This company file error is a part of errors of 6000 series. This error occurs when the company file is corrupted or damaged. The inaccessibility of company file can be fatal as it includes all the accounting data. Even though QuickBooks contains number of company files, you can work on only single company file at a time. There is risk of loosing data because of this error, however, we have some quick fixes to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 6000 832.

As all the error in 6000 series are associated with problems in company file, QB Error 6000 832 can occur due to the damaged .ND file or a problematic hosting. You will come across QB Error Code 6000 832 if you attempt to access company file on different system or server.

How To Fix QB Error 6000 832?

Please follow these instructions to remove QuickBooks Error Code 6000 832 from your desktop. It is important that you follow all the solutions in the order they are given. Missing a step will only cause more problems for you. It is best to let the QuickBooks Experts troubleshoot the error for you. They not only ensure that your QuickBooks desktop software is free from any errors but also make sure that you do not lose any data during the troubleshooting process.

Set Up Configure files

QB software renders .ND and .TLG files when you run it. Users store the preferences and setting in .ND and .TLG files. In QuickBooks, .ND and .TLG files are used to follow the preferences and setting set by the users in multi-use mode.

When QB fails to read these files thoroughly, QuickBooks Error 6000 832 takes place. These files will keep recreating despite you deleting or renaming them. Hence, it’s very crucial to identify the main cause of the error. To know this, follow the below-given steps:

  1. Go to the folder where company file is stored and open it.
  2. Locate the find with the extension .ND and .TLG
  3. Rename the file and rename it as ‘OLD’ to create a new file.
  4. Close and start the QB again. Check if the error is eliminated.

This possibly removes the obstacle of the issue related to company file. If the issue remains, follow the next instruction.

Rectify The Host Settings

Firstly, check if the hosting settings are set accurately. If the temporary file is being accessed on another computer or server, you must have the active hosting settings. You can check the hosting setting by pressing F2 in the QuickBooks software.

Once you press F2, you can see the local server information. Here, you have to identify if the settings are accurate or not.

To understand if the issue is due to the connection or not, create a simple file. Perform the below-given steps to identify that:

  1. Start QB.
  2. Shut all the active company files.
  3. Hit the option Create a New Company.
  4. Select Express Start.
  5. Type on the needful details.
  6. Hit Create Company.
  7. Hit Start Working.

If it succeeds to open a new file, this indicates that the issue is related with the connection or the relevant company file. Software is running fine.

Please download and install QuickBooks File Doctor. This special tool is designed to remove the common files error. You just need to follow the steps offered by the QB File Doctor.

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