QuickBooks helps you with e-filing the 1099-MISC forms by performing some simple steps.

QuickBooks desktop automatically connects with the Tax 1099 services after following the steps and it also starts importing your data after you visit the QB Desktop 1099 wizard. With the help of this article, you will be able to process the e-file 1099 on the QB desktop. Your search related to the setting up of the 1099 form, the process for troubleshooting minor issues, and all the frequently asked questions end here. In this article, you can find all the answers to your questions related to e-file 1099 forms. If you feel that you need any additional help then you can connect with the Intuit Proadvisors for better guidance. 

Important- Please note that the process of e-filing of the 1099 form cannot be done in the QB for MAC but you can easily print the 1099s and 1096s forms.

About The Pricing

To get more details on the pricing of e-filing or the printing of the forms, you can go through the:

  • E-filing 1099 forms with Tax1099- Pricing starts at $2.90 for each form.
  • Printing 1099 forms: QB Desktop 1099 forms and envelopes

About Setting Up

You need to finish tasks for starting the usage of the service Tax 1099 E-file. You will have to follow the below steps in case you are using it for the first time. 

Method 1 of the 4- finish the wizard QB Desktop 1099

To get the steps in detail, go through the QB 1099 Wizard

For setting up or adding the contractors or the vendors in QB desktop, visit the forms of setting up of 1099 independent contractors or the vendor and printing the 1099 or 1096 forms.

Method 2 of 4- creating the Tax 1099 Account

  • To begin with Tax1099, first, log in from the landing page of Tax1099
  •  Then enter the correct user name as well as passwords
  • Then choose the captcha box and tap on the verify option once you have selected all correct images.
  • Then tap on the register or let’s go! Option for visiting the Tax1099 dashboard.

Method 3 Of 4- Transfer Your QB 1099 Data

Note- you can choose from multiple options for transferring or importing your data in the Tax 1099. You have to visit import, then go to QB Desktop, and then follow all the on-screen prompts to check which of the given methods is needed for uploading the data.

Step 1-  Importing the data in the Tax 1099 By Making Use Of The QB Desktop Web Connector

After you have followed the QB Desktop 1099 wizard properly and you have created a Tax1099.com account, you will notice a wizard in the Tax 1099 that will allow you to import your data from the QB Desktop. 

Important- you can directly log in to your account if you have already performed the wizard and created your account. If you are being asked for using the QB Web connector then you will have to follow the steps given below: 

  • Choose the option of web connector download for getting the.QWC file needed for the setup. Save this file on your system’s desktop and provide it a name the same as yours.
  • Open the QB and then from the main menu, visit file then go to update web services then tap on the option of ‘add an application’.
  • Find the.QWC on your desktop then tap on it.
  • Tap on ok for the Authorize New Web Service
  • Tap on yes on the application certificate. Then give permission for access then tap on continue.
  • Choose the Tax1099 from the QB web connector. Type your password then tap on the update selected option.
  • The Tax1099 will start getting sync.

Step 2- Extract your data with the help of using the Tax1099 plugin.

  • Choose the Download QuickBooks services and instructions
  • Then start downloading the zip file and after the download is completed, then install and start the plugin by using the below steps:
  • After the download is finished then start installing and running the plugin by following these steps:
    • Unzip the file QBPlugin.zip to the new folder
    • Then start running the exe file in the same folder
  • Go through the needs and the requirements for installing the Tax1099 plugin.
    • It has to be windows 7 or new
    • Windows XP is not being supported
    • Tax1099 best functions on firefox and on the google chrome
  • Turn off the antivirus and the firewall application prior to starting the installation process.
  • Start the Tax1099 plugin install process
    • Shut the QB desktop and its associated processes.
    • Start the windows explorer and then visit the QBPlugin folder
    • Right-tap on the exe file and choose the run as administrator from the drop-down menu
    • Follow the prompts that appeared on the screen for finishing the installation
  • Provide the access to the Tax1099 plugin
    • Now as an administrator shut and open the QB
    • Log in to the QB company file as an administrator. You will receive an application certification
    • Put a checkmark on the box – Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information and tap on continue.
    • Choose done on the access confirmation
    • Restart the QB, then you will be able to make use of the plugin even if you are not logged in to the QB using the administrators’ rights.
  • Now turn on the anti-virus or the firewall application once again
  • upload/transfer your 1099 data from the QB desktop to Tax1099.com.

