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Full Process For Fixing The QB Error Code 15240

QuickBooks is the best option while choosing accounting software for your organization. QuickBooks accounting software provides you with multiple features and tools that are highly advanced and easy to use. QuickBooks payroll is one such feature of QuickBooks that is an extremely important and essential component of this software. With the help of QuickBooks payroll, you can easily manage the data and paycheques of all the employees. QuickBooks payroll regularly updates itself but sometimes you may come across certain errors when you are trying to update the QB payroll. This error comes with a message or notification that states QuickBooks Error 15240. This error prevents you from updating your QB payroll but under this article, you will get to know about all the main causes and resolving steps for QB Error code 15240. Although if you face any kind of problem or hardship while performing any step then you can get in touch with the QuickBooks Tech Support team for additional help.

What Are The Main Causes Of Quickbooks Error 15240?

This error needs to be resolved immediately because this error prevents you from getting your QB Payroll updated. When the payroll is not updated it may result in the halting of your workflow. This error mentions that because of the unknown causes the QB payroll can not be updated. A few of the major reasons for this error are mentioned below:

  • Changes in the QuickBooks programming
  • The downloading of the QB programming is damaged or has got corrupted
  • There is some virus or malware attack on your QB file
  • You may have accidentally deleted the QB records via other programs

What is the procedure for resolving the QB Error code 15240?

The QuickBooks error 15240 can be fixed easily by performing some simple resolution steps. It’s better to understand the main reason causing this error as this will make the resolving of this error easy and quick. You will have to follow the steps given below for fixing this error related to the payroll update.

Method 1- 

  • Shut the QuickBooks software and find the folder for QB software in the program files.
  • Now right tap on the folder and then tap on the properties
  • Now tap on the security and advanced option
  • Go to the user group then verify the owner of the present file folder and then complete the task and see if the error is fixed.

Method 2- 

  • Start the internet explorer 
  • Go to the tool tab and choose the internet option. Now tap on advanced
  • Verify and choose the SSL 3.0 and USE SSL 2.0
  • Tap on the apply option and then tap on OK for saving settings

QuickBooks User Support Service Department:

By performing the above-given steps you will be able to resolve the QB Error Code 15240 and you will also be able to update the QuickBooks payroll easily. However if after doing everything as mentioned in the article you are still facing the error then it is necessary that you check every third party interference and settings of the firewall of every other application to detect the real cause of the error. But if you are not able to locate the reason then you can connect with the QuickBooks Tech support team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 for getting your QB related issue immediately.

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How To Fix The Errors of Locked File In QB Desktop

When you are using or trying to open the QuickBooks company file in the multi-user mode then you may get an error message stating “company file use”. This error is quite basic company file error or issue which you may often face.  You receive this error when the QB company file is utilized by other application. This error is also called locked file error in QB Desktop. 

You may get the below error messages when you are opening your QB company file:

  • Company File in use. Please wait.
  • Only one user at a time is allowed to perform a task.
  • Another QuickBooks user is currently performing a task which must finish before you can continue.
  • Sorry, you cannot change this (transaction) now. (Another user) is currently doing a task that uses that in this transaction.
  • The automatic entry of (transactions) is being skipped because (another user) is accessing them.

In case you are getting any of the above error messages then don’t worry. Displaying of error does not refer to a damaged or corrupted company file of QB. under this article you will get all the resolving steps for your concerned error of QB company file in use issue.

When An Error Message Says Another Person/User Is Working On A Task:

You will generally get this error when an another person or user is working on a task under the same company file which you are trying to open. Mostly this error comes across in the multi-user mode of QB.

Under such circumstances, it is advised that you start using the company file only after the other person has finished performing his task. You can easily look out for the user who is currently using the QB company file and tell them for closing it.

In case you are certain that the errror is not being caused by another user then you can perform the further solution steps.

When An Error Is Displaying A Particular User

This error refers to that any specific user is facing some issues. If one of them is not working presently on the QB then go ahead with the steps given below: 

  • Tell the user for shutting and then reopening the QB on their respective workstation
  • Now start running the QB on different workstation. Go to the company list then select the users and then view users.
  • Start asking the mentioned user on error message for logging outof the QB company file.
  • Go through the users list once again. In case you are not able to find the user on the list then the error must resolved. If you are still able to see the error in the list then you can follow the steps given for the following errors.

When the error states ““Waiting for company file”/ “Company File in Use. Please Wait”

These specific error messages are related to the QuickBooks Desktop performance issues.these issues of performance consists of issues related to network,database, program conflicts or the server/workstation which is not having the needed configurations. You can consider the below articles for resolving the issue: 

  • How to resolve the QB desktop performance issues: manage your system
  • How To Resolve The QB Desktop performance issues: manage the data file

When The Error Occurs On The Multiple Workstations

Method 1- find the multiple host systems and then stop hosting on every workstations

  • Now run the QB from the main menu then select files then go to utilities
  • If you notice the Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, tap on yes
  • If you notice Host Multi-User Access option, perform the second step straightaway.
  • Shut QuickBooks
  • Perform the same steps for every workstation that is connected and ensure that anyone of them should not be the host of company files.
  • Now run the QB and do the same task which had caused error. If you notice the same error again, perform the next step.

