QuickBooks is amazing accounting software which fulfills all your accounting and financial management requirements of your business requirements. There are many versions of QuickBooks which are made as per industry specific requirements. Sometimes you might require to switch from one QuickBooks version to another. It is necessary to know what are the changes that will occur when you will upgrade the version. Here in this article, we are going to learn What data doesn’t convert from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. For any type of assistance, you can contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1866-656-1012.

What Data Doesn’t Convert From QuickBooks Desktop To QuickBooks Online?What Data Doesn’t Convert From QuickBooks Desktop To QuickBooks Online?

There are many things that differ when you upgrade the version. Below we have listed some of the major changes that you can view when you upgrade from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online:

Chart of Accounts

The bank account number and the notes are not converted.


Attachment in QuickBooks Desktop files is not converted in QuickBooks online.

Audit Trail

The audit trail in QuickBooks Desktop is not converted to QuickBooks Online as QuickBooks online has its own automatic log that has a detail audit trail.

Bills and Bill Payments

The items receipts are changed to Bills.


Only profit and loss budget types convert to QB online.

Closing Date

The closing date in QuickBooks is converted but not the password.

Credit card changes

Credit card changes in QB Desktop changes to Expense in QB online and the payment done through a credit card are changed to bill payments.

Custom fields on lists

QB online does not support custom fields on employees, items, vendors or customers. The custom field that you have created in QB Desktop will not be converted to QB online.

Customer and Jobs

All the customer and sub-customers are converted to QB online. Your jobs are converted to sub-customers in QB online


The discounts which are already given for early payments are converted to credit memos. And the discounts taken from vendors for early payments of bills are changed as vendor credits.


Attachment on transactions is not converted in QB online.


All the estimates are converted from QB Desktop to QuickBooks Online. The active estimates are marked as Closed and inactive estimates are marked as Rejected.

Finance charges

The finance charges are converted to

Group items

The group items in the QuickBooks Desktop file changes to Product and service list in the QuickBooks online.

Inactive Elements On Lists

Any inactive elements like accounts, customers, or vendors in your QuickBooks Data file that have an open balance are converted to QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced as regular, active elements.


Only QuickBooks Desktop for Windows can export inventory to QuickBooks Online

Journal entry

Only journal entry’s billable status is not converted.

Layout customization (sales from templates)

Custom sales templates aren’t converted in QuickBooks Online

Memorized reports

None of the reports you memorized in QuickBooks Desktop are converted in QuickBooks online.


The multi-currency feature is only available in QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced.

Online banking

Bank rules are not converted in QuickBooks Online.

Online bill payment

Checks marked “To Be Sent” are converted, but their online bill payment status is not converted.


The login credentials from QuickBooks Desktop do not convert in QuickBooks online

Payroll items

Transactions and payroll account are converted in QuickBooks online in order to maintain the book, but the details in the transactions do not convert.

Pending sales

QuickBooks Online does not have this feature and this is not converted.

Price levels

QuickBooks Online does not have the facility to convert the price items.

Printing mailing labels

QuickBooks Online does not print mailing labels.

Progress Invoicing

This feature is available to all the users of QuickBooks Online

Purchase Orders

The imported purchase orders whose status is closed will not be linked to their corresponding Bill.

Receive items

All the receive items in QuickBooks Desktop are converted as Bills.


Your past reconciliation reports are not converted to QuickBooks Online.

Recurring transactions

All QuickBooks Online versions except QuickBooks Online Simple support recurring transactions.

Reimbursable expenses

Reimbursable expenses that are not billed in QuickBooks Desktop will be converted as billable expanse in QuickBooks online


It does not convert to QuickBooks online

Report customization

QuickBooks Online does not have all the report customization as compared to QuickBooks Desktop.

Ship via

It converts in QuickBooks Online but you need to enter the shipping method manually.

Shortcut list

The shortcut list and the icon bar settings for QuickBooks Desktop are not converted to QuickBooks Online.

Tax support

QuickBooks Online currently does not  export information to any third party tax preparation programs

Type: customer, vendor, job

The type is not converted in QuickBooks Online.

To-Do list

The To-Do List is not converted in QuickBooks online

Users and Permissions

The existing users need to be re-invited from QuickBooks online to get access.


All the vendors are converted but their details are not converted.

Write letters

QuickBooks Online currently does not generate customize letters by itself.

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When you upgrade the version, sometimes you find that some features are different in the software or something is missing. Whenever you find any issue in running the QuickBooks then you can contact QuickBooks Tech Support Number 1866-656-1012 for assistance. Our experts are available round the clock for your assistance related to QuickBooks issues.

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