Important- the data given in the 16 and 17 boxes will not be uploaded to Tax1099.com. You need to manually provide the data once again in Tax1099.com.

  • Go to the vendors’ list, then tap on the com e-file, and then tap on the option upload 1099 data.
  • Enter your com sign in detail. Select the year of payment which you will be transferring and then tap on the login.
  • You will receive a dialog box that will display the status of progress. After the upload gets completed, the dialogue box gets closed on its own. If it does not get closed then tap on the X sign.

E-filing The 1099 Forms and billing

Method 1 Of 3- Reviewing And Updating The Vendor Details Under The Tax 1099.Com Dashboard

Once you are done with the uploading, you will be taken to the TAX1099 dashboard, you will have to perform the below essential points:

  • A red flag means that there are some rectifications that need to be done. Choose the vendor name option or the edit option for changing the information.
  • You can connect with the QuickBooks Technical support team for determining the name which will be used in the Tax1099 and which will appear on the 1099-MISC form.

The changes made in the Tax1099 doesn’t apply to the QB.

  • Enter the details that are needed
  • After you are done with updating the details you will be taken to the dashboard of Tax 1099. Select the vendors which you wish to transfer or upload to the  e-file by tapping on the checkbox 
  • After you get certain about the selection then tap on it.
  • Tax1099 will check and detect in case there are any errors on the forms before you go ahead with the uploading process:
    • When there is an error- you will receive a pop-up notification with the appropriate details and information that will further assist you with fixing it. After the error gets fixed, tap on it. 
    • If no errors are detected then you will receive an uploaded successfully notification via the pop-up. Tap on it.

The Option For Prepay Now:

  • This option of Prepay is mostly used by the accountants.
  • When you select Prepay Now, you have an option to add funds to the Prepay Account.
    • This option helps you to debit from your prepay account. If you choose not to select this then you are required to provide the billing option when you choose to file your forms.

Note- few more steps are given by the employers who wish to file with the states before proceeding with the next step. Suppose the employers who are doing business in Wisconsin or in New Jersey or the paid contractors who are living in WI or NJ.  

Method 2 of 3- selecting the steps to distribute the copies to vendors

Put a mark on the box that can be seen next to the date option for choosing vendors

Choose a way through which you wish to send the copies to the recipients or to the vendors by tapping on the USPS Mail or the Email Recipient box. 

You are required to tap on the download multiple PDF for providing the copies to the vendors. 

Important- A required fee is applicable in case the USPS mail is chosen.

Method 3 of 3- calculation of the fee and confirmation of the Payment

  • Tap on the next to move further or tap on the calculate Tax1099.com fee to view the whole filing fee.
  • After you tap on the Next, you can receive a few various pop-up notifications:
    • If you have chosen TIN matching for a vendor and it is pending then you might receive an error message. You are then provided with the options to cancel and then wait or you can tap on the OK for continuing with the billing and e-filing.
    • In case you have not chosen the USPS Mail or Email option for sending recipient copies, you may face an error. Choose the cancel option and select a step for sending the copies to respective recipients or tap on ok for continuing and provide notification to the recipients automatically. 
    • In case you have made any changes to the scheduled date of filing to the IRS by choosing Schedule Date for all Vendor Files to IRS then you will receive a pop-up that will send you a notification regarding the managing of the recipient copies. Tap on ok to go on the next step.  
  • After you have completed and gone through all the options on the page select forms then you will be taken to the payments there you will get 5 boxes which will show you the total fee, E-filing fee summary (breakdown), and sections for providing credit card and billing details. After you have provided all the details then tap on the pay and submit to the e-file option.
  • After you have paid and submitted the e-files you will receive a payment confirmation. You will be required for submitting the additional records from the current page and also by choosing the option Click here to submit more records

About The Filing History

See Your Filing History

  • Go to the main menu and from there tap on history
  • Choose the filing history for checking all entry that has been submitted and the present status
  • Go to the page for filing history and then tap on the click here option on any of the form which you have filed earlier. 
  • You will be taken to the page for manage forms which showcase the status of every form that has been submitted.

