QuickBooks is a well-organized software for accounting that has been developed by Intuit. QuickBooks keeps all the accurate records and tracking reports of your financial transactions that have been made in the company. It also helps in managing and maintaining all the transactional and operational needs of your business. However, sometimes while using QuickBooks when you are trying to open an email/ invoice/ transactions you may get an error message stating ‘QuickBooks Com Error Crash’.  If you are getting this error then this means that the QB has got crashed and it has not saved any of your work.

What Is QuickBooks Com Error Crash And How To Resolve It?

If you are facing this error called QuickBooks Crash Com Error then this can be because of various reasons behind it but one of the main causes of the occurrence of this error is that your Windows user account is facing some kind of damage or corruption. If you have been looking for methods for resolving this error then your search ends here. This article is going to provide you all the necessary methods and steps which are required for resolving this error.

Solution Step 1- Making The Outlook As The Default Mail Application

  • Tap on the start menu
  • Then tap on the control panel
  • Now search for Default program and then tap on it
  • Then tap on the set your default program 
  • Then a list with the program list will occur on your system
  • Go to the search field and type MS Outlook and choose it
  • Then click on the option ‘Select this program as default’
  • Now tap on the OK option

Solution Step 2- Go to Microsoft Outlook And Add Another Email

  • Open the MS outlook then tap on the File menu
  • Now tap on the icon for add account 
  • Then type the email ID of your choice
  • Tap on connect
  • The outlook will automatically detect a suitable server setting. Then tap on connect again.
  • Now provide the mail id and the password and then tap on OK

Important- if you are attempting for adding Gmail in place of your email address then you will receive an error stating that your Email Id and password are not matching and then google will provide you a mail saying ‘Review blocked sign-in attempt’. Under the same email, you will get a statement saying ‘allowing access to less secure apps’. You need to tap on this link and it will take you to a new tab where you can get the option to switch right next to ‘Allow less secure apps: OFF’. type the password once again after you are finished then tap on OK. in case the outlook is not been able to find the outlook then you need to go through the given path:

Tap on edit, then on preferences, and finally, on send the form for the preferences window. Now check if you are provided with an option for choosing outlook or not. You may be asked to repair or restart your QB. if you are still not able to find the outlook in the QB preferences, you will have to create another windows profile.

Solution Step 3- Mail the setting toggled

  • Tap on the start menu then go to the control panel
  • Now in the control panel tap on mail
  • Then select Microsoft Outlook from the mail
  • Then the mail setup screen will occur. You will have to tap on the show profile
  • In case the outlook has already been chosen as the default mail then you can skip the last two steps. 
  • If the option ‘Always use this profile’ is selected then tap on the ‘Profile to be used’
  • Now tap on the option ‘select’ and then tap on apply
  • Now utilize this profile to toggle the selection back and then tap on apply
  • At the end tap on OK.

Solution Step 4- Create A New Profile For Outlook Email 

  • Please ensure that Microsoft or Outlook is closed and if they are open then close it.
  • Then once again open the control panel and then tap on the mail
  • Now tap on the show profile option
  • Then tap on the add option from the profile
  • Then enter the name which you wish to add in Outlook Profile and then tap on OK
  • Then you will notice some instructions given regarding the procedure of how you can add an email address. Follow them as it is.
  • Now tap on the option use this profile in the drop-down menu
  • Then tap on apply and then tap on OK
  • With the help of this process, your current outlook profile will not be deleted and a new profile will also get added.

Get In Touch With QuickBooks Technical Experts:

By performing the steps provided above in this article you will be able to fix the QuickBooks Com Error Crash. These methods are not difficult to perform and can be done easily but if you face any difficulty or any kind of confusion while following the steps then you can talk to the QuickBooks Technical Support experts directly. You can visit the Supportforerror.com or simply dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get your errors and issues fixed instantly under the guidance of experts.