QuickBooks is a known and highly recommended accounting software that is an all-time favorite of small to medium-sized business owners. The software consists of many powerful features and tools that are added and enhanced with every new version released by Intuit. With the help of using these advanced tools and features, you can achieve your financial and accounting tasks instantly and easily. You can perform all the business and finance-related functions like accounts receivable/payable, reporting financial activities, managing credit cards, and so on. If you are coming across any issues while using your QuickBooks software then you can get in touch with the QuickBooks technical support team for instant response and solution. 

QuickBooks provides you great compatibility and accurate reports and records of transactions but it can sometimes run into errors. These errors and codes can hinder your workflow and put your accounts related activities on halt. One such error that can frustrate you and delay your work is QuickBooks Error code 15226. You can face this error when you are trying to download the payroll update or if you are trying for updating your QuickBooks software to the latest and most recent version available. You will notice the error code 15226 usually when you have an incorrect configuration of the Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer). To avoid any harmful or dangerous files from entering the software while downloading any file, QuickBooks will validate and check the digital signature of every file which you have downloaded. In case QuickBooks is not able to verify the certificate then you will notice the QuickBooks Error code 15226 appearing on your computer screen.

Main Reasons Behind The QuickBooks Error Code 15226

  • The configuration on the Internet Explorer is not done properly
  • The internet connection is not stable or there is some other problem with your internet connection.
  • There is a sudden or abrupt power/power failure 
  • QuickBooks cannot reach the server

What Is The Process For Fixing The Quickbooks Error Code 15226? 

If you have been on the lookout for resolving the QuickBooks error code 15226 then you can go through this article. This article will help you get the right and important solution methods for fixing the Quickbooks Error Code 15226 completely. You will be provided with three different solution methods in this article to resolve the error code 15226. It is advised that you perform these steps in the given order to complete the process accurately. 

Following are the steps that can perform to resolve the Quickbooks Error Code 15226:

Method 1- Do A Clean Installation Of The Quickbooks:

There can be chances that you are getting the error because some feature or tool os QuickBooks has got damaged. In this is cause behind the error you are getting then it won’t be fixed by performing some usual trobleshooting steps. You will have to first uninstall the QuickBooks accounting software and then install it again properly. You can try and manually modify or rename the files that are left or give permission to the software to do it automatically. 

Method 2- Editing The Internet Explorer Options

  • Start the internet explorer
  • Tap on the gear icon
  • Then tap on the internet options 
  • Tap on the security option and then choose trusted websites
  • Tap on the site and add the below websites as trusted one:
    • qiuickbooks.com
    • Intuit.com
  • Tap on the close option
  • Tap on apply and then press OK

Method 3- Updating The Microsoft Security Certificate

One more reason why you can get this error is using an outdated or old windows security certificate with you IE. to resolve or troubleshoot this problem, you need to run the update for your windows or you will have to download the updated or latest  certificate from the Microsoft.

QuickBooks Technical Support Team  

The Steps given above in this article will allow you to fix the QuickBooks error code 15226 easily. Although, if you are still noticing the same error and the steps and methods provided above have not helped you much then you can try for checking your internet network connection and if you notice any issue you need to resolve it. You can also try and reinstall your windows if no step is helping you out much. If you have failed to fix the error code then you contact the QuickBooks technical support experts for any additional help or assistance at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and the team can resolve your problem in no time.