QuickBooks accounting software by Intuit is a highly efficient accounting solution provider program that is geared for small to medium-sized businesses. This software contains multiple essential features and tools that help and allow you with maintaining your accounts like accounts payable/receivable, managing credit card, reports of the finances, and so on. Although many times QuickBooks can run into certain errors and issues which can interrupt your workflow. One such error that QuickBooks faces is QuickBooks Error code 15221 that appears when you try to update the QuickBooks software. If you have been also getting troubled by the QuickBooks error code 155221 when you are trying to update your QuickBooks then don’t worry this article is going to solve your problem. In this article, you can find all the solution methods to tackle the QuickBooks error code 155221 with ease. Although, if you want instant help and support to resolve the QuickBooks Error Code 15221 then you can also get in touch with the QuickBooks technical support team.  

What Is The Reason Behind The Quickbooks Error Code 15221?

  • The configuration of the Internet Explorer was not properly done
  • The digital signatures have compatibility issues with the browser
  • The antivirus and firewall program on your system is restricting and preventing your QuickBooks from getting updated
  • Your QuickBooks data files have got damaged or corrupted 

What Is The Proper Way Of Resolving The Quickbooks Error Code 15221?

You may get the QuickBooks Error Code 15221 whenever you are trying to update the QuickBooks Desktop or the payroll application. The resolving process of the error codes that belong to the 15000 series is mostly similar because of the same causes and reasons behind it. In this article, we have discussed three multiple methods for fixing this error that you are getting while updating the QuickBooks software. For resolving it you will have to follow and perform the steps which are given below:  

Method 1- Following Up A Clean Install

You may face certain issues when you avoid and do not follow the guidelines implemented and provided by Intuit. If you have been getting the QuickBooks Error code 15221 when you are trying to update the QuickBooks software then the first step is to install the QuickBooks software properly and then reinstall it on your computer. You will also have to rename the files which are left behind. 

Method 2- Editing And Modifying The Internet Explorer Options

  • Start the internet explorer
  • Then tap on the tools, then go to internet options
  • Now tap on the security and then tap on trusted sites
  • Now tap on the sites and then start adding the websites given below:
    • quickbooks.com
    • Intuit.com
  • Shut the window
  • Then tap on the apply option and then tap on OK

Method 3- Updating The Microsoft Security Certificate

QuickBooks needs the Microsoft Security Certificate to validate if the files which are downloaded are safe and have been downloaded from an authentic source. You may get the error code 15221 in case the Microsoft Security Certificate has got expired or is outdated. For fixing this error, you will have to first update the Microsoft Security Certificate and then try downloading the update. 

QuickBooks Technical Support Team

By following the steps and methods mentioned above in this article you will be able to fix the QuickBooks error code 15221. After resolving this error code you can easily update your QuickBooks software as well as the payroll application. Although, if you have not been successful with fixing the error code or you are stuck at any step then you can contact the QuickBooks technical support team for an instant solution. You can connect with the team at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 to get easy steps and solutions for resolving your QuickBooks software issues.