QuickBooks is a very well- organized and high-quality accounting software which has been developed by a leader in software space company called Intuit. Although QuickBooks is a very super-efficient and fast accounting software it can still sometimes face certain errors and issues. But you don’t have to worry in this article we have discussed all the possible solution steps for resolving this Error TD500 “There was a problem with your update,” instantly. You may face this error when you are trying to process the credit card in the QuickBooks Deskto. There can be various reasons behind this error and one of them is the QuickBooks multiple or more than one installation on your computer.

You can easily resolve this error code TD500 in your QuickBooks by performing some simple steps given in this article. By resolving this error instantly you will be able to process all your payments once again and resume your business smoothly.  While performing these steps if you feel you need an expert advice then you can contact the QuickBooks tech support team at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 to get quick solution for your errors and problems.

What Is The Process For Resolving The Quickbooks Error TD500?

Method 1- Uninstalling Of The QuickBooks 2016 and Installing Of The Repair File

You can select this method for resolving the error in case you are not using 2016 version of QuickBooks. Only the uninstalling process of the QB version will not remove or delete your company files. 

  • Go to the home page of QB, then press the F2 keys, you need to do this on the same version of QuickBooks you are using in.
  • Now shut the QuickBooks. In case there are more installation of QuickBooks also then shut them too.
  •  Now go to start menu of the QuickBooks, then tap on the control panel
  • Now locate the programs and features or navigate uninstall a program
  • Now select the QuickBooks desktop 2016 or choose the QuickBooks enterprise 16.0 and then tap on the option uninstall or change. Then follow every onscreen prompt available. In case this option is not there, then log out from the windows you are currently using and then log in with using the rights of administrator. 
  • After the program gets uninstall then you need to download the repair file and then save it on your desktop.
  • Then double tap on the file.
  • Then right tap on the quick books_fix_tdtool.bat and select run as administrator option from the drop down menu
  • After the process gets completed, then run the QuickBooks version which was facing a problem.
  • Now try and process the customer’s payment which you used to do generally. 

Method 2- Update Your Every Quickbooks Versions And Then Start Installing The Repaired File

  • Please ensure and check which version of QuickBooks you are using. You can check it be pressing the F2 key on your keyboard.
  • Then shut the QuickBooks. In case you are making use of multiple or various of QuickBooks, shut them all. 

Check And Verify Which QuickBooks Version You Are Having

  • Tap on the start menu
  • Then go to all programs, then go down to the Q letter
  • Now from the QB folder press the down arrow. You will notice all the available versions of the QuickBooks that are installed on your computer.

Installing The Quickbooks Updates And Repairing The File

  • You need to open every version of the QuickBooks one by one and ensure that every version of QB is updated to the recent version available. For doing this you need to tap on help, then go to update QuickBooks.
  • After the QuickBooks is updated, then download the file that was repaired and store it on the desktop.
  • Now double tap on the file
  • Then right tap on the quick books_fix_tdtool.bat, now select Run as Administrator in the drop down list
  • After the process gets completed then run the QuickBooks version which was facing an issue. ‘
  • Now try for processing your customer’s payments in the usual way.

QuickBooks Technical Support Team

We hope that with the solution steps given above you have been able to fix the QuickBooks Error TD500 and now you are able to process the customer’s payments easily without any interruption. Although if you have still facing the same error then you can get in touch with the technical support team of the QuickBooks at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 for instantly resolving your issues.