QuickBooks is undoubtedly the best when it comes to credit card reconciliation. But some users are facing issues and their QB is not showing credit card payments in reconciliation. Now, it is very important for them as they need to authenticate statements of their credit card with the businesses data. Usually, most users do reconciliation at the end of the financial year and therefore are short on time.

You can either read this detailed self-help guide to resolve the credit card reconciliation issue in QuickBooks or you can contact the QuickBooks Experts and ask for support.

Our QB Experts will double-check all the transactions in your credit card statement and also match them with the data of your company or business. Users mostly record a payment on their credit card in the following ways:

  • Writing a Check
  • Payment transfer
  • Use or Pay Bills
  • Adding entry via Banking downloads
  • Do a payment while reconciling the credit card
  • Create a journal Entry

Intuit recommends that you create a QuickBooks account for each credit card that you use. And the account type should be Credit Card. However, if you are using a Debit card for making payments then the transactions will be entered directly into the bank account.

QuickBooks Credit Card Related Errors

According to our survey, these are most common QB Credit Card errors that users run into:

  • QuickBooks users encounter errors when the client makes half payments on their card bills.
  • Some users are facing an error when Account Payable is used for resolving debt balances.
  • All card bills are tracking a single expense account.
  • Your Credit card accounts are unable to reconcile.

Symptoms Of QB Credit Card Related Errors

Check out these symptoms to figure out if you are encountering a credit card error in your QB:

  • When your Account payable balance is shown exceptionally high with different credit card bills.
  • Your bank account balance is appropriate but the expenses sections are shown very high.

Fix QuickBooks Credit Card Payment Not Showing Up In Reconciliation

You can choose to perform the steps shown below on your PC to resolve QB Credit Card Payment not showing up in reconciliation or you can call on the toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1-800-366-1468 to contact QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

  • The user is trying to reconcile a credit card which is already reconciled.
    • You can go to the Bank register to check the reconciled transactions.
    • Ensure that transactions are marked with a “R.”
  • You are unable to view the transaction because of internal QB issue.
    • Unmark the boxes that are responsible for hiding transactions post the end date of the statement.
    • Search for the hidden transaction. They will be on the right side of the tab.
  • To complete the process, go to your reconciliation account once again to check if you have or haven’t imported the credit card transactions in the account.

You will find the Bank reconciliation and Credit Card transaction reconciliation process are fairly similar to each other in QB.

24×7 QuickBooks Reconciliation Support Services

There is a very small chance that these steps will not fix the QuickBooks Credit Card Payment not showing up error if you are facing a more complex problem. Sometimes issues like these trigger more errors within the QuickBooks software. In such situations, it is best to contact the QuickBooks Technical Support Department and let them take a look at the errors that you are encountering.

Call on the USA QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-800-366-1468 to get in touch with the Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors immediately.