QB comprises various tools and features geared to simplify the accounting tasks. It is a one-stop software that provides all the accounting solutions to its users which helps them to manage their data easily. When a user connects their QB account with the bank, the user can check and view all the transactions that have been made and also put them in categories automatically. It is loaded with many useful features like custom reminders, you can view reports, you can track any transaction and direct deposit as well. However, the users despite enjoying working on this amazing software have also faced certain errors that are unavoidable for QuickBooks. These errors can annoy the user as it disturbs the work fluency drastically. QB error code 15242 is one of such errors that usually occurs when you are trying for updating the QB accounting software or the payroll application of QB. You will also notice an error message that says ā€˜you can not download the payroll updates on your computer.Ā 

To make the software more efficient, Intuit keeps releasing frequent updates for every product that is highly advised to be downloaded on your system. It is recommended to get all the updates downloaded which are available to you so that you have more advanced and enhanced features and tools. In case you are not able to update your software and you have been receiving the QB error 15242 then this article is for you to get all the solution steps for resolving this error.

If you are facing this error then you will receive the following error message stating:

ā€œError 15242: The payroll update did not complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS is not responding or is damaged.ā€


ā€œError 15242: The update did not complete successfully. The QuickBooks FCS is not responding or is damaged.ā€

How To Resolve The QB Error 15242?

  • Method 1- Verifying Your Payroll subscription
    • Run the QuickBooks
    • Then tap on employees, then go to my payroll service, then tap on the Account or billing info
    • Now A window of QB Payroll Account maintenance will appear on your screen
    • You will have to shut the windows and then the subscription of the payroll will get automatically revalidated by QB.
    • After the validation process gets completed, you need to again update the QB
  • Method 2- You need to download the recent payroll updates
  • Method 3- you need to see if the error is appearing on a single computer or if it is appearing in every system. You can try to update it on other systems in case it is appearing on only one computer.
  • Method 4- Uninstall the QB and then re-install it on the selective startup

There can be situations where any third-party application on your system like the security software can prevent the QB from getting updated. The firewall settings on your computer can also prevent your QB from getting updated.

  • Start the run command> press Windows+R keys on your keyboard
  • Then enter MSConfig and then tap on OK
  • Then go to the general tab and tap on Selecting Startup and then on Load System Service
  • Now tap on the service window and then tap on the Hide all Microsoft Service
  • Tap on disable all option
  • Now remove the mark from the Hide all Microsoft Services
  • You need to put a checkmark on the list of services and then make sure that to mark the windows installer box as well.Ā 
  • Now tap on the restart option in the system configuration
  • Then uninstall and then reinstall the QB software

How To Restore Your System To The Normal Configuration?

  • Start the run command> press windows+R keys on the keyboard
  • Then enter the msconfig and then tap on the OK option
  • Now navigate to the general window and tap on normal startup
  • Now tap on OKĀ 
  • Now tap on restart available in the system configurationĀ 

Tech Support Experts Of Quickbooks

The solution steps provided in this article should resolve your QB error code 15242. The steps mentioned above in this article are advised by Intuit for fixing your QuickBooks error 15242 easily. Although if the error does not get resolved and it is still there then you can connect with the QuickBooks tech support team at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1877-361-7446 to get additional advice or assistance.