Method 2- Stop The QuickBooks services and then restart it on the server

  • Log in to the server and ensure that other workstations are currently not working 
  • Start the run command> press windows+R keys on keyboard
  • Go to the search section and enter services.msc and tap on ok 
  • Now go to the name field and select QuickBooksDBXX. This chosen option is dependent on the version of QuickBooks which you are using currently.
    • QuickBooksDB30 – QuickBooks 2020
    • QuickBooksDB29 – QuickBooks 2019
    • QuickBooksDB28 – QuickBooks 2018
  • Tap on stop option

Important- by doing this you will be ending the access of all users to the company file.

Tap on the start menu. This will give the permission to other users for accessing the QB company file.

  • Start running the QuickBooks and follow the exact steps which caused the error. If you still notice the error perform the next step.

Method 3- On The Server Using the QuickBooks Tool Hub 

The QB Tool Hub is defined as the group of tools which can be used for fixing the common and basic errors. You will have to follow the below steps for resolving the errors.

  • First you need to install the QB Tool Hub on your computer and then start running it
  • Then you need to tap on program problems tab
  • Now one by one start using every tool present on the tab. After you are finished with the process, do the same task that was having error.  

Method 4- Reinstalling Of The QuickBooks On The Server

By using the clean install tool you will have to reinstall the QB Desktop on the server and on every workstation. 

When the error occurs on only one workstation

When you are getting an error on only one workstation connected, then there can be possibilities that this error can be caused because of some permissions of QB or windows respectively. You will have to perform the steps given below:

Method 1- Creating A New User In The Quickbooks 

  • Go to the main menu then select company then go to users and then set up users and roles.
  • Now open the users and roles window then choose the new. You will have to provide a name in the user name section. If you wish you can also provide a password and confirm it.
  • Open the roles window and select a role. Now select Add and then press OK
  • If you wish you can do some additional modifications in the role under the role list window and choose the option edit. You can also add or reassign the permissions as needed. Tap ok for saving the changes. 
  • Go to the users and roles window and choose close
  • Then sign out from the QB on present workstation. Then log in to exact workstation by using the recently created user. Please ensure that the user has the access and required permission to the QB company file
  • Now do the same task which was causing error.

Method 2- As An Admin Creating A New Window User

As an Administrator start creating the windows user:

  • Sign in to the recently created windows user
  • Go to the desktop, right tap on the QuickBooks icon then choose Run As Administrator option. This will allow you for performing different tasks on the workstation without any problem.

QuickBooks Customer Care Service

The steps given in this article should really be helpful to you in resolving the locked profile errors in QB desktop. These errors are not hard to solve and are not very complex in nature, you can get rid of them by performing simple steps given above. Although if you are not able to perform the steps easily or if you are still facing the error then you can contact the QuickBooks tech support team for additional help. You can contact the experts by visiting or by dialing the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 to get the concerned issues and errors fixed quickly.

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Follow These Seven Methods For Resolving The QB Error Code 80070057

QuickBooks is the first choice of users when it is about having accounting software for their businesses. QuickBooks caters to all the financial as well as operational needs of an organization. It is specially designed for handling and managing all the financial and transactional needs of small to medium-sized businesses. QuickBooks initiated by Intuit converts all the complex accountancy tasks into simple and easy ones that provide accurate results. QuickBooks so far has served millions of people across the world and because of its high-performance interface, it has been trusted and loved by them too. Although being a multi-task manager this software sometimes can come across certain errors and issues which are important to resolve instantly. If you keep delaying the resolving process for these errors and issues then they can result in more severe issues and hinder your workflow. One of such error is the QB Error 80070057 which can occur when you are working on your QuickBooks account. This error usually occurs when you are trying to open the QB company file, you will also notice an error message saying:

Error code 80070057: “The parameter is incorrect”

This particular error indicates that you do not have proper permission or you are not allowed for deleting the files from a particular folder. You will have to read/write the proper access to run the QB services for multiple users. 

Reasons Behind The QuickBooks Error Code 80070057

Some of the main reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 80070057 are mentioned below:

  • QB file has got manually renamed by having a .QBB file extension
  • Start running the portable company file (.qbm) when the QB is closed
  • The QB installation is damaged
  • During the process of converting or creating the backup or the portable company file, the QB data got damaged in the company file
  • The name of the QuickBooks has not been properly changed for the windows file extension
  • Trying to reach the company file stored on the USB drive
  • QB is not able to read the company file extension which was changed.

What Is The Process For Resolving The QB Error Code 80070057?

Here are seven solution steps provided that can help you with resolving the QB error code 80070057:

Method 1- After you have signed in, you have to open the Company file 

  • Start QuickBooks
  • Open the company file manually if it is not automatically getting opened
  • Tap on the start button then go to all programs then open the QB
  • Now tap on the QuickBooks version which needs to open
  • Now select the file and then tap on the open and restore company

Method 2- Downloading and running the QB company file Diagnostic Tool 

  • Go to the official website of Intuit and from there download the QB Company file diagnostic tool
  • Then install the same on your computer and start running it.
  • Now the tool diagnoses will detect the damaged data and will provide you below two choices:
    1. Restore your latest backed up ‘company file’.
    2. Restore your every using the auto data recovery option
  • Link your file with the data recovery team and if you facing any doubt then contact the QuickBooks tech support team as soon as possible.

