QuickBooks is the most recommended and used accounting software that has been loved by small to medium-sized business owners as well as individuals. QuickBooks initiated by Intuit is one-stop software for all your accounting tasks. You can achieve all your financial goals and tasks with this powerful and highly efficient software. The well known and reputed software company Intuit keeps releasing new versions of QuickBooks so that the customers can benefit more by using the latest and more enhanced features and tools. frequent updates in QuickBooks adds on improved and advanced features and tools to its already existing components. With the help of QuickBooks, you can always keep a check on the progress of your business from any part of the world. To have the access to your QuickBooks accounts you just need to have your credentials and good internet connectivity. By having a progress report of your business you can get an idea about what can be done to improve your business and what strategies need to be formed. 

However, despite being the all-rounder software in the accounting space QuickBooks can sometimes face certain errors and issues that can bring your work to halt and interrupt the software from working smoothly. It is extremely important to treat these errors as a priority and fix them as soon as you see them on your screen. By resolving the error in its initial stage can save you from facing any major problem with your software. One such error that you can get while working on the software is QuickBooks Error Code C=342. You will notice the QuickBooks Error Code C=342 when you are trying to access the company files that are damaged in QuickBooks. This error can be detected in your QuickBooks irrespective of the version which you are using. 

Under such circumstances, you will have to restart your computer and your QuickBooks software and then you need to create a new file once again. Although, if you have been looking for the steps to resolve QuickBooks Error C=342 then this is the right page for you. In this article, you will be getting all the simple methods and steps to tackle the QuickBooks Error C=342 easily. If you feel stuck or find any step difficult to perform then you can contact the QuickBooks technical support team for resolving the issues quickly. 

Main Reasons Behind The QuickBooks Error Code C=342

  • The QuickBooks company file is damaged
  • Exe is having compatibility issues with the Microsoft windows mode
  • The database of QuickBooks is corrupted
  • The anti-virus or the firewall setting on your computer is restricting QuickBooks to have access to the company file.

What Is The Process For Fixing The Quickbooks Error Code C=342?

This article contains two various methods for resolving the QuickBooks Error Code C=342 according to the issues and situations you are facing. Perform the steps appropriately and in the given order so that you can get rid of this error code completely and easily. Following are the solution steps for fixing the QuickBooks Error code C=342:

Solution Step 1- Running The Rebuild Utility

  • Start the QuickBooks software
  • Then tap on the file menu, then go to utilities, then click on Rebuild data
  • Tap on every available command to have a backup of the company file of QuickBooks.

Note- it is recommended that you should have a backup of your company file before you start making any changes in the QuickBooks software.

  • Wait till the process is finished and make sure to close the QuickBooks software as it will prevent the process is still going on. 
  • After the rebuilding process gets completed then tap on OK

Solution Step 2- Running the verifying utility

  • Start the QuickBooks software
  • Then tap on the File menu option, then go to utilities, then click on rebuild data
  • Now tap on OK in case there are no issues detected by the QuickBooks with your data 
  • Now continue using your company file
  • In case there is an error detected with your company file then you will notice a rebuild data window appearing on your computer screen.
  • Tap on close
  • Then you need to review the log file. It is considered the most essential file of QuickBooks software and it is popularly known as the brain of QB software.
  • Now start running the log file and then press CTRL+F keys and press enter
  • Then type Errors in the given space and then hit the enter key
  •  If you notice any error on your computer screen in the QBWIN.log file then you will have to contact the QuickBooks tech support experts immediately. 

Technical Support Experts Of QuickBooks

If the steps and methods explained above in the article are performed carefully then you will be able to fix the Quickbooks Error Code C=342 easily. However, if you are still facing the same error and you have failed to rebuild the data then there can be chances that you are having problems in your QBWIN.log file which is cannot be fixed manually. It is important to fix this issue completely before it leads to other issues in your software. For resolving the error instantly you can contact the technical support experts of QuickBooks at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and discuss the issue directly with the experts. The technical support team of QuickBooks is very efficient and will listen to your queries patiently, the team is also known to fix any QuickBooks associated issues instantly. You can save your energy and time by getting in contact with the experts directly.