View or print the submitted form

  • Open the manage forms page and locate to action tab then choose view/print
  • Tap on submit
  • You have a choice for viewing, printing, or saving copies of the form.

State filing

Requirements and needs of the state 1099 filing

Please note that few states like New Jersey and Wisconsin consist of their own specific needs and requirements for boxes 16 and 17

  • Box 16- withholds the amount for state taxes
  • Box 17- this has state and payer’s respective state ID

If you select for e-filing your 1099s with your state:

You can fill up these specific boxes under the boxes in the Tax 1099 prior to e-filing. With the help of tax1099, you can manually provide the details of boxes 16 and 17.

  • Identify and find out the needs of your contractor which has to be filled in the select forms
  • Tap on the edit from the Action
  • Enter the details in boxes 16 and 17. By choosing the state ID field under box 17 you will be asked for providing the format that you wish to follow when you are typing the ID.
  • Choose the save and continue option and then follow the exact process for other Wisconsin contractors of yours.
  • Go ahead with the method 3 of 4 under the e-file form and billing

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where will I be able to view my forms that have been submitted?

After you have created and submitted your forms, you will need to check/print/email them also. You will have to go through the Tax1099 procedure appropriately or contact the QB tech support department at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468.

Q2. How can I edit the details of the vendor in Tax1099.com?

When you visit Tax1099.com you will see the vendor known as Recipient. The Recipient means a person or the company who is getting the payment from the payer. You have the choice for editing, deleting the recipients from the field ‘manage recipient’. When you are using QuickBooks, the recipients get automatically created and the details also get imported to Tax1099.com for the purpose of e-filing the 1099 form. 

Q3. What is the procedure for uploading data from the multiple QB company files to Tax1099?

For guidance and instructions about uploading or transferring data to a different company file, you will have to follow the steps provided in the field. In case you are using the same version of the QB then the Tax1099 plugin will not be needed to re-install. You will have allow access to the Tax1099 Plugin:

  • Once you access the other company file, you will get the Application Certificate tap occurring on your computer screen.
  • You will have to choose the third option i.e, ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open’.
  • Put a checkmark on the “Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information” and choose to continue.
  • If you are not able to find the Application certificate tab/window then you will have to go to the Edit preferences option then tap on integrated Applications.

In case there are various versions of QB that have been installed on your computer when you are required to install the plugin for every version of QB. after you finish activating the plugins, you will have to allow the permissions to the Tax1099 plugin by following certain steps for every QB company file:

  • After you open the QB company file, The Application certificate screen will appear on your computer
  • Select the third choice that states: ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company file is open’.
  • Then put a checkmark on the “Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information and click Continue.”

Troubleshooting Basic Issues and Errors

Issue- “Vendor is Missing from the 1099 summary report”

The application window will not be shown when you will launch the QB desktop once the installation of the Tax1099 plugin is done.

You can face this issue because of the below situations and reasons:

Situation 1- the preference settings of QB desktop is not allowing any other application to have the access to the company file.

Process for resolving it:

  • Go to the main menu of QB then tap on edit and then on preferences
  • Now select Integrated Applications and then tap on Company preferences
  • Now remove the checkmark from the Don’t allow any applications to access this company file and tap on OK.
  • Now shut and re-open the QB.

If you are still not able to have the application certificate tab then you will have to follow the next solution method/step.

Situation 2- you might have left the antivirus or the firewall settings turned on while the installation process was going on:

  • Shut the QB Desktop
  • Turn off the anti-virus and the firewall settings on your system temporarily.
  • Then run the QB and wait till the Application certificate tab appears on the window. 