If you do not notice any issues with the company file then it means that your company file is sorted and is working fine. Now you have to follow the next step.

Method 3- Downloading and Running The QB Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • Go to the official website of Intuit then download the QB connection Tool from there
  • Now install the tool on your system
  • Then perform the given instructions for learning the usage of the tool

If you are still facing the error then perform the next solution method

Method 4- Updating The version of QuickBooks to the recently released version available

Upgrade your QuickBooks version to the latest version available 

  •  Tap on the update for the latest release from the website
  • Choose the product
  • Choose and follow the process as advised in the update option
    • Automatic update
    • Manual Updates

If the error is not fixed then perform the next method

Method 5- Manually Resolving

In case the QB Diagnostic Tool is not able to run on your computer then you will have to follow the manual steps for resolving the issue:

Disclaimer: this solution method is complex in nature and it requires certain technical knowledge and skills. In case you have any kind of doubt it is recommended to get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Experts.

  • Locate the .nd files:
    • If you are using windows 7- tap on the start button then enter .nd in the search box and then press enter
    • If you are using windows vista- tap on the start button then tap on the search option and enter .nd in the search box and press enter
    • If you are using Windows XP- tap on the start button, then tap on the search option for particular files/folders. Choose all the files/folders or a portion of the file name section then type  *.nd.
  • Tap on the search filed then delete every .nd files
  • Now tap on the start, go to all programs and then to QuickBooks, now go to QuickBooks Database server manager
  • Tap on the add folder. This will take you to the browse folder screen in the scan folder window 
  • Now you need to expand this particular folder for checking where are the QB company files stored and then tap on the OK
  • After you have added all the folders. Tap on scan
  • Go to the QB company file screen and then go through the company file list that will occur
  • Now open the file again

Method 6- Setting up the firewall software

You can always choose to manually set up the firewall, in case you are not able to do it using the connection diagnostic tool:

  • To get the latest updates as well as the access for viewing the needed specifications, select the firewall and the internet security
  • Now follow the step by step procedure for setting up the firewall to get internet access for the QB files on each computer.

Method 7- setting up the Bit Defender for allowing the QB Communication

  • Start the BitDefender 10.0 and choose the antivirus
  • Now tap on the custom level and then tap on the exclude path available in the scan option
  • Now tap on the new item, then tap on the mapped drive or the UNC path.

We also provide solutions for QB Error code 3371 new hard drive/ QuickBooks is not opening Company File/ QuickBooks Error 80029C4A windows 10

Connect With QuickBooks For Any Issues

The above mentioned seven possible solution methods should be able to resolve your issue. After performing the methods in the given order you will be able to fix the QB error code 80070057. Although if you still face any difficulty or you have failed to fix the issue then it is advised to get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical Support team. The Tech support department of QuickBooks has a team of people with years of experience and who are highly knowledgeable for resolving any kind of QB issue. You can connect with the experts at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and let them assist you with the most comprehensible methods and solutions.

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How To Solve The Problem Of QB Utility Application Pop-up Issue

While using the QuickBooks Desktop for keeping and managing your account and finances, you might get the pop up of QB utility application on your system. There can be chances where these pop-ups can hinder the performance of your system. The pop-ups result in overall slowing down the performance of your system. QuickBooks is considered the most recommended and powerful software for accounting. It has been trusted and utilized by millions of consumers all across the world. QuickBooks is known because of its efficient tools and features that are highly useful and extremely user-friendly. With the help of these tools and features, anyone can complete their financial tasks easily and on time. QuickBooks also allows the customer to have an accurate track record and financial report of their business.   Although while using QuickBooks user can come across certain issues and errors which are not always dodgy or difficult to solve. Likewise, the QB Utility Application pop-up issue is not a difficult problem to solve but it is essential to resolve it instantly so that the performance of your system is not hindered.  

If you have been facing the pop issue in the QuickBooks utility Application then this article will assist you with providing the correct methods to resolve it. You can get in touch with the technical support team of QuickBooks if you have any kind of doubt regarding manually resolving this problem.

Definition Of The Qb Utility Application Pop Up Issue?

The windows displays an error message in the account control for helping you with understanding the program and this application needs the user’s permission.

Methods For Resolving The QuickBooks Utility Application pop up issue:

  • You need to restart your computer and then try for following the same procedure
  • You need to tap on the control panel then perform the steps the are given below:
    • Visit the UAC then take the slider to the don’t notify option
    • Now disable the UAC then choose OK option
    • Now restart your computer for saving the changes
  • Then Run the QB desktop for ensuring that the issue is fixed

Few Symptoms That you will notice when you get the QB Application Error:

  • The QB Application will start asking for the windows admin password.
  • The action will need the windows Administrator permissions in QB
  • There is the QB Utility Application error.
  • There is an QB Utility Application Pop-up

How To Resolve The QuickBooks Utility Application Pop Up Problem?

In case the security feature of User Account  is turned on, it will restrict the unauthorized automatic apps from the computer. It also restricts any kind of security modifications made in the system. For getting any pop up permission errors resolved you will have to follow the steps given below: 

  • Start the run command > press Win+R keys
  • Then enter control panel and press enter
  • Then select the view and then choose too large icons option
  • Now choose user account then tap on the Change User Account Settings.
  • Tap on the yes option for continuing and then restart your computer for saving changes
  • Then turn off/on the QB utility application in QB as per the need.

