QuickBooks has been proved to be the best and well-structured accounting software that has been initiated by Intuit. Till now, this amazing and powerful software designed specifically for accounting has served millions of users across the world and everyone has loved using it. The reason for it being the most trustable and lovable accounting software is the features and tools that it has. 

QuickBooks Desktop keeps updating these features and tools in a timely manner that further improves them and makes them better to use. QuickBooks has three various versions namely QuickBooks Pro/Premier and Enterprise. Out of these versions, the QuickBooks pro has been used by most of the users and it has been the most basic one also. With the help of this version, 3 users can work on a single/particular company file of QuickBooks. Although, there can be situations when you might come across certain errors and issues also. One out of these error categories is the QuickBooks Pro Runtime category of error this can stop you from completing your tasks at a given time.

What is the QuickBooks Pro Runtime Error?

If you have started a new business then it is advised to have the QuickBooks Pro subscription. Having a subscription to QuickBooks Pro can be beneficial for you and your business but along with it, you need to be ready for any unavoidable errors and issues. These unavoidable errors and issues have to be resolved immediately after you notice them as these errors can be very annoying and might result in halting your workflow. One such basic error of QuickBooks Pro is the QuickBooks Runtime Error which can randomly pop up or appear on your screen. If you notice such pop up then don’t worry this article contains all the necessary and full-fledged resolving steps that you will need to fix the QuickBooks Runtime errors. 

QuickBooks Error Code 429

When you are performing any kind of task under the QuickBooks Pro, you will receive the QuickBooks Runtime Error code 429 on your computer screen along with a description mentioned below:

“Run-time error ‘429’: ActiveX component can’t create object”

When your ActiveX or .NETCOM DLL files are missing or if they get damaged and corrupted then you might come across this error.

Steps And Methods For Resolving This Issue Are Mentioned Below:

  • You will have to delete every junk and all the irrelevant files from the folder- %TEMP%
  • Now first open and then run the command > press WIN+R keys on the keyboard. 
  • Enter the CMD under the search field then press enter. 
  • Delete every file from the folder.
  • Then once again open the command prompt.
  • Type DEL*.*/s and press enter
  • Now install the recent and latest version of  IDAutomation Barcode. By doing this you will be able to register every DLL file in your system automatically. 
  • You can also manually process the registration for the DLL files.

QuickBooks Visual C++ Runtime Error Code:

For running the QuickBooks Desktop without any interruption, it will need different other 3rd party applications and components. If out of any of these applications any one of it gets damaged/missing then you might be displayed with different run time issues and errors in the QuickBooks Pro. you may notice the Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Error while you are trying to open the company file of the QuickBooks. You might receive these errors because of the reasons that are mentioned below:

  • Data file is corrupted 
  • Issues of configuration

You receive the below error message stating:

““Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error!

Program: C:\Program Files\Intuit\[QuickBooks Version]\qbw32.exe

This application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way”

Steps For Resolving the issue:

You can easily resolve this runtime error of QuickBooks Visual C++ file by simply repairing the company file of the QuickBooks which is stored in the local drive. If the company file of the QuickBooks is located on the network drive, then you can shift it to the local workstation. However, please make sure that when you are moving the company file of the QuickBooks you have logged in with the admin rights in your system. Once you have restarted your system then you need to try and open the QuickBooks company file for checking and verifying if the error is persisting or it has been resolved successfully.

QuickBooks Technical support Team

We hope that the solutions that have been mentioned and offered above have helped you with the fixing of QuickBooks Pro Runtime Errors. If you have been successful with resolving this issue then you should now be able to work on your QuickBooks company file easily without any interruption. The runtime errors of QuickBooks are basic in nature which can occur because of common errors and can be resolved easily but if you do not take them seriously in the first place then can get rigid and it can be hard to fix them.

However, if you have not been able to fix these issues manually and you are still being troubled by these issues then it is recommended that you get in touch with the QuickBooks Technical support team to get an instant response. The Technical support team of QuickBooks is a team of experts that have experience of years in resolving any kind of issue and error associated with QuickBooks. To get in touch with the team you can dial the toll-free number supportforerror +1800-366-1468 and your queries resolved in no time