In case the above method is not working then you can go ahead with the steps provided in situation 3.

Situation 3- The installation of the Tax1099 plugin was not done successfully because the steps were missed or not followed properly: 

For resolving this, you will have to reinstall the Tax 1099 plugin:

  • Shut the QB then start the Task manager:
    • Press the keys CTRL+SHIFT+ESC on your keyboard for opening the task manager
    • Then locate the processes
    • Locate the exe process from the program menu then tap on the end process.
    • Shut the task manager
    • Now uninstall the Tax1099 plugin
    • Then restart your system
    • Now reinstall the Tax1099 plugin

You are still not able to see the Tax1099 option in the Vendors even after properly installing the plugin

Situation 1- this can be the result of choosing the wrong option while the application certificate screen opens the first time you have opened the QB desktop after the installation of the plugin.

  • Go to the main menu then tap on edit and then go to preferences
  • Now select the integrated applications and then click on company preferences
  • Now remove the checkmark from the “don’t allow any applications to have the access to company file” box
  •  and then tap on OK.
  • Navigate the Tax1099 from the menu of application names then tap on it
  • By doing this you will able to open the QB application certificate tab on your system
  • You need to choose the 3rd option: ‘Yes, whenever this QuickBooks company is open.
  • Put a checkmark on the “Allow this application to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information” option and tap on continue.
  • Choose done on the access confirmation screen
  • Now the tax1099 should be visible in the vendors’ list

Situation 2- The Tax1099 has not been marked in the  integrated applications

  • Go to the main menu then tap on edit then go to preferences
  • Select the integrated applications and then ap on company preferences
  • Now put a checkmark on the allow access option for the Tax1099 and then tap on OK
  • Then see if the Tax1099 option is there in the vendor list or not

Not able to Import The Vendors To Tax1099

Except for the plugin issues you might be having issues with data damage that can restrict you from importing the vendors to the Tax1099.

Follow the steps given below to resolve it:

  • Go to the main menu then tap on reports then go to vendors and payables and then choose 1099 summary.
  • Find the vendor with minimum transactions on the summary report of 1099.
  •  Start the transaction which fulfills every requirement and also verify the account that has been used for it. 
  • Now create a new account for the expense and then make use of it in place of the account that was used first for the transaction.
  • Start the 1099 wizard and then navigate the new account
  • Transfer the data to Tax1099.com and after the import is finished you will have to get back to QuickBooks.
  • Now merge both the expense account (old and new). Please keep in mind that you need to unmap every account in 1099 for renaming and merging purposes.
  • Then run the 1099 wizard and then map the account merged.
  • Now transfer or upload the data to the Tax1099.com
  • Now follow the same procedure for every expense account which you have used for the 1099 vendors.

The QB and Tax1099 are showing various and different no. of the vendors and the amount of transaction

The Tax1099 shows the vendors and then adds up the amount as per the EIN. Many times the total no. of vendors is less and the amount of transaction can differ after the data is uploaded to the Tax1099.

For working around this:

  • Transfer the summary report of the Tax1099 and the QB 1099 to the Excel file.
  • Make a comparison between both the reports by the vendor name and the amount.
  • If the Tax1099 is identifying both vendors as one then you will have the choice to merge them till you get the same number of vendors and the threshold amount for both the reports.

In case a few of your vendors are importing and maybe no form has been reported or the vendors can be missing then you may be missing some Tax ID.

In case the TIN is not there for the vendors then in such a situation, you need to withhold the backup with withholding.

QuickBooks Tech support Experts

We hope that with all the information and steps provided in this article you will be able to set up the e-file on the QB desktop successfully. This article has covered majorly all the questions of the customers regarding the 1099 e-file and provided the solution steps for the basic and common issues and errors. Although if you still face any problem while performing the steps or you need to get an answer to any of your other related queries then you can contact the QuickBooks tech support team. The QuickBooks tech support experts are always available to resolve any kind of issue you can connect with them at Supportforerror.com or dial the toll-free no. 1800-366-1468 and get any additional help.