Customer Care Support For The QuickBooks

The solution steps provided in this article should be able to help you with fixing the QB Utility Application permission. Although if you do not get successful with resolving the issue and face any kind of struggle or difficulty while performing the steps then you can contact the QuickBooks Technical experts who are 24*7 available for you. You can get in touch with the team tell them your issue and then sit back and relax baecuase the highly efficient team of QuickBooks is going to take care of your problem. You can contact the team at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 for getting an instant support.

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How To Record The Transactions For The Property Management Company In QB Desktop

Go through this article properly for understanding the process for recording transactions of the rental properties for the self-management companies in QB Desktop. In case you are the property manager then you will have to assign the service to the property owners and property tenants as well. Although under such situations you are supposed to create and manage the two company files:

  1. The rental property company- everything needs to take care of by you including collecting the rent, payment of bills, and management of the whole property on the manager’s behalf.
  2. The Property Management Company – you will be the owner of the company and you will get the income only for managing the properties.

With the help of these two company files, you will be able to separate the transactions of every company from each other.  

Important- for managing the two company files simultaneously you will have to get your QuickBooks updated to the recent version available. 

Creating The Company File For The Rental Property Company

With the help of this company file, you will be able to track the transactions of each property that has been managed by you. This company file will have all the records of the rental income and expenses. 

Method 1-  Setting up of the tenants and the vendors

You will have to first perform the set up of the customers and the vendors in the QB company file.

Properties managed by you Customers
Tenants Customer: jobs of properties
Properties owner Vendors
Your own property management company Your own property management company

Important- The vendors can also be set up as the property owner but they need to be paid the net income for their property.

Method 2- Setting Up Of The Accounts And The Items

Before you perform the recording of the transaction it is important to ensure that the accounts, as well as the service items you are using, have been set up appropriately. You can look at the examples given below: 

Account type Account name
Asset Checking account
Liability Security deposits
Income Rent income
Expenses Expenses of Property management, payment for the property owner 


Service Items
Item name Linked account
Tenant security deposits Liability: Security deposits
Rent Income: rent income
Fee for the Property management  Expense: Property management expense


Are You Managing the commercial properties?

If you need to charge the tenants for the Common Area Maintenance Expense also called CAM in short, you will first have to set up income along with the service item. By doing this you will be able to track the CAM income without necessarily tracking the various other fees charged by you.

Method 3- Recording Of The Security Deposits

Generally, the owners of the property need security deposits from their tenants during the starting period of their rent. This is referred to as the rental company’s liability as there are high chances that you will return the whole amount or some part of it once the rent period gets over.

Some of the liability accounts like the security deposit can be utilized for tracking every tenant’s deposit. 

  • Go to the main menu then select banking and then tap on make deposits
  • Now select the tenant in the received from the drop-down menu
  • Then tap on the drop-down menu of the ‘from account’ options and select the security deposit account which you have set up.
  • Then enter the amount and then tap on save and close.

Method 4-  Tracking the rent income

You can record the rent from your tenants by following two ways. The process that you will choose will be depending on the time when the actual rent payment had been received.

  • Recording of the rent income from every tenant:
    • Select the invoices in case the payment has been received at the later date
    • Select the sales receipts in case the payment has been made at the moment.
  • Please note that you select the same tenant as well as the item that is set up in the first and the second step.

Method 5- Recording of the expenses for every property

You will have to record your expenses such as property expenses and charges of property management.

Property Expenses:

These expenses will include all the charges for maintaining the property including the utilities and repairing:

  • Record every expense according to the period of when you will be paying to them:
    • If it is the bills and the expenses are paid late
    • If it is cheques and the expenses are paid at the moment
  • Tap on the customer: job drop-down menu and select the property and the tenant.

Fee for the property management

The fee of the property management is highly dependent on the agreement of the property owner. In case the fee is dependent on your gross or the net income of the property then the report of the profit and the loss can be used for calculating the fee.

You can track the property management fee as a bill or as a cheque. Go to the customer job drop-down menu and make sure that you have selected the right property or the tenant. 

What is the process for charging the expense to the tenant?

Under circumstances where one of your tenants has damaged your property then the expenses will be charged on the tenant’s account instead of the owner’s account. These costs are called the “billable expenses”.

When you have the requirement for charging the tenant, you can contain all the extra expenses to the invoice of the tenant or its sales receipt.

  • The expenses will get recorded in form of a bill or the cheque
  • Tap on the customer: job drop-down menu then select the right tenant.a 
  • Now put a checkmark on the box from the billable column
  • You have the option for adding the billable costs every time an invoice or sales receipt is being created.

Method 6- Paying To The Property Owners

After the income and the expenses of every property get recorded, you can verify the due amount for every property owner.

Important- you can make use of the report of profit and loss for checking or calculating the amount which needs to be sent to the account of the property owner.

  • First, create a cheque for the payment
  • Make sure you have selected the same owner of the property that you had created in the first step.
  • Tap on the account column drop-down menu and select the same account of the owner set up in the second step.
  • Tap on the profit/loss report for reviewing the net income of all the properties that you have. You will receive the amount of net income in case the property owner has left a net income section. In case you do not get it then ensure that the net income has to be zero.

