QuickBooks POS Error 3180 may affect the accounting transactions, payroll transactions etc. in your organization. As financial transactions are performed regularly in any company, QB POS Error 3180 can turn out to be a big obstacle in the process. Generally, QB POS Error 3180 occurs when the user adds the employee information in the QuickBooks Point of Sale. This POS Error code 3180 of QuickBooks comes with either of the following dialogue box messages.

  • Status code 3180: There was a problem with saving the Journal Transaction
  • Status code 3180: QuickBooks error message: A/P or A/R detail line have a vendor
  • Status code 3180: QuickBooks error message: The posting account is invalid
  • Status code 3180: There was an error when saving a Sales Receipt
  • Status code 3180: Sales tax detail line must have a vendor

Technically, QuickBooks POS Error 3180 is a runtime error. When users try to record the employee info in the QB financial and social security counting of the employee needs to be inserted, QB POS Error 3180 may occur.

Reason Behind The Occurrence Of The QuickBooks POS Error 3180

  • Someone has deleted the QuickBooks file by mistake.
  • Some company info being utilized to work on tax forms.
  • A degraded windows registry.
  • Absence of interfacing accounts.
  • No connection between the tax agency and vendor.
  • Your security software is an affection for the windows framework workflow.

One of the above causes can lead to QuickBooks Point of Sale Error 3180. Commonly, QB Error 3180 appears with the message:

There was an error when saving an Employee list, element Employee Name.

And the dialogue box: The Address is Invalid.

Steps To Resolve QuickBooks POS Error 3180

There are four different ways to overcome the QB POS Error 3180.

Method 1:

  • Run the QuickBooks POS and open sales history.
  • Choose the type listing, click on the recent receipt with payout tag and tap on the I want option.
  • Choose the Reverse option and make a new paid out account. Note: you have to leave the A/P and A/R accounts.

Method 2:

  • In the QB file menu, choose preferences and tap on the company option.
  • Follow financial > accounts. Ensure to tick the basic and advanced settings box.
  • Verify the account mapping. If there’s a defect, modify it.
  • Save and open the financial exchange.

Method 3:

  • In the list menu, tap on the item list.
  • Verify if all the POS items are using the right account.
  • Open financial exchange.

Method 4:

  • Choose customer and vendor profile lists from the QB lists menu.
  • Choose the payment method list and right tap on the cash method option.
  • Click on edit to change the payment method.
  • Add letter X in the blank space in the payment method and hit Ok.
  • To create a new cash method, right-tap on the cash method and select new.
  • Open the financial exchange and change the names of all the financial methods.

Get In Touch With QuickBooks Tech Support Team

You can follow even more methods to resolve QuickBooks POS Error 3180 by contacting the QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468. The QB POS Error 3180 troubleshooting steps given in this article are the most common ones. However different QB versions require different methods to fix the QB POS Error 3180. In case you are unable to fix the QB Point of Sale Error 3180 for your QuickBooks version, contact QuickBooks POS Support Phone Number +1800-366-1468 for more information.