have made a payment or lease to any landowner (non-consolidated) then make sure to relate the rent account to Dialogue box 1 of the  1099-MISC.  If you face any kind of problem while performing the process then connect with the QuickBooks Tech support team for help.

  •  After you have connected your respective accounts to the boxes of 1099 then you will get a window consisting of contractual workers along with their addresses/ tax ID as well as email addresses. 
  • You are not supposed to get bothered by the altering sellers because you do not know about the 1099-MISC report. 
  • Go ahead with the reports of the contractual workers that you had paid $600 (or more) for sending the 1099-MISC form
  • You can tap on the print information sheet and get the print or the duplicate of the report.
  • Write down the channel as well as the filter symbol available in the upper left corner side of the names of the contractual workers.
  • Then tap on the filter symbol from there you see choices to filter through the tax year.
  • Then you can filter via 1099 contractual workers which meet the criteria of the minimum requirement of $600.
  • You can get the scanner for detecting errors for ensuring that the list has those who are supposed to get 1099.

Get Assistance From QuickBooks Tech Support Team

We hope that you have performed all the steps in the given order and you have successfully resolved the issues related to Quickbooks 1099 form its preparations and fillings in the QB. However, if that’s not the situation and you are still facing any kind of issue or confusion regarding the same then don’t worry. You can contact the Intuit Proadvisors for any kind of advice or recommendations. You can tell the experts about your concerning issue and then the team will assist you with the best possible way to fix your problem. Moreover, the customer care service of QuickBooks is 24*7 available for you so you can connect at any time. The tech support team of QuickBooks are known for fixing QB related issues quickly and easily. You can connect with the experts at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get your problems solved quickly.

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How To Resolve The QuickBooks Com Error Crash

QuickBooks is a well-organized software for accounting that has been developed by Intuit. QuickBooks keeps all the accurate records and tracking reports of your financial transactions that have been made in the company. It also helps in managing and maintaining all the transactional and operational needs of your business. However, sometimes while using QuickBooks when you are trying to open an email/ invoice/ transactions you may get an error message stating ‘QuickBooks Com Error Crash’.  If you are getting this error then this means that the QB has got crashed and it has not saved any of your work.

What Is QuickBooks Com Error Crash And How To Resolve It?

If you are facing this error called QuickBooks Crash Com Error then this can be because of various reasons behind it but one of the main causes of the occurrence of this error is that your Windows user account is facing some kind of damage or corruption. If you have been looking for methods for resolving this error then your search ends here. This article is going to provide you all the necessary methods and steps which are required for resolving this error.

Solution Step 1- Making The Outlook As The Default Mail Application

  • Tap on the start menu
  • Then tap on the control panel
  • Now search for Default program and then tap on it
  • Then tap on the set your default program 
  • Then a list with the program list will occur on your system
  • Go to the search field and type MS Outlook and choose it
  • Then click on the option ‘Select this program as default’
  • Now tap on the OK option

Solution Step 2- Go to Microsoft Outlook And Add Another Email

  • Open the MS outlook then tap on the File menu
  • Now tap on the icon for add account 
  • Then type the email ID of your choice
  • Tap on connect
  • The outlook will automatically detect a suitable server setting. Then tap on connect again.
  • Now provide the mail id and the password and then tap on OK

Important- if you are attempting for adding Gmail in place of your email address then you will receive an error stating that your Email Id and password are not matching and then google will provide you a mail saying ‘Review blocked sign-in attempt’. Under the same email, you will get a statement saying ‘allowing access to less secure apps’. You need to tap on this link and it will take you to a new tab where you can get the option to switch right next to ‘Allow less secure apps: OFF’. type the password once again after you are finished then tap on OK. in case the outlook is not been able to find the outlook then you need to go through the given path:

Tap on edit, then on preferences, and finally, on send the form for the preferences window. Now check if you are provided with an option for choosing outlook or not. You may be asked to repair or restart your QB. if you are still not able to find the outlook in the QB preferences, you will have to create another windows profile.

Solution Step 3- Mail the setting toggled

  • Tap on the start menu then go to the control panel
  • Now in the control panel tap on mail
  • Then select Microsoft Outlook from the mail
  • Then the mail setup screen will occur. You will have to tap on the show profile
  • In case the outlook has already been chosen as the default mail then you can skip the last two steps. 
  • If the option ‘Always use this profile’ is selected then tap on the ‘Profile to be used’
  • Now tap on the option ‘select’ and then tap on apply
  • Now utilize this profile to toggle the selection back and then tap on apply
  • At the end tap on OK.

Solution Step 4- Create A New Profile For Outlook Email 

  • Please ensure that Microsoft or Outlook is closed and if they are open then close it.
  • Then once again open the control panel and then tap on the mail
  • Now tap on the show profile option
  • Then tap on the add option from the profile
  • Then enter the name which you wish to add in Outlook Profile and then tap on OK
  • Then you will notice some instructions given regarding the procedure of how you can add an email address. Follow them as it is.
  • Now tap on the option use this profile in the drop-down menu
  • Then tap on apply and then tap on OK
  • With the help of this process, your current outlook profile will not be deleted and a new profile will also get added.

Get In Touch With QuickBooks Technical Experts:

By performing the steps provided above in this article you will be able to fix the QuickBooks Com Error Crash. These methods are not difficult to perform and can be done easily but if you face any difficulty or any kind of confusion while following the steps then you can talk to the QuickBooks Technical Support experts directly. You can visit the or simply dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get your errors and issues fixed instantly under the guidance of experts. 

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