Creating A Company File For The Property Management Company

By using the company file for property management you can track all the transactions of your business. This is the file that allows you to record income as well as expenses for keeping a track of the properties.

Method 1- setting up of the property owners as the customers

You will have to set up the property owners as customers if they haven’t been set up in the first place.

Method 2-  setting up of the accounts and items

You need to set up the accounts as well as service items for recording every transaction easily. You can go through a few of the examples which you can set up: 

Account type Account name
Asset Checking account, furniture, and equipment
Liability Payroll liabilities
Income Property management income
Expenses Insurance expense, utility expense


Service Items
Item name Linked account
Property management Income: Property management income
Utilities Expense: Utility expense

Method 3- Recording the property management income

You can record the property owners in broadly two ways. The process selected by you will depend on the period from when the payment has been received.

You can record the rent from your tenants in two different processes. The process which you will be choosing depends on the receiving of the actual rent payment. 

  • Record the rent income from every tenant:
    • Select invoices in a situation when the payment has been received at a later date
    • Select the sales receipt in a situation when the payment has been made at the moment.
  • Please ensure that you have selected the exact tenant and the item set up in the first and the second step.
  • Given the amount that has been received from the owners of the property. This amount needs to be the same which you had  calculated in the fourth step of creating a company file of the field For Rental Property Company.

Customer Care Service For Quickbooks

With the help of using these methods you will be able to record the transactions for a property management company. This feature is generally used by the QB users but is very profitable for you. Although, while performing these methods and steps there can be situation when you might face any kind of confusion or doubt. Under such situations it is better to get in touch with the technical support experts of QuickBooks for better guidance. You can contact the team of experts at or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get your issues resolved immediately.

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What Is The Process For Fixing The QB Payroll Error Code 30102

QuickBooks Error Code 30102 Of QB Payroll

QuickBooks is the best choice when it comes to having accounting software for your business. Since QuickBooks is a highly organized software it helps you with keeping all the accounting data well organized on the secured cloud. Apart from this service QuickBooks also allows its users for tracking sales, creating as well as sending invoices and having a proper report about the progress of the business. The QuickBooks accounting software is designed by the well-known software company called Intuit, the software majorly caters to small to medium-sized businesses by managing and tracking all the financial related tasks and reports. The best part about choosing QuickBooks over any other software is that it is not a very complex software. The usage and functioning of QuickBooks are very simple and user-friendly, for making optimum use of this powerful software one does not need to be an accounting expert and minimal technical knowledge will work. QuickBooks is loved by millions of customers all across the world which is why it has also been the most recommended software as well. QuickBooks doesn’t bound you with its accessibility, you can have the access to your account and keep your books updated from anywhere and at any time in the world. You will require your QuickBooks sign in details and a good internet connection for managing your accounts via QuickBooks. This new way of accessing your accounts with QuickBooks can help you with getting rid of old spreadsheet methods for keeping your books updated.

Although while using QuickBooks, a lot of users face issues and errors like QuickBooks Error code 30102. It has not been defined or tracked much about this error but mostly the users have come across this error when they are trying to print or trying to directly deposit slip. When a user faces this issue they also get an error message or warning that states that the particular error is because of some internal problem and the user have to replace the old settings for getting the proper results. Many times the customer can receive this error even if the user has removed all the cache and files which are temporary, under such a situation the customer has to get in touch with the support team of QuickBooks for additional assistance.

The QuickBooks error 30102 is the basic form of error which the user has to face in QuickBooks. The customer will receive this “Error In the payroll server. Try after some time later or the payroll connection error”, whenever they will try for sending the payroll data or try sending the deposit paycheques directly.

What Are The Main Reason Behind The QB Error Code 30102 Under The Intuit QuickBooks Payroll?

Following are the key causes because of which the QuickBooks Payroll Error code 30102 occurs:

  • The security certificate was invalid
  • The transferring of the files into the multi-user mode
  • The QB Desktop program is not getting to the server because of the system time out.
  • There are some internet connectivity problems
  • The firewall applications of your system or the internet security settings are causing the issue
  • The time and the date is incorrect on your computer

What is the correct way for resolving the QB Payroll Error 30102 while you are on the network?

  • Start by running the Internet explorer
  • Then go to tools and tap on internet options
  • Now tap on the general buttons
  • Then tap on delete under the browsing history field
  • Then verify and check the TEMP internet files/documents including the websites that have been chosen. (please make sure that you do not delete the cookies).
  • Now tap on the delete button
  • Tap on ok option
  • Then open the CMD and further flush the DNS 
  • If you are using Windows XP then tap on the start menu then open the run
  •  If you are using the windows 7 or windows vista then tap on the start, go to all programs, then tap on the accessories, and finally Run.
  • Type or enter the CMD which will start a command prompt screen 
  • Then enter or type ipconfig/flushdns
  • Now hit enter
  • Then send the payroll

In Case You Are Not Available On The Network

  • You have to first restart your system or PC
  • Then you need to send your payroll data. If it gets failed the go ahead with the provided steps
  • First, open the CMD and then flush the DNS
  • If you are using Windows XP: tap on the start menu and open Run
  • If you are using windows 7 or you are a windows vista user, tap on the start, go to all programs, tap on accessories, and tap on Run.
  • Then enter CMD which will open the command prompt screen 
  • Then type ipconfig/flushdns
  • Hit enter key

Try For Sending The Payroll Data. If It Gets Failed Then Perform The Steps In The Given Order 

  • Start the internet explorer
  • Tap on the tools then start the internet options
  • Open the category that is labeled as security
  • Remove the mark:
  • Check the revocation of the publisher
  • Tap on OK 
  • Restart your system
  • Then send the payroll data

Note- In case you have installed the application- BE safe on your computer then you might not be able to send the data as this particular app restricts all the financial data that is transmitted to the system or from the system.

  • You need to reboot your computer once again
  • Then you have to perform the restoration of the advanced settings of your IE (internet explorer) and check the utilization of the of TLS 1.0 is marked whereas the utilization of the TLS1.1/TLS1.2 has been unmarked under the internet options window of IE.
  • Now check if you are available on the network and then select the alternative accordingly.
  • While you are sending the data you need to ensure that you have been using the QB in a single user mode.
  • Then get the updates of the payroll
  • Now check and set the correct date and time on your system.
  • Please ensure that the IE has been set as the default browser
  • Now have the access to the safe site
  • Please ensure that have downloaded every latest tax table updates and latest QuickBooks Desktop variant
  • Now remove the mark from the box publisher’s certificate revocation
  • If you have been using the wireless/remote internet network connection then you need to have the access to the system that has the cable internet connection and then try and send from that system. Under certain situations, wireless connectivity is not considered as safe.
  • Convert the shared download to Yes/No
  • Check the subscription of your payroll once again
  • Then add the and as the trusted sites. Then you have to resend the payroll data once again.

Contact Quickbooks Support For Error Team For Any Additional Help

The steps that are mentioned above in this article are not very difficult to perform and can be followed up easily. We hope that you have been able to manually resolve your concern issue and error QuickBooks Error Code 30102 Of QB Payroll easily. However, if you have not been able to do it successfully and you are still getting trobled by the same error again then don’t worry.  QuickBooks has a special tech support department to help you out with resolving your any kind of issue. This team consists of experts that have years of experience in solving and providing solutions to dodgy errors and issues. You can contact the experts at or you can dial the toll-free support number 1800-366-1468 for getting your issues and problems resolved easily and quickly.

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How Can You Easily Fix The QuickBooks Error Code OLSU-1024 or OLSU-1022

QuickBooks Desktop has various useful accounting features that it consists of and Bank feeds come under these features too. With the help of using Bank feeds you can easily add up your bank account in the QuickBooks accounting software. When you add your bank account you can easily process any transaction, pay your employees on time, download the bank statements easily, and so on. QB Bank feeds is totally unique feature that is used by most QuickBooks users. However, many a time while using this highly efficient feature of QB you can face certain errors as well as issues that can interrupt your workflow.  One of these types of error is QuickBooks Error OLSU-1024 or OLSU-1022 which occurs while you are trying for creating a bank feeds account in QuickBooks.

When you will get such an error you will also notice an error message along with it that states:

“An error occurred while updating the branding files! Please restart the Online Banking Setup Wizard to initiate the update process again.”

This is followed by an error code:

OLSU-1024 or OLSU-1022

You might be facing this error because of various reasons and causes such as the directory of your financial institution is not updated. There are chances that your bank directory is not upgraded for adding your bank details or maybe it is not stored in the location where it should be. In case you are coming across any other error which is associated with the online banking in QB then you can go to QuickBooks Error OL-200, OL-202, OL-206, or OL-226.

What Is The Process For Resolving The Banking Error In The QuickBooks? 

There are many solution steps that you can take help from for resolving this error. However, if your issue gets resolved by just performing the first step then you don’t need to perform the next step. It is advised that you should perform the solution steps in the provided order as it will help you achieve the best results. 

Method 1- Updating The QuickBooks To The Recent or Latest Release Available 

You will have to upgrade your QuickBooks to the most latest version available. 

Method 2- Upgrade the Financial Institution or Bank Directory To The Latest Version 

  • Start windows explorer> press Windows +E
  • Then locate to the folder C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\Components\OLB\branding\filist.
  • Now navigate the txt file then right tap on the same.
  • Now choose the option for rename in the drop-down menu and then modify its name to the old.
  • Then right tap on the QuickBooks version for getting the latest and recent file.
  • Now go to the drop-down list and choose Save Target As/Save Link As.
  • Then go to save as window and select desktop for the location of the file then tap on save
  • Then tap on close on the download is completed (this is an optional step)
  • Now you have to get a copy of the fidir.txt file for correcting the filist folder:
    • Right-tap on the fidir.txt file then tap on the copy in the drop-down menu
    • Now start the windows explorer > press windows+E
    • Then locate the filist folder:  C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\Components\OLB\branding\filist.
    • Then press the CTRL +V for posting the file and you will be able to view the fidir.txt file on the desktop folder
    • Start the QB Desktop for setting up an account

Method 3-  Repairing The QuickBooks

  • Press the keys windows+E for opening the windows explorer
  • Now go to the menu bar of the folder then tap on Uninstall or change a program.
  • Select the QB in the program list and then tap on the option uninstall or change
  • Then go to the QB installation wizard:
    •  Tap on the next then choose the repair option
    • Now select next, then click on repair, and finally choose the finish option

In case you are still getting the issues after you have performed all the repairing steps for QuickBooks then you have to reinstall the QuickBooks by using the clean install.

Method 4- Editing The Fidir.txt preferences

  •  Press the windows+E keys to start the windows explorer
  • Then locate the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks 20XX\Components\OLB\branding\filist.
  • And navigate the txt file in the folder and then right tap on it.
  • Tap on the properties in the drop-down list
  • Now mark the read-only option
  • Then once again try to create a bank feeds account

QuickBooks Support Team For Assistance:

With the help of using the steps given in the article and performing them as it is you will be able to get rid of the QuickBooks Error OLSU-1024 or OLSU-1022. You will be able to get more solution steps for resolving all other QB banking errors at the Fix OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors In QuickBooks Desktop. In case you are not able to manually fix this error then you need guidance from the QuickBooks technical support experts to get the correct way of resolving the problem. You can go to the or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 for getting your problems fixed in no time.

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How To Properly Resolve The QB Error Code 102 In QuickBooks?

QuickBooks is a popular and highly recommended accounting software that has been made use by millions of satisfied users across the world. QuickBooks can easily perform the managing functions for your business accounts and all its finance related processes. QuickBooks effectively takes care and manages all the records of your business, it also helps you with keeping a track of all the minor to major transactions that have been made. But despite the amazing benefits that QuickBooks provides, the software itself can sometimes face certain issues and glitches. One such problem or error is QuickBooks Error Code 102. This error code can trouble you when the official website of the bank is going through some issues. It can be some technical problem or the website is going through regular maintenance. These problems can further create more trouble in between the bank’s website and the QuickBooks.  

If you are facing these issues and urgently looking for required solutions then you can get in touch with the QB Support Team executives for extra assistance or you can simply follow the provided methods in the given order.

Quick Fixing Steps For QuickBooks Error Code 102

Go through the website and check if there is any maintenance process going on on your respective credit card or the official website of the bank. If that is not the case then you can manually update the QB online account. Go to the icon for an update where you will find more options for details.  It is advised to run the 3 manual updates when it’s not the peak hours.

Automatic Updating 

In the upcoming 5 hours, QB will try to get the update for another 5 more times when it is not able to receive the details from any particular banned account.  Every data and details that you will get highly depend on the specific things which the bank will provide and share with you. You do not have the permission for enabling or disabling the auto updates/ downloaded items but you can easily view the timing of the update by performing the below provided steps:

  • Tap on the banking then go to the left menu
  • Now tap on the update button which you will be able to see at the extreme right corner
  • Then go to the last updated column where you can view the date/time of the previous update.

Manually Updating

Few accounts need a manual update and if there is any update available then you will get a notification related to the update and you will require to perform manual update in case you are not getting the needed information once the automatic update has been done. For manually updating you will have to perform the following steps.

  • First go to banking option
  • Now click on the clear unwanted accounts option. Then you will get rid of the accounts which do not need the update.
  • Now tap on the update now option
  • Then type the multi factor authentication at any time when it is asked and then tap on the continue for updating.

Login Details

Please ensure that you have signed in using your credentials for online banking. If you are not able to do the same because of the QB Error 102, then troubleshoot the problem and then download the transaction under the QB online.

  • Tap on the banking option 
  • Now locate the name of the bank in case you have not linked the bank account.
  • In case you have linked the bank account already then tap on the add account and then find the name of the bank. 
  • Now select the bank’s name
  • Now provide the credentials of the bank website and then tap on the continue
  • Now perform the steps for security verification (if needed) and then choose the connect securely option.
  • Now in the drop down list, select the bank symbol and the type of the account. You need to select between the bank and the account for the credit card.
  • The the transaction for the 90days will be automatically downloaded by the QuickBooks
  • Select the connect option
  • Now visit the banking page again after the download gets completed.

Account Details and the Notifications

You will have to verify if you have been able to view your account summary, details of your transaction history in case you are noticing any warning message from your bank’s side after login successfully. 

In Case Of A Server Issue:

Under such situations you will have to wait for sometime for fixing the issue before you try anything. 

For A New Account:

In case the new account is not working online, then under such a situation you will have to contact the bank/financial institution or to the company of your credit card.  

Technical Support Team Of QuickBooks:

We hope that after performing all the solution methods given in this article you will be able to resolve this issue easily. Although if you are still not able to get rid of it then you can contact the technical support team of the experts and get your issue solved immediately. You can visit the or contact at the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and our technical experts will be happy to assist you with the simplest yet effective methods.

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How to fix the update error, QuickBooks Error code 15102 in QB

QuickBooks is a great software for handling all the accounting tasks of your business. It efficiently manages all the finance related processes of small to medium size businesses. It also keeps a record of all your transactions and also manages every important report of your business. The best part of QB that makes it stand out of all software is its regular upgradation policy. By updating frequently QB keeps adding new and enhanced features/tools and improving the old ones. With every update the users of QB also get more enhanced and better experience of using this amazing software. But with all these facilities and benefits this software also gets to face a lot of bugs and errors that interfere with the functioning of the QB software. The QuickBooks Error 15102 is exactly that error which belongs to the update errors category of QB. this error also shows an error message while appearing, it states:

“Error 15102: Failed to reset update”

Main reasons of the QB Error code 15102 are given below:

  • The download location which has been specified is invalid or inaccessible
  • The shared download is enabled
  • The QBD has been opened in a terminal services environment under the mode- multi user.
  • You might not have signed in as the administrator 

The Resolving Solution For The QuickBooks Update Error Code 15102

This error can appear because of the old and outdated QB Desktop version. So it is important for you to reset the QB program for updating and downloading the recent tax table once again. You can also opt for manually resolving the update problems in QB by going through the solution methods and then update your QB Desktop to the recent version released. You can also get in touch with the QB Payroll support team for quick assistance to resolve your issue. The methods for resolving the QB error code 15102 in QB are mentioned below:

  • In case you have been using the QB under the multi-user mode then you will have to convert to the single mode of user.
  • Please ensure that the specified file location is accurate.
    • Press the CTRL +1 for opening the product details window and write down the specified or mapped path of location.
    • Tap on the help and then go to update QuickBooks
    • Now open the option window and make sure that the information under the download location is correct.
    • Go to the download location and the product detail must be the same only if the shared download has been set to Yes
    • In case the shared download has been set to the NO option the location for the download and the installation directory of QB Desktop has to be the same. 
    • And when the shared download has been chosen as yes, then choose No shared download. Tap on save. But if it has been chosen as NO then you have to choose yes for shared download.
    • Tap on the save
    • Shut the screen and then download the recent table once again.
  • Now you have to do remapping of the drive to a new letter in case the download location is incorrect.
  • Shut the company file
  •  Do the remapping of the network drive to the new letter
  • Then make use of the newly mapped-drive letter for opening the company file
  • Now open the help menu then tap on the update QB 
  • Open the options tab 
  • Then turn off the shared download and then turn it on once again
  • Make sure that the location for download is utilizing the newly mapped drive letter
  • Now tap on the save option and then shut the window
  • Now once again you need to try for downloading the recent tax table
  • Then open the QB with using administrators rights in case you are facing problems with the windows vista
  • Right tap on the QB Icon then tap on Run as administrator option in the drop down menu
  • Now when you are asked by the UAC for running the software then tap on the continue
  • Now you have to reset the QB updates

Process For Fixing QuickBooks Update Error Code 15102

The steps mentioned above will help you to resolve this QB error code 5102 in QB. However, if you continue to face the errors when you are updating the QB or the Payroll then you will have to contact the Tech support experts of QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks Support for Customers Department

The steps that have been explained above in this article are highly useful and extremely effective if done properly and in the given order. Although if after doing or performing the steps exactly as asked to but you are still not able to solve this problem, then you can get in touch with the highly experienced technical team of QuickBooks. You can contact the team at website or simply dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 of QuickBooks to talk to the experts and for resolving the issue absolutely and instantly.

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Resolving Of QuickBooks Error 6123: Full Process

All over the world, QuickBooks accounting software has made a remarkable presence and created a niche for itself. It has become the most renowned and recommended software among the individuals and businesses. By managing the financial records and reports of small to medium size businesses QuickBooks has so far served millions of  happy customers successfully. This powerful accounting software comprises strong features and tools that are extremely useful and easy to use for managing your business. However, being a highly useful and efficient software QuickBooks can face certain errors and issues which can interrupt with your working process.

QuickBooks Error 6123,-0 belongs to the same nature of the error which you might get when there is some disturbance with the connection to the company file. You can also face this issue because of multiple reasons and a corrupted installation process.

What Are The Main Causes Behind The QB Error 6123,-0?

  • There are some internet issues and connection problems
  • There are some missing or corrupted QB network file along with the extension .ND
  • The hosting system of QB is in the mode of hibernation or it is on standby mode
  • QB files are prevented from having access to your firewall settings.
  • The data file with in the program has got damaged or is not properly functioning
  • The installation file of QB is damaged

Process For Resolving Quickbooks Error 6123,-0?

With the help of the solution steps given further in this article you can easily resolve the Quickbooks Error 6123,-0. You will have to perform the steps as it is and in the provided format.

Important- Before performing the methods for resolving the issue, you will have to first identify the possible cause which is the reason for QB error 6123. This will be more helpful in clearing your issue.

  • Please ensure that the network connection on your computer is strong and stable and also check the connection with computer hosting software.
  • Also make modifications under the configuration setting of the software and the hardware of the concerned network. This will help the QB in accessing the company data.
  • Now you can try fixing the damaged .nd file in the QB 
  • If you are still facing the issue then you have to close the QB program totally and then again open it system which is hosting the data file
  • Now verify and ensure that the QB company file is not corrupted/damaged
  • Now try to do the restoring of the files installed of QB which were damaged earlier.

You will have to make sure that the QB is able to have the access to the files. Which you can do only after following and performing each step in given order. But if you have performed all the solution steps and you are still not able to get rid of the problem then you need to reinstall the QuickBooks on your system.

QuickBooks Customer Support Team

The steps provided above are really simple in nature and should be able to solve your concerned error i.e, QuickBooks Error 6123. But if after following every solution step properly you are still getting the issue then you need to contact the QuickBooks Tech Experts which consists of a team with years of experience in resolving QB issues. You can get in touch with them and save your time and energy by getting your issues fixed instantly. For contacting the Intuit Proadvisors you can visit or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and your issues resolved